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05 Aug 2020 12:12:32
This post could be controversial:

For me the squad needs 3/ 4 top top quality players added to it. The squad as a whole is ageing and the way we play is very demanding and I don’t believe we’ll be able to keep these standards up for longer than 1 more season (obviously sports scientists know more) . But we certainly need in the next two summer window at least another forward who can comfortably displace one of the front three, a midfielder (or two) who can come in and reignite the midfield (by reignite I mean provide more energy from the ageing legs we’ll have in another 12 months and add more naturally talented players) and another CB of real quality.

For me it’s essential to keep the club on top while we are there. Obviously I know financially we aren’t in the best place so it is difficult to achieve these sort of changes. But the squad needs new blood to continue to fight at the top year in year out under Klopps tenure and further.

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05 Aug 2020 12:29:02
See your reasoning here but what if it’s taki that’s the person that goes to the next level and ends up slotting in the front.

Or Jones in another season or two is at a level to give what’s needed in midfield.

I’m sure the club is thinking ahead, obvs they had to re think a couple of things this summer but moving forward they’ll be able to better project there income.

05 Aug 2020 12:39:49
Players can play at the top of their game well into their 30’s now. It isn’t like what it was 10 years ago. I agree the squad needs adding to but we really aren’t at crisis point yet. The players we’re being strongly linked to are the right ones for us to be signing at this time and place in my opinion.

05 Aug 2020 12:46:47
The same song was sang before the start of the season; Liverpool can't push beyond the achievement of last season with the signings of van der Berg (academy), and Elliott (super young, definitely won't play much), and Adrian (free but just a GK cover) .

After a few cups and a league title, I believe Klopp even more. I'm sure he and his staffs have given lots and lots of thoughts about what is needed and what is not.

05 Aug 2020 12:55:47
The players mentioned Jordz could well be the players that step up and find themselves breaking into the starting 11 and I hope that happens. But we will have to wait and see.

AW I know we’re not their yet but the way we play I reckon we’ll have 1 more season of dominance before we need to really freshen things up.

05 Aug 2020 12:57:41
How many midfielders would you want us to have? We have loads available for the first team next season.

Centre back I think we already have 3 top class centre backs so I also disagree there.

I think you're being a bit unrealistic and you're underestimating what we already have.

05 Aug 2020 13:15:50
I take your point, Moreton. It's not unreasonable. I would disagree on the statement that our squad is aging though. I think as a club we've got so used to losing players in their late 20's just as they reach their peak, that we now associate 28/ 29 as aging. In reality that is just before the prime years of 30-33 in a players career (possibly with the exception of players reliant on pace who peak around 27-30).

I think we will see our whole starting 11 improve individually next season. Alisson is very young for a keeper. Trent is still a kid in relative terms. Virgil is just shy of the prime years for a centre back. Robbo, Gomez, Keita, Ox, Minamino, Origi and Fabinho are mid 20's. Hendo is just hitting his prime. Salah and Mane are quite clearly in their prime years and have at least 2 more years before they even think about slowing down. As for Bobby he is in the Totti and Begkamp bracket for me. His mind is so quick that he could play until his late 30's at the highest level.

I'm not hugely worried. Throw in Kelleher, Williams, Hoever, Berg, Jones, Elliott, Brewster etc. They're basically kids still. No need to panic and strip the team just yet buddy. Keep the faith.

Milner is the only player in our squad who i look at and think his legs might go soon.

Matip and Gini both seemingly could move on but if they stick about you'd say they're both still under 30 too. I'd actually go the complete opposite way to you and say our squad is overall very young. The senior members of the team are barely in their 30's yet.

05 Aug 2020 13:43:33
The team are at a good age in their developmental arc. Majority of the first team are mid-late 20s so are really hitting their peak. Then you have the likes of Taki and Keita, at 25, who are following still developing in the team but have bags of potential. They are heading towards their peak years.

add in Harvey, Jones, Neco, Rhian, Hoever as part of our new wave of youth.

I think we have a very sustainable squad as it currently stands and would advocate against signing anywhere near anything like 3 or 'top' signings. yes, players will go as they have already, but for me it is bringing in the right players and making minor tweaks to the squad. I don't see the value in bringing in top players to an already top heavy squad. I don't think that add quality depth that will actually make a difference. I can see how that would increase our overall rating on FIFA tho.

05 Aug 2020 13:49:25
Nothing controversial about that mate you just gave your opinion.

05 Aug 2020 14:24:11
Nothing functions in a vacuum. Everything happens as a consequence or combination of multiple events. So looking at retaining the title from just the perspective of looking at our squad strength and skill is probably insufficient. How we end up at the end of the season depends a lot on how the other teams do as well. We all know this.

