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31 Jul 2020 21:51:41
Hi ED001, hope you are good!

I was watching a re run of the 2005 CL final on ITV4 recently. I would be interested what your thoughts are on Milan Baros and Djimi Traore during their careers for us. In my humble view Baros was a quick skilful player. Maybe some times he made incorrect decisions in the final third from what I can recollect but I got the impression he was committed to the cause. I am not sure he gets enough praise in his time playing for us and perhaps deserves more. With regards to Djimi, again in my recollection he seemed to make a lot of errors. Positionally he wasn't great. In the CL final i recall in a phase of the game Gerrard telling him what to do each time he received the ball. I am not sure if his confidence was shot at that time point or Gerrard just didn't trust him anymore. Regardless, Benitez was an quite astute Manager so Traore must have been half decent for Benitez to play him. It would be good to know what you think.

{Ed001's Note - Milan Baros was quick and strong but lacked skill imo. He also had the brain of a sparrow and would blunder through games just doing the same things over and over in the hope it would eventually work out. He was not good enough for the Prem to be honest and was a poor buy but he did give his all for the team and his workrate was very good.

Traore had good technique on the ball and excellent pace, but that was all he had to offer. Positionally awful, panicked on the ball and had no idea when or where to run or pass. Rafa made a lot of shockingly bad signings and he was one of them.}

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31 Jul 2020 22:25:20
Houllier signed Traore Ed. He was actually at the club as early as 1999.

{Ed001's Note - you are right he did! Good point, I was just forgetting that reading him talking about Rafa being astute and choosing to play him. I remember now, he was one of Ged's many useless French youngsters. To be fair to all of them, the coaching was abysmal under Ged.}

31 Jul 2020 22:50:36
Any chance of a review of houllier eds. ?

{Ed001's Note - I have added that to my to do list for you mate.}

31 Jul 2020 23:27:38
I'm fairly sure Rafa only played Djimi as much as he did because he didn't have too many other options. Aside from Houllier not leaving a lot of depth for him to work with, we picked up a lot of injuries that season.

If I remember correctly, Kewell's injuries meant Riise played left mid a lot. Then Warnock got injured, leaving only Djimi for left back. And I'm nearly sure there was a game where we had to play Riise at center back because of injuries. Plus another game where Gerrard was center forward because all our forwards were injured apart from Baros, who was suspended.

01 Aug 2020 05:48:53
Traore was the worst player I've seen in a red shirt. Absolutely woeful. Amazed he has a cl medal and played in a final.

Didn't baros do really well at a euros or world Cup? Like, really well. Top goal scorer. He was hot property after his Liverpool spell if I remember right. I was never overly impressed with him at liverpool. I thought Gerrard, alonso, Hanman and risse were our best players in that game. Liked risse alot.

01 Aug 2020 06:36:28
Dean Dundee was the worst lfc signing or was it koncheski? Its a toss up really.

{Ed025's Note - i think it was sean IAC..

01 Aug 2020 06:40:05
Yeah, the Czech Republic team did fantastic in the 2004 Euros. Came undone against that mighty Greece team, like everyone else.

01 Aug 2020 08:57:03
Cheryrou anyone?

01 Aug 2020 09:43:52
Robbie, I can think of a few players worse than Traore, man. Josemi, Antonio Nunez, El Zahr, Dundee, Kozma, etc?

01 Aug 2020 00:14:30
For me Baros was a head down, work hard and just shoot kind of guy. Didn’t seem to be much process or decision making behind his attempts on goal.

Compare his goals to someone like Torres, who 9 times out of 10, found the inside netting with his finishes, then you see how far down the list in that respect Baros was. Always liked him though, probably due to that work rate you mentioned.

{Ed001's Note - spot on mate. There was no thought or anything, just charge towards the goal and hit it in the hope of getting something.}

01 Aug 2020 10:53:41
Warmachine, totally forgot Cheyrou. A complete dud.

01 Aug 2020 11:53:08
Baros was top scorer in Euro 2004 and carried the form into 04-05 with us. Of course Cisse, Mellor and Sinama all got injured so he was guaranteed a run.

Goals dried up in January. I think he scored 14 in total that season with 12 of them before the new year.

01 Aug 2020 14:20:52
Ed001, Rafa did have a number of very poor signings. But just wonder, how many of it was because he had to go for the cheaper options cause Rick Parry won't spend?

I mean, I do rate Rafa and he was the one who got Alonso, Luis Garcia, Torres, Reina, Lucas and wanted David Silva and Villa. Those are all very good, if not exceptional players.

But of course, he also signed El Zhar, Josemi, Ngog, Kromkamp, etc.

Just wanted to get a sense, was he not that good at spotting players or he had to constantly go for his 4th or 5th choices cause RP decided $ rules the day.

{Ed001's Note - bit of both. A lot of the later failed signings were simply down to trusting the scouts to find players and the scouts being crap. Aqualani being a case in point - highly recommended by the scouts and then Rafa took a look at him in training and was gutted at how bad the player actually was.}

01 Aug 2020 15:07:16
that's a shame. now that you mention, while there were some questionable signing throughout his time, there were some really awesome and good ones initially (Alonso, Reina, Agger, Sissoko, Aurelio, Kuyt, Benayoun) but in the end he only got Maxi and Sterling right and the rest were John Glenson (cause Glen Johnson went missing), Reira, Shelvey.

Nonetheless, I still think one of the best business he did was to bring Fowler back. One can argue that footballing wise, he made limited impact, but it meant so much to the fans and Robbie himself and I was just pleased to see him in Red again.



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