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25 Aug 2020 11:33:42
Geez I feel there's some bitterness here in regards to Chelsea, look Lampard might not work out but he's done enough to convince some of the best talent in the world to join his team and at the time when UCL wasn't guaranteed in the case of Werner and Ziyech that shows they believe in what his vision is. While we may not challenge for the title next year while all the signings bed in but you would only be lieing to yourself if you aren't going to be nervous facing Chelsea next year considering what's been added to what was already an exciting attacking team. I do agree that a GK and Kante back up is needed to truly challenge on all fronts. Also the stepping stone point, if we get another 8 years out of any of these players before they move on like Hazard at a crazy sum to then reinvest then I won't be complaining.

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25 Aug 2020 11:53:52
Lets see them play a season first! pretty sure all these new signings won't hit the ground running, especially the germans.
Also how will Lamps play with them remains to be seen. There is a lot of talent already at chelsea.
For ex with havertz where does mount play. With werner what time does tammy get. How does he play all of them in a system. Lamps doesn't have that experience it won't magically happen for him by just buying players.

25 Aug 2020 11:59:00
Not really Lampard that is the draw I think.

Rather it’s London and the wages that are being offered.

25 Aug 2020 12:00:14
It's not bitterness mate. I like Chelsea. However i do not see Ziyech as an upgrade on Mount. Havertz is hugely over priced. He has sinilar stats to Dele Alli at that age but in a league with huge issues defensively. Chilwell is a good signing. T. Silva is an awful signing. Mbuyamba is not an immediate improvement. Werner is good but again it's the weak defences of the Bundesliga and he also isn't much better than Abraham or Giroud.

I just don't rate the business so far. You should have kept Willian too. He was a leader and one of your best players for years. It's not all about stats.

"Kid in a candy store" comes to mind.

25 Aug 2020 12:54:28
I think a lot more on here are looking over their shoulder about Chelsea than would care to admit. They weren’t even a topic of discussion before all these signings.

I for one openly admit Chelsea’s business looks solid to me.

Sorry Harvey but had we signed Havertz, Werner and Ziyech, we’d all be creaming our pants on here. Anything to the contrary is straight up denial.

25 Aug 2020 13:10:30
not nervous at all, and that has nothing to do with Chelsea's quality or our apparent superiority.

I've been watching the Klopp journey and been a staunch supporter of the journey versus the destination. that is what made the CL and PL victories so satisfactory. but it's also steeled a resolve in the squad that they are mentally up for a challenge. and actually if we fail that is alright, we'll go again.

For Chelsea, they seem to be spending the equivalent of what they might have over successive transfer windows. They will be good to watch I am sure, but it remains to be seen how Frank in his sophomore pulls all this talent and the youth together to make a consistent title challenging team.

And finally, I just really believe in the squad we have. I think some of you still suffer an inferiority complex and distrust in our own players. I really believe in the team and will back them to fight all the wya. bring on the new season!

25 Aug 2020 13:12:38
Chelsea? 3rd or 4th.

25 Aug 2020 13:31:42
100% Shaq Attack.

25 Aug 2020 13:59:52
Shaq attack, i don't rate Ziyech that highly. He'd struggle to make our bench if i'm brutally honest. Reminds me of Ozil or Shaqiri. Technically superb but lacking in other areas of the game.

Werner is a good player but i simply rate Giroud higher. Giroud is the most under rated striker in the league. He is still first choice for France, world cup winners, despite the supposed golden generation. His ability to bring others into play whilst scoring goals is akin to Raul Jiminez and Bobby Firmino. Contrasting styles to them, but a complete centre forward none the less. Werner doesn't have that all around game.

Havertz is a good player too, but it's costing nearly £100m to bring a 21 year old in. This isn't Mbappe. He isn't a generational talent. He's a good young attacking midfielder and that's it. You give Phil Foden or Curtis Jones the next 3 years in the Bundesliga and they'll have similar goal/ assist stats in my opinion. He's not worth that much money. He is only really effective in the front 3.

Mount, Giroud and Pulisic is better that Ziyech, Werner and Havertz. It's only my opinion and no problems if you disagree. I just don't think they were very considered signings. More like they had the money to make a statement and decided that is more important than consistency. What about Loftus-Cheek? And Abraham? And Hudson-Odoi? How do they now fit in?

It's not and unreasonable opinion for me to say Chelsea are changing too much too fast. I hope Lampard proves me wrong because i'd rather Chelsea finish 2nd that anybody from Manchester 👌.

25 Aug 2020 14:09:46
Frank isn't an idiot and I think he's done fantastic in his first season in Premier league. Top 4, cl football. And used young players.

I really like chilwell but nearly choked when I read 50mil. Still haven't bought a decent cb or gk.

25 Aug 2020 14:30:14
All reasonable points and great discussion but we aren't the only team in London and if they so wished they could have signed a precontract and moved next summer as in Werners case.

You're also underestimating the benefit of having DOF in place with Cech and what his influence is both within Chelsea and with transfers has been.

In regards to the signings I think they all add something different and I'm not sure how you can discredit Havertz and Werner because they come from the Bundesliga then say Pulisic is better given he came from there and wasn't even the best player on his team and your number 1 target thiago also plays in that league?

In regards to what it means for youth, Mount will still play it's clear Lampard loves him and I wouldn't be surprised if he plays him and Havertz as dual number 8's, Abraham will also play given Werner can play on the left, Havertz looks like he was signed as RLC has ongoing injury issues and CHO will deputise for Puli and Ziyech as our only 3 out and out wingers. All in all we have a squad that will be together for the next 10 years with some genuine world class talent.

25 Aug 2020 14:53:35
I'm not discrediting the Bundesliga. I'm highlighting that the defending isn't great there.

Pulisic took half the season to adapt. He's a perfect demonstration of my point. Werner and Havertz probably will need time to adapt too.

Thiago is a mute point. He isn't an attacker facing bad keepers but he is also proven in La Liga, in the Bundesliga before the level of defending dropped off, at Champions league level, and international level.

I did state i think Werner and Havertz are good players. I am not saying they will flop. I am questioning if they are better than what you have, and what signing them means for the likes of Abraham and Hudson-Odoi who were considered the future of the club 12 months ago.

25 Aug 2020 15:35:10
Pulisic is fantastic. But very greedy. That sort of thing can make the difference between 1st and 2nd.

25 Aug 2020 16:01:09
Really don’t understand the whole CHO and Abraham suddenly considering their futures over because of a couple of signings. With both Willian and Pedro gone, CHO and Pulisic are Chelsea’s only winger/ wide forwