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07 Aug 2020 11:30:29
Nothing transfer related but just something I noticed quite a lot in this season just gone.

I love Andy Robertson, I think he's absolutely exceptional but something I've notice more in the last 12 months that I didn't see as much when he first arrived was how more frequently he now checks back and passes the ball back rather than trying to beat his man and whip a cross in.

Not sure if it's just me being picky but I'd love to see him taking on a right back more as he's got such a great whipped cross but I don't think I've seen that happen as much this last season?

Obviously, he's still had an amazing season like all our lads and the guy is a duracell bunny when it comes to energy levels but it was just something I noticed.

I love other peoples opinions so just thought I'd see what others thought, I know he can't just cross for the sake of crossing but it's more the taking people on I've seen less off that got me thinking about it!?

Anyway, still a great site I just thought I'd post this to see if anyone else has thought about this or whether it's just me? Feel free to get involved Eds. Great work from you all as always with your constant mind blowing knowledge. :-) Keep up the good work.

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07 Aug 2020 11:59:00
I think it's just an adaptation to his game. 2 years ago teams had the idea that if they got at us we were fragile at the back. With Karius and Lovren they weren't exactly wrong. So there was more space behind teams for Robbo to knock it into and run after.

Now we have Alisson, Virgil and Fabinho there is a reluctance from most teams to try and go toe to toe with us. So they have been sitting back more. Hence why Bobby, Salah and Mane aren't scoring 80+ goals between them anymore.

Teams now set up to hit us on the break because they know they can' and won't outscore us if the game is end to end. So if Robertson loses the ball trying to take someone on, he'll be acutely aware of the fact that they'regoing to launch a counter attack with him 50 yards up the pitch. Look at the latest Chelsea game though. They pushed up and tried to beat us at our our game and we tore them apart. Ox's goal actually came from Robertson beating his man for pace and crossing it in. If the space is there, he still takes the opportunity.

We've become a much more controlled and possession based team in the last year though. I think this is probably why Klopp is keen on Thiago. We now need a player or two capable if carrying the ball between the lines or threading a pass through the eye of a needle.

Also worth noting is that we haven't had a natural back up for Robbo since Moreno left 2 years ago. So he is asked to play nearly every game in a very physically demanding role. So maybe he simply doesn't have the legs to constantly sprint past people.

There's lots of possible reasons and it's probably a combination of all of them. I don't think Robbo is losing it from his game. I think opposition teams are just more aware of him as an offensive threat. Yet, he still assisted 12 goals this season which just shows how unplayable he is.

07 Aug 2020 12:12:20
Never had any negative critical thoughts about robbos game in general. He's blown me away.

We don't have height in the box. When you beat a man and just manage to whip in a cross. You don't really have time to get your head up and pick out a man, you just go near post, far post, whatever and hope you find someone. But our 5ft 10 strikers are going to lose out more often than not with those types of cross into the box, going up against 6ft 4ers. Robbo likes to get his head up and pick out his man, to do that you need a bit of time. Checking back gives you that. If we had a "big man" then the checking back would annoy me as your striker will have made his run, only to find the ball not coming to him. And if it does after the check back, the striker isn't running onto the ball and is on the back foot not generating a lot of power.

Oh Andy Andy! Andy Andy Andy Andy Robertson. The guys phenomenal. One of the finest, if not THE finest lb in Europe. Tends to play cute balls round the box with mane, gini and Bobby anyway. Excellent at it.

07 Aug 2020 12:18:03
Moreno left the club at the end of last season. And while we do need a natural back up LB (instead of Milner or Gomez covering) . We have coped well this season without one although signing one would enable Robbo to have more rest.

07 Aug 2020 12:34:18
He dipped for about 4/ 5 games around winning the league and that’s it. But when you think about it
Prem Trophy + a Scotsman = a bit of a party 😂
One of our most consistent players, and some competition for that LB could even improve Andy.

07 Aug 2020 12:50:30
And of course, if you beat your man, whip in a rushed cross and your strikers don't get on the end of it, you've just given possession away with your left back so far out of position he's probably not even on the pitch.

I'm not saying never try and beat the rb and whip one in, but it's a much better idea when on the counter attack. In a packed box, with our relatively short front line, like I said the odds aren't in your favour.

07 Aug 2020 13:21:15
Klopp doesn’t want both FBs up front at sane time so one will hang back if other has pushed up. Trent is more often one pushed up so Robbo stays back more.

07 Aug 2020 15:03:01
Robbo will be playing to instructions. if they want early crosses he will do that but if coaches want more precision in passing so as not to lose possession then that’s what he will do. LFC are the best coached team around right now.

07 Aug 2020 16:17:55
Maybe it’s to do with the fact we don’t have a centre forward that as they away “breaks his neck to get into the box”. Quite a few times I’ve seen balls come into the box and bobby is 10 yards outside the box from being involved in the build up or even just dropping deep. Which is a shame really as bobby is actually quite good in the air and on the end of crosses when he does get in there.

07 Aug 2020 17:16:16
In my opinion, he's never really been a "beat a man and whip it in" kind of player. He's at his best when supporting mane, who would get closer to the byline, and knock it back for robbo to deliver from deeper. That causes the defence to set themselves in the wrong position and allows the likes of firmino and salah to attack the space.

07 Aug 2020 19:21:08
Yeah, spot on analysis, rugby Parker.

08 Aug 2020 10:00:02
he does take on the RB, he usually trips over the ball or loses it easily. one-twos and overlaps are his game!



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