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07 Aug 2020 13:59:12
Looks like there might be an improved offer for Jamal Lewis, I do rate his potential and I do think he could improve playing under study to Robertson and under Klopp coaching. Konstantinos Tsimikas Does look a more established player at this stage and if we were going for a first choice left back, he would be quite high on the list for me, since he would probably cost less than Jamal. This home grown quota that needs to be met though is a big factor it seems. I understand city have the same problem but they’re still investing in foreign talent thus far, let’s hope some rules still apply to them. I like the look of Ben white, but not as a second choice CB, more like a replacement for Lovren and not matip, if he was to leave. Not sure if we’re seriously interested in him or not though, and if it meant not being able to pursue Diego Carlos, then I wouldn’t go for it.

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07 Aug 2020 14:24:42
With the second cb I don't necessarily think lovren was 4th choice (or third for 2nd place) with klopp it seems when a cb gets a game, if he plays well he keeps his place. Dejan played a lot at the beginning of the season. I've never thought white was amazing whdn i've watched Brighton, but if klopp likes him I trust him. Ed01 rates him too and I respect his opinion. Forgot about the hg quota.

{Ed001's Note - when have you seen him play for Brighton? He spent last season on loan with Leeds mate.}

07 Aug 2020 14:35:36
I like what Baraclough said about Lewis. Sounds like he has the right attitude to improve under better coaches alongside better teammates.

“You’ll find him in the gym before training and after training and he’s probably one of those kids, having worked with him for a little bit of time, you have to keep the reins on a bit so he doesn’t do too much. "

“He wants to question you about how he can improve and I love players like that. I love players who invest time in themselves and don’t just settle for what they’ve got. "

I think maybe Liverpool scouts look into this stuff in a lot more detail nowadays. Our team have such a brilliant attitude and high level of professionalism. Sounds promising anyway. The transfer is growing on me.

07 Aug 2020 14:54:37
IMO if LFC is in for you, just know that they have been scouting you for at least 2 years. If we are in for Lewis and if an improved offer is on the way then I know he is sound.

I have watched him play as well and like I said before, he is two footed, has good pace and has the dribbling ability of a winger with both feet with step-overs to boot.

Defensively, not sure but you can coach that with time. The kid wants the move as well so hopefully, we can get it done.

07 Aug 2020 14:57:48
Diego Carlos is a pipe dream. He was superb yet again against Roma. Sevilla could win the Europa League and the whole of football would finally see what all the fuss is about. I’ve no doubt he’d be amazing in our team but with the competition for his signature I can’t see it happening, sadly.

07 Aug 2020 15:46:50
From what I saw of Jamal, I think he would be a very good second choice left back, and I think that’s important to note when deciding between him and Konstantinos, as much as I would love the latter to come through and really push Robertson for the starting birth, I think Jamal is the better choice for a second choice LB.

I think the only way Diego Carlos becomes a real possibility is if we were to sell the likes of matip, Grujic, Wilson, origi, Shaqiri possibly even wiji, those types of sales should fund the likes of Diego Carlos and possibly Thiago, if we’re actually genuinely interested in them.

07 Aug 2020 16:12:21
So we don’t bid for any players that we have been scouting for 8 months or 15 months or even 23 months. Has to be a minimum of 24 months before we actually bid 🤦🏻‍♂️
On the subject of Lewis I like the lad but from a non biased point of view is a move to Liverpool a good career choice. Robbo is arguably one of the best LB’s in world football and although Klopp likes to mix the midfield up the front 3 and full back positions are occupied by our 5 most of the time. Norwich want 20 mill for him which is a lot of money for us considering we are skint and this lad might only start 10 games next season unless Robbo is injured.

07 Aug 2020 16:40:42
He's young though jk23, so we're getting a player with potentially 10 years+ in him. And as has been said - I don't think many people on the planet thought Robbo was arguably the best lb in world football when he was in orange and black mate. I thought 20mil sounded high, but is that just because we know we're skint?
He's young so there's re sale value.

And Robbo didn't miss many games last season but there were a few eh. And a few games where Robbo looked leggy. If Lewis proves capable, he can play against Brentford, leaving Robbo fresh for when we play juventus 3 days later.

07 Aug 2020 17:02:48
I’d much rather be buying young, hungry players that can grow into the role while being a backup, than mid table players in their late 20’s who are unlikely to grow much more as players. We should be looking at Robertsons, not Klavans. Lewis fits that mould.

07 Aug 2020 17:06:05
Robbie agree mate. I should have added at the end of my comment that I actually want us to sign him. My point was from an unbiased view regarding the player. We don’t have a lot in the budget so if we do pay 20 mill for him then that could be the window done unless we sell more.