Sometimes there is no logic to it. In a season where ManC did not have Laporte most of the time, they did far worse than in the season before where they didn't have De Bruyne for most of the time, but won the title. And yet De Bruyne is the more valuable player, no?

I don't think we have an aging squad. Especially now that Lallana and Lovren have moved on and will get replaced by younger players. The question should rather be about improving the squad if it's possible to do so in this financially restrictive environment. If we can then let's do it, if not then let's not. The obvious refrain is "why bother improving a team that is the best in the World? ". The obvious answer is that there is no guarantee on performance. We may play better or we may play worse. That's why there is management and coaching to oversee this aspect. We're on an upward trajectory since Klopp arrived, but nobody knows when that graph wil head downwards. It would be foolish not to guard against that.

I think ManC, ManU and Chelsea will improve their points tally over this year. Arsenal could well be a dark horse if they buy well and the players fully buy into Arteta's vision. Just like this year, I think our first 10 games of the season will tell us where we are vis-a-vis the others. And I think home field advantage (or lack of, due to empty seats in stadiums) will play a larger than usual, part in the season.

05 Aug 2020 16:38:59
OP, I disagree that we have an aging squad cos currently, only Milner and Hendo are in their 30's right now. That is a talking point that the media and rival fans like to use to convince themselves that LFC will fall away which has no basis in reality.

Also if you were following closely, we were in for Werner and almost got him signed to join the front 3 rotation and possibly replace one of them while Taki was also brought in to compensate here as well so the idea that we need to do new blood is again, preaching to the choir cos Klopp and his gang are already three steps ahead.

In addition, I believe the club don't have to do a damn thing cos nobody knows the future. Signing players don't mean you will have success. Ask City, Utd and Arsenal who outspent us last summer and see what happened to them. Neither does not signing players guarantees that you will fail, as he have evidence of that this season. I believe the club will do what is right based on what the club needs and we should trust them after all they have achieved hence, these types of discussions are a bit tedious IMO cos why discuss something that the club is already aware of and has been trying to accomplish as we speak?

05 Aug 2020 17:27:16
I'll start by saying I do get your point.

But, when you have a young team you make allowances for them and get excited thinking "they're not even in their prime yet! "
Then when we have a team in their prime, instead of enjoying it pl champs cwc champs supercup champs and for another few weeks cl champs. We panic that it won't last forever. I'm sorry but that is blatantly obvious. It's as obvious as the fact the sun is going to rise tomorrow. Of course we will have to bring in new players in the next few years. I'll give you a tip *hush hush* "teams tend to sign footballers during summer and a bit in January.

I'm sorry to be a condescending git, caught me at a bad time.

05 Aug 2020 17:11:02
Obviously players are in and entering their primes. But the way we play certainly takes years off players due to the high intensity nature of Klopps style. Age as a number isn’t what I mean by ageing squad. I more refer to the idea that the intensity we play slows players down, still all quality players individually in their own right.

But keeping a squad fresh for me is important because who knows what the fitness levels, the legs will be like come the end of next season.

After next season we will have had for me 4 (hopefully if next season is successful) super seasons under Klopp and there’s no easy games. So I don’t expect the intake toy of our style to change.

I’ve read somewhere before that Klopps system can take a few seasons off a player due to the intensity.

So I only allude to the idea of keeping things fresh.

I just don’t want to see the club spending loads of money on players who need replacing (due to the intensity we play at) in a short period of time and struggling to bed them in. I’d rather it be a gradual process so integration can be done correctly so new players can slot into positions when players leave or need less game time (again due to the intensity we play at)

05 Aug 2020 18:35:04
Our game is very intense, and our players are expected to give (hate this saying) 110%. But we have some very serious fitness people at liverpool. When was the last time a big star had an awful injury? The ox. And that wasn't due to too many games there was lallana but I think that was before this fitness guy came in. I suppose there's keita. But we do very well indeed with injuries and I don't think it's a coincidence.

05 Aug 2020 19:27:15
Moreton_Red, I fully agree with you in your latest comments. Our system has been grueling in terms of intensity BUT the players and staff are already aware of this hence, the Sports Science team are on their job managing their game time and training/ recovery methods.

Also remember, Klopp is a trained Sports Scientist as well so the guy is no mug. In addition to this, the players are already used to playing this way season in, season out and Klopp continues evolve the system and rotates a lot to keep bodies fresh.

And As Robbie posted, nothing lasts forever so of course we have to keep things going for as long as possible BUT the club is already on that so why the fear that things will end soon? Don't believe the stuff from the media saying that we have to win back to back titles to prove this or that. In what rule book is that written in, exactly? Our team is a great team. One of the best English football has ever seen and that is a fact. We will see what happens going forward BUT for right now, we are CHAMPIONS OF EVERYWHERE. Enjoy it, man.



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