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05 Aug 2020 05:55:47
And so Man United (money no problem) club now have a problem meeting the price set by Dortmund for Sancho. So Ed002.seems like the world has changed for clubs with financial models different from the one adopted by FSG too!

{Ed002's Note - I have no idea of the point you are trying to make over me. You have made it clear in previous posts that you have no grasp of the finances of Liverpool and certainly not of any other club. I have have explained over and over that the overall cost of Jadon Sancho is huge and the other interested sides did not see the value in paying the asking prices, the signing on fee, the transfer costs and the request €50M agent fees. It has nothing whatsoever with Liverpool or FSG.

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05 Aug 2020 09:13:56
Come on Von give the ed a break. We are going around in circles here, Sancho deal is £200m so they are trying to get the price down.

05 Aug 2020 09:57:05
how can an agent demand 50 million in fees? Why is it even allowed and What is it that they do other than representing the player?
For demanding such a fees its almost as he saying sorry my representative doesn't want to play for your club but if you pay me xx amount i will force him to.
Why would a club spend a dollar on such a player in first place!

{Ed002's Note - This may be the last summer for some agents to exploit fees due to changes that are being proposed - this will be his opportunity to exploit Sancho. Clubs have been hit by huge agent fees (Liverpool have paid more than £100M in the past three years - including £27M for last year when then spent very little on players - although that includes other third party payments as well).}

05 Aug 2020 10:17:26
I think its because if an agent made 10-40 mill off the deal then they would struggle to survive in life especially with Asda putting up the price of bread. 50 million will be just enough to cover their food shop and utility bills. Worlds gone mad. Millions of people starving and out of work and vermin are making this kind of money off deals.

05 Aug 2020 10:19:51
Dang, 50M in Agent fees. I am sure even the most naive of players realize that such ludicrous demands from their Agents to Clubs will surely jeopardize their chances of getting a good move? Wonder if these players support such demands from their Agents or if they even know that the Agents are spouting such ridiculous numbers.

Would anyone happen to know the highest amount paid to an Agent and for which player?

{Ed002's Note - Pogba.}

05 Aug 2020 10:21:18
I hope we do our business better starting this year.
That 100 million saved in agent fees could have helped us in current scenario where we are cash strapped.

Also as for Manchester united they bend for this that will just put them in a ask anything they will pay list.

05 Aug 2020 10:23:56
Ed, this is probably a stupid question, but what are the proposed changes? Just out of curiosity.

{Ed002's Note - It is actually a good question: The Football Stakeholders Committee proposals to FIFA are:
(a) [in dispute] establishment of a cap on agents’ (and third parties where used) commissions (10% of the transfer fee for agents of releasing clubs, 3% of the player’s remuneration for player agents and 3% of the player’s remuneration for agents of buying clubs)
(b) [in dispute] limitation of multiple representation to avoid conflicts of interest - so a third party cannot represent the player and both the selling and buying club (but they can represent the player and one club);
(c) [already agreed] reintroduction of a mandatory licensing system for agents, which will include further education measures and a requirement for continuing professional development;
(d) [already agreed] all agents’ commissions to be paid via the FIFA Clearing House (which doesn't exist yet - but will probably involve a Swiss Bank);
(e) [already agreed] develop an effective FIFA mediation and resolution system to solve disputes between agents, players and clubs.

The FA will additionally impose further rules but the proposals are rather naive and they are getting above themselves if they are to continue to expect other FAs to follow suit and fit in with handling of agent fees and a couple of the other matters that are on the table - they need the haul back the Premier League a little and come up with a reasonable set of additional rules.

In terms of the issue with agents, The Premier League have become obsessed with the extreme examples and have lost sight of the norm. They should be making representation to FIFA via The FA and talking with UEFA.

The proposals are (with my notes):

- Re-introduce formal registration including an exam (the exam makes no sense and comes from a throwaway comment)
- Agent fees to be paid by players (this is simply not practical and won't happen or will lead to more "consultancy")
- Agents must have a UK bank account where fees can be paid (this is not an issue for most, but it is a major issue for one or two agents)
- Fees must be paid over the length of the contract rather than a lump sum (this is open to negotiation with the clubs agreeing to fees being aligned to payments - so a lump sum if the transfer fee is payed up front, or spread over a longer period to align with instalments - this is a major issue if there is not an agreement with other countries - and clubs have warned there could be liturgation)
- Ending dual/multiple representation (not an issue for most clubs in the Premier League but quite common if acceptable to all parties in the lower leagues - dual should be allowed in line with FIFA and multiple banned in line with FIFA - but lower league clubs are concerned about additional costs this will entail)

Premier League clubs want assurances that other countries will follow suit before acceptance - they don't want another shambles like the transfer window debacle - but they won't follow suit and in some countries (e.g. Germany, Austria and Switzerland) are far improved system including legal representation is already in place.}

05 Aug 2020 10:51:27
50 Million? What? For a 4-5 year contract? That is truly mind bending.

05 Aug 2020 11:34:53
Surely if they get the players to pay the agents fees they will just end up increasing the transfer fee to cover the cost. Strange days.

{Ed002's Note - The players don't get the transfer fee. You have missed something here.}

05 Aug 2020 12:07:21
OP, are you serious with that post or just trying to trigger the Ed's on here?

05 Aug 2020 12:51:57
Ed02, is it possible for a player to not to have an agent? Just curious.

{Ed002's Note - Yes and I answered this the other day.}

05 Aug 2020 12:57:56
Thank you for that Ed, appreciate the detail, a lot of this seems to go unreported and it in genuinely interesting stuff when you consider the mind bending figures involved.

05 Aug 2020 21:27:44
50mil agent fees. That is disgusting. It should somehow be regulated. Why should some goit get a huge fortune from an historic foot ball club and a young man's hard work and talent.



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