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13 Aug 2020 11:04:46
Haven't posted for a while and read Eds input regularly, but seen a few keyboard warrior comments on here and thought I would offer my thoughts. I have supported the reds for over 50 years.

1) Any current Liverpool players that have contributed to our amazing team deserve maximum respect.

2) By all means comment on potential new recruits, but please stop the pathetic uninformed comments about the quality of the players we have.

3) Gini Winaldum is a good example, a world class midfielder who has had a major affect on LFC winning 4 trophies recently. Yes he is getting a tiny bit older but his contribution to our team is enormous.

Divock Origi is also another fine example of our amazing team. He plays for the shirt, understands that at the moment he is second choice to 3 of the finest strikers in world football, yet still contributes enormously and scores vital goals for us at critical times (Everton, Barcelona, etc.).

Sorry for the rant but get behind our boys they have done our club proud, yes discuss other potential players, but never have a go at our core team. Listen to the comments of the Eds, they really know what they are talking about, and show some respect for the badge our players wear with pride!

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13 Aug 2020 12:05:35
Gini is the most underrated centre midfielder in the league if not Europe. I think people forget how important his role is in context of how the team functions. He may not be flashy or a YouTube highlight reel player, he may not be a star on FIFA or whatever, but he’s important in the structure of the team, as players like Ronnie Whelan or Didier Deschamps were, players who did the graft so that others could create and there work would often go unnoticed by casual observers. Didn’t rate him when he signed, but he’s won me over completely with his effort, commitment and willingness to sacrifice his natural game. If he were available there’d be a queue a mile long for his services as every top team wants a player like that who is good with the ball and puts in a shift to help the team. I’d argue that he’s get in any top team’s midfield.

As for Big Div, yeah he’s not Pele or (the real) Ronaldo, but then again, who is and would they be willing to play second fiddle to our front three? You literally will not find a player who would be happy.

He does his bit, scores big match goals, gives 100% and never complains. He’s had a big hand in us winning the Champions League with his contributions and Everton must be sick of the sight of him, particularly the tyrannosaurus goalkeeper, Pickford.

13 Aug 2020 12:17:56
Gini is awesome. Didn't see any comments bashing him.

{Ed002's Note - There have been numerous comments about him not signing a new contract and people want him sold and replaced by a 29 year old with no reslae value and an injury history that is worrying.}

13 Aug 2020 12:56:57
We saw the same thing happening with Emre Can. I don't see any problem with anyone trying to just see out their contract and move on with their career and life. How can you ask for more? It's not like lifetime employment or anything. And if the player serves out their contract term satisfactorily and is a vital contribution (Wijnaldum overwhelmingly has been) to victories and titles then they should be appreciated. Oddly enough people were far more mild with Clyne and Lallana who also saw out their contracts yet contributed far less.

13 Aug 2020 13:27:23
Gini’s best skill is no one can get the ball off him. Especially when in tight spaces. If everyone shielded like Gini, C.V. would have disappeared very quickly. Reminds me of Barnes in that respect or King Kenny. But surely we can discuss where we think the team can improve? That’s not disrespecting the player. It’s talking about continuous improvement. Also this is a transfer site right so would be a pretty boring site without transfer opinions.

13 Aug 2020 13:37:02
Well I want him to sign a new contract 100%, but if he doesn't then I think it is right that Liverpool try to sell him a generate some revenue. Ed002 is telling us about our lack of funds then surely it wouldn't be wise to let a quality player walk away for nothing next season.
So it is what it is, not about disrespecting a player but merely looking at the facts.
As for signing a 29 year old injury prone player with no resale value, that's not for me either.

{Ed002's Note - There is nothing to say he has refused to sign a contract.}

13 Aug 2020 14:11:48
Warmachine73, i agree fully mate but you cannot win the "superior supporter" debate. Better off to leave it mate. God knows how people would view Bob Paisley if they did a bit of research. He was ruthless and that's why he was the best. He inherited a team which won him European Cups and League titles, but he pretty much rebuilt it completely and won everything all over again.