07 Aug 2020 18:54:27
@Robbiesline. What are you talking about mate. Ben White, while a Brighton player, has never played for Brighton, only Newport County, Peterborough and Leeds.

07 Aug 2020 18:57:04
JK23, what I posted about LFC scouting players for at least 2 years is a fact, based on an interview given by David Maddock I watched on Redmen TV on youtube. LFC had Minamino scouted for 4 years before he signed him, per David Maddock. You are free to prove him wrong with you own valid points. Peace and Love.

07 Aug 2020 19:19:02
Rm nice to see you have quoted someone else instead of Ed2. You really are the football oracle, I bow down to you being a superior fan.

07 Aug 2020 19:12:56
We've put a bid in for Lewis so that's definitely genuine, and lovren is gone so surely we will sign a cb too. And then the thiago signing seems to have legs? When it's said we are skint, maybe that means we don't have 80mil for this player and another 50mil for that player. But there must be some eh.

Ed02, if you're about mate, I come on near every day. I understand you're fed up with questions regarding our finances and the transfer kitty. But I haven't seen this question asked yet; is it common for signings to be paid for in installments? And is this an option for us with players like thiago and Carlos? Or are deals with installments more likely to be applied to teams perhaps more desperate for money, like Norwich.

{Ed002's Note - Sure but clubs cannot survive that type of approach for long going forward as the budget will have been spent in previous seasons. I have explained the situation - and the CEO came out and said the same. The business needs to be sustainable and the owners cannot throw money at transfers this year when they have major financial issues. Players can be sold to cover purchases and a little money can be found perhaps, but they cannot run wild and if the dip in to the financial facility available from Natwest for transfers, then they are looking at trouble.}

07 Aug 2020 21:51:48
Yes epic, ed01 has reminded me of that. What I said is he's never stood out for me with Brighton. But that's hardly surprising as, like you say, he's not played for Brighton! I don't know where I got that from dude. I thought he was some random cb who barely gets a game for Brighton and I was wondering why we were even looking at someone who is so anonymous in games!

But okay, he's played for Leeds this season gone. I've seen bits and pieces of Leeds on the efl show I guess, but the lad doesn't come to mind. I will take everyone's word for it if you guys think he's good enough. The HG factor is appealing. But if he's a Leeds player (and I'm assuming he's their top cb if we're keen) surely they're really going to want and need him in the premier league?

To answer your question "what am I chatting about? " I was spouting ignorant nonsense. RTPs, it's what I do quite a lot. I wrote a fascinating post a few days ago when I'd had no sleep the night before where I worked out how we could sign koulibaly by sending out van djike as a kiss-o-gram. But sometimes I make the odd interesting and valid point. Peace out amazing spud!

{Ed001's Note - he was on loan to Leeds mate, he is not a Leeds player.}

07 Aug 2020 22:19:31
Lol, cheers ed02. I'm glad the owners are sensible and are being honest, rather than throwing money we don't have around and putting us in more serious trouble later on.

People are stressing coz Chelsea and utd are spending and city too. But we don't have an ageing squad, and the lads we have have won 3 major trophies on the last 2 years, been in two champions league finals in the last 3 years. I don't feel like we are being left behind, just the others are getting closer.

07 Aug 2020 22:41:20
Ah, okay thanks ed01. And he was on loan from? Brighton? For the love of God please say yes!

{Ed001's Note - yes mate.}

08 Aug 2020 01:04:55
Lol ed01! Omg, I would have jumped from a v high bridge had you said no mate.

If the lad is decent, then why did Brighton loan him to a championship club? . Or has he come a long way this last season? Because if he's not good enough for brighton's squad then surely he's not good enough for ours. I know klopp and his team are amazing at improving players. D'you know what? I'm done questioning klopp choice of player. And I think I've proved I'm singularly unqualified to comment on this player.

{Ed001's Note - he is young so they loaned him out to get experience.}

08 Aug 2020 09:58:08
just means you were making stuff up about him. I'm sure we all do it on here talking about players like we watch their team as avidly as we watch liverpool hahaha.

08 Aug 2020 17:18:04
You're right faith, I was going on reputation, of which I knew nothing so I acted like the lad can't be that good. I hold my hands up.

The only thing I know about him, thanks to ed01, is that he's young and well thought of. I think if we are cash strapped a young cb makes a lot of sense. Someone with an eye on the future.

09 Aug 2020 11:30:52
JK23, it is not about being a superior fan or an oracle as that seems to be what you want to believe. It is about trying to know stuff and doing research about stuff you are interested in things you like as in, Liverpool. Hence, I quote people cos they said it and and are reliable sources on the topic like Ed02 or David Maddock is. Nothing more BUT I am sure you already knew all of this.



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