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07 Aug 2020 12:04:24
Man I hope Wijnaldum surprises us all and signs a new contract.

For me Wijnaldum > Thiago.

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07 Aug 2020 13:18:59
Don't ask me why davey mate, but I still think he will.

07 Aug 2020 13:51:43
For our system, injury record and PL experience, yeah you might be right in choosing Wijnaldum over Thiago, but in terms of individual quality and the creativity we’re lacking in midfield, Thiago over Wijnaldum all day long. It wouldn’t be a backwards step if wiji was to go and Thiago was to come let’s put it that way. My only concern would be his injury record otherwise I wouldn’t be totally against that outcome. The squad needs freshening up, and whilst wiji wouldn’t be a player I’d list as needing to move on, he clearly has a problem with signing a new contract with us, all whilst Thiago seemingly wants to play for us.

07 Aug 2020 13:51:47
The fact he hasn’t yet worries me. Maybe he’ll run his contract down like lallana prob easier for him to choose where he moves too in that case as no fee negotiations with lfc.

07 Aug 2020 14:23:31
Doesn't Gini want to go home lad's?

07 Aug 2020 14:24:30
Best case for me would be Gini signs and stays and Thiago joins.

07 Aug 2020 14:55:49
If Gini has yet to sign a contract he has had on the table since last year, I don't think he will sign it now. I hope I am wrong cos I love the guy to bits and IMO, is better than Thiago.

07 Aug 2020 16:02:43
It's looking a bit dodgy regarding wijnaldum seems everything gone quiet he is important too our squad as well. But maybe he wants a change and if he does wish him well an we move on .

07 Aug 2020 16:14:44
I think Wiji will move on but I also think that if he’s not sold in this window then he will play next season with the same effort and consistency that he’s shown in his time here. For me his attitude is 2nd to none and I include Hendo in that.

07 Aug 2020 16:47:33
I agree jk23. If he stays and runs down the contract, he will put in just as much effort. He's a real professional. He hasn't signed this contract, but he hasn't been hinting in the media how he suits purple and red. He hasn't been "playing the game" so to speak. He always seems so happy in interviews and I just can't imagine anyone wanting to leave this team at the moment, unless they're not getting a game.

But my head agrees with RM and ed01 that if he was going to he would've signed (echoes of the Emre can situation) but my heart hopes he stays. Class little player. I'll remember him fondly until the day I die.

07 Aug 2020 17:10:51
As Ed001 said, its his prerogative to not want to sign another contract, and ours to then sell him on the basis of that. The squad needs freshening up as it is and let’s be honest, if you had a gun pointed to your head and were forced to sell and then replace one of the starting 11, it would be Gini. He’s been a fantastic player for us but if he feels his time has come then we can’t sit on our arses and do nothing about it purely because we are afraid of change.

Make no bones about it, there is a real opportunity to improve the starting 11 here and Thiago is some player. It really is comedic the amount of people on this page trying to position themselves as football hipsters on this issue. Gini is a good player and we’d all love to see him stay for continuity, but Thiago is a fantastic midfielder and could potentially take us to another level. The only real concern is his injury record, however given Andreas Kornmayer worked with him for some years, i imagine he would be able to give Klopp reasonable advice on whether it would be worth signing him at all. As it stands the club do not seem phased by his injury record and in that i trust their judgement, just as i did when they decided not to sign Fekir. Trust in club and trust in Klopp!

07 Aug 2020 18:18:55
Ed001 do you see Thiago arriving if Gini stays mate?

{Ed001's Note - I doubt it.}

07 Aug 2020 18:38:45
If Thiago joins then it’s at the expense of someone else in that role, no doubt about it.

If he were simply an addition you’re looking at:

Keita, hendo, fab, ox, milner, wiji and Thiago - that’s 7 players for 3 positions in the squad. That doesn’t even take into account if Curtis Jones plays one of those roles for us.

07 Aug 2020 19:17:32
Just looking at Ox’s stats across all comps for the season and he started 13 games in centre mid and 7 games in the front 3. He then made 15 sub appearances but it doesn’t actually state what positions he came on in. Interested to see if anyone knew as just out of memory I think he’s probably played just as many games in front 3 as he has in centre mid. Perhaps he might be the one who is the odd one out in the centre of midfield. Just a thought.