I'd like Wijnaldum to sign a new contract, obviously. Equally I like Origi and think he's a bit of a cult hero. I'm also not going to lose sleep if Klopp gets his preferred man in Thiago, or if Brewster does enough in pre-season to replace Origi in the squad.

You are spot on though mate. This site would be a waste of mobile data if it weren't for the debate so don't let people convince you that you are a bad supporter because you have the clubs best interests at heart.

13 Aug 2020 14:25:44
Graeme Soumess said this of Ronnie Whelan “There are key players and they are not always the ones the fans salute. Take Ronnie Whelan for example. While players like Craig [Johnston] are whizzing around and covering every inch of the ground, Ronnie watches and thinks, makes runs and when in possession uses the ball to its most telling effect. ”. I think the same applies to Wijnaldum.

13 Aug 2020 14:46:34
I'm guessing that these comments haven't been published as I've not seen anyone bashing Gini. All I've seen is people saying if he's not going to sign a contract then we need to get a replacement etc. I love Gini and want him to stay, mostly as his chant is epic 😂😂.

13 Aug 2020 15:14:04
Irish Rover, I want him to sign a new contract extension too. And I'm okay too if the club decides to sell him to a team that suits both the player and LFC. It just irks me when his accomplishments are disregarded and disregarded.

13 Aug 2020 16:13:45
Harveys man bun 👏👏👏👏👏.

13 Aug 2020 17:41:20
Spot on, OP and esp. regarding Origi. People moan and spout about him not being a world beater and my response has always been that if Big Div was a world beater, he would not be here for these same people to complain about.

We actually have a player who plays for the shirt, the love of the fans, the manager and the club and gives his best every time he steps on the pitch even with 2 mins to go in a game. Never sulks, complains nor kicks up a fuss YET all we see from certain fans is just abuse and "he's not good enuff", "he needs to go" or "he won't make it at LFC'. Yeah, a guy who contributed to our CL and PL success will not make it at the club.

Like the OP, I respect any and every player in this LFC squad and we can debate whether a player is doing as well as he can or this, that or the other BUT if Origi wants to stay and Klopp wants him then that should be that and we should get behind him and hope he gets better instead of the constant battering he gets. Same should go for any player in this squad. Put Some Respect On Their Names!

13 Aug 2020 19:32:40
Great Post OP. Exactly the way I feel mate. Our team have delivered where many top teams have fallen short. Not only pl title but the cl, which really gave us our pride back. We now strut about the world football scene and I love it. I have nothing but utmost resp for our squad.

13 Aug 2020 20:14:54
Robbie in addition to that, I think people should know that as many rival fans as there are who troll us and are in complete melt down over our recent success, there are other rival fans who have the utmost respect for what these players and Klopp have achieved.

I spend a lot of time on youtube fan channel/ podcasts from rival fans and I have watched rival fans bug up our players like VVD, TAA, Robbo, Mane, Salah and in some cases Hendo, Ox and they totally love Gini. Let us not even talk about Klopp. They adore him. I as on a Utd fan podcast with a Chelsea and Arsenal fan and the Utd moderator thinks the world of Klopp and many of our players BUT some of our fans still do not appreciate some of our players just cos they are not world beaters.

In the end what am I saying? We should be holding these players and manager up as heroes, every single one of them regardless of how much they have contributed to our success cos they are here for a reason. Let us enjoy cheering for them while they are here cos this will not last forever. That's all. Enuff with the pathetic, baseless moaning cos player X is not enuff of a world beater for your liking.

13 Aug 2020 20:39:09
So in layman’s terms can people please stop having their own opinions. That way it will stop people moaning about moaners and we can all live happily ever after on here with no debate.

16 Aug 2020 14:00:09
I would love Gini to stay. But not keen for him to leave on a free next season. And yes Thiago os 29 and not much resale value. But let's not forget, when fit he's an absolutely wonderful player. Only had to watch him last week to see that! There's a reason why a very prudent club like Bayern. We're very keen on keeping him!



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