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02 Jul 2020 14:12:50
John Stones for 20 million anyone?

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02 Aug 2020 14:34:32

02 Aug 2020 14:43:12
Not even for £20.

02 Aug 2020 15:14:34
You mean City give us £20m to take him?

02 Aug 2020 15:39:38
No. City would have to pay us much more than that to make it worthwhile.

02 Aug 2020 16:27:54
As the lad's above said City would need to pay us to take him.

02 Aug 2020 16:32:22
I would. I posted a few weeks ago saying we could do worse. I think he suffered at city, not because he's a poor cb, but because of pep and the type of pressure he puts on players. And the enormous pressure of the 50mil tag. Also his mate Joe Hart who convinced him to join left in the same window. He's a good footballer and I think the relaxed atmosphere at liverpool and playing next to the calming influence of vvd would be ideal for him.

That said, I think gomez is the superior centre back. But at 20mil, I think its a lot of footballer for the money.

02 Aug 2020 17:49:07
"Relaxed atmosphere at Liverpool"? I think you're underestimating the mental pressure there is when you're trying to win or are a winner. There's a price to be paid for everything. Whether the people involved, admit to the pressure or not, is another story.

02 Aug 2020 17:49:54
OP, we are Champions of Everything and Everywhere, not a rehab setup for Pep's crap players that he failed to improve, thank you.

Oh and Robbie, Stones was crap when he went to City and is even worse than crap now that he is leaving them. Just my take.

02 Aug 2020 18:40:24
I should've said the friendly atmosphere at liverpool. Stones' career has gone backward at city I think we all know that. But there's a reason he was the world's most expensive cb. I'm not saying he was anywhere near the worlds best. But he's a better player than people give him credit for. Would I want Liverpool to go all out and sign him no matter what? No. But at 20mil? We could do worse. 30 mil for the Brighton lad for example. He's a hg player, wouldn't even need to move house I shouldn't think.

02 Aug 2020 20:30:43
Holgate was the better player at Everton. The only reason Stones got ravings is because the English media have a hard on for any English CB that is decent on the ball. Even then Stones ain't even that good in that department as his passing is average and he overplays it most of the time. One of the most overrated players of this era and I haven't even mentioned his defending were any sub par physical forward bullies him. Might as well bring back Skrtel if we want to revisit the poor cb days.

02 Aug 2020 20:50:07
Stones left Everton before Holgate had even played a game for them.

02 Aug 2020 21:17:03
Nice spot Cobra, clearly dilakh has no idea what he is talking about.

02 Aug 2020 21:48:09
I would not want Stones as our first choice pairing and I can't see him wanting to be 4th choice, which is the position that is vacant at the moment. Not a player for us.

03 Aug 2020 00:46:03
Say no to drugs people.

03 Aug 2020 01:03:56
I meant Holgate has been better at Everton than Stones ever was for them. doesn't mean I have no idea what im talking about thunderbird.

03 Aug 2020 08:04:26
I know price isn't really a measure of how good a player is. But stones 50mil move was before neymar to psg changed the transfer market (I believe) he was the world's most expensive defender wasn't he? Do you really see anyone paying 90mil for Holgate? Thus making him the world's most expensive cb. For some reason stones stood out in a way Holgate doesn't. Or hasn't yet.

What happened to John stones? He was excellent for Everton the year or two before his move. He had a couple of good games for city then made a couple of terrible errors leading to goals. Then did the same thing for England and he's never recovered. I think it's part he was very over rated. Part pressure and part his personality. I get the impression he's been mentally bullied at city.

I hope he isn't the cb we sign. But, with the prices quoted for Carlos and some of the others we're being linked with. I think at 20mil, like I said, seems like a lot of footballer for the money. And klopp improves players, why couldn't he do that for stones? It'll never happen though, and I know no one agrees with me, I guess there's a reason for that. He's had his big move and he blew it. I've got a feeling he'll come good for someone in the end though.

03 Aug 2020 15:16:42
I agree with Robbiesline, not as bad a player as mad out. I wouldn't turn my nose up to him coming into the squad if Klopp was ever interested.



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