07 Aug 2020 19:18:29
You're right anonymous woolback, if I had a gun at my head gini would be the first team player I'd let go, him or gomez I suppose. But he's in the first team and thus I love him, want him to stay. And it may be true but if not for him we wouldn't be European champions (almost definitely) and who knows what knock on effect that defeat could have had on the following season?

07 Aug 2020 19:52:45
We're talking about needing more creativity in the midfield. City have loads of creativity in midfield and we ended the season way ahead of them.

It should be more a case of City thinking "Hmm, we need more hardworking players in midfield to catch Liverpool". If Gini is going to leave, I wouldn't be surprised to see City in for him and offer him stupid wages.

07 Aug 2020 21:53:45
Spot on spud.

07 Aug 2020 22:25:03
Nah jk23, got to remember that the ox was coming back from a horrendous injury this season. Plus fabhino has made his spot permanent leaving only two spots, one really as Hendo is our captain. The Ox is a really handy player to have, I'm glad he's a red. I think he'll thrive on being a pl Champ and I reckon he's due a big season. Remember how good he was in that first season. He was almost a revelation! This seasons going to be quite big for him though.

08 Aug 2020 00:24:18
EpicPotato - Pep wouldn’t know how to use him effectively, just as he wouldn’t know how to use Firmino effectively either.

08 Aug 2020 07:45:13
Robbie you’re correct mate he was coming back from an injury mate and he was excellent in his first season. I like ox and I really want him to do well. Guys were speculating who would drop out if Thiago were to join and I was just pointing out that it could be Ox. And I don’t mean him being sold I just mean him staying as a squad player covering the midfield and front 3. His utility is a strength but also a downfall (for him) as I know he wants to be a centre mid.

08 Aug 2020 09:59:20
obvious follow-on . ed1 - do you see us signing Thiago is we sell Gini?

Also I'm not sure I've actually seen on here that we have made contact With Bayern of Thiagos reps at all?

{Ed001's Note - he is certainly Klopp's preferred option, so it would be the most likely replacement.}

08 Aug 2020 10:45:06
Guess Aouar is not an option if Gini leaves? Would love him to come in! But finances and dealing with Lyon probably stops any chance of this.

{Ed001's Note - he would be my personal choice too but Thiago is the most likely option. You have to remember Thiago has also made it very clear that he would like to play for Liverpool, which is something Klopp wants in his players.}

09 Aug 2020 18:43:41
I think it depends on the game. Against Man City I'd be happier with Wijnaldum in midfield. Against teams sitting back i'd much rather have Thiago.

Defensively Gini is very under rated and he had De Bruyne in his pocket at Anfield this season. How many players can say that? On the ball though, i find him to be too safe against lesser teams and lacking in inventiveness. Gini is also an aerial threat on crosses which has been crucial on big European nights against Roma, Barca, Atletico etc.

Thiago won't boss De Bruyne, but against a low block he'll break down the banks of 4 with tricky runs and his superb vision. He's a more composed finisher when he plays higher up too, and a much more natural playmaker.

It's a shame we can't have both of them as alternative options for different opposition. The finances just aren't there for that though.

There is one major thing that swings it for me. Wijnaldum isn't sure if he wants to play for Liverpool whereas Thiago is apparently really keen to play for Liverpool. I'd rather have a player who wants to be here any day of the week.

Gini has been great for us though and his best years in my opinion, are still ahead of him. So if he does make a pretty spectacular U-turn and sign the contract that's been on the table for months, i'll be pleased.

I think Thiago is better personally but it's a weird comparison because they are different players. If either player is starting for us next season i won't complain. I see Thiago as being in the top 5 in the world at what he does. I'm not sure Wijnaldum can say that, but i also won't vehemently argue with anyone who says he is.

Bayern's manager has dropped a pretty big hint Thiago will be playing in the Premier League this season. I hope it's with us but i'd have preferred it to be at the expense one of the back up midfielders rather than Gini. It is what it is though if he doesn't want to sign.



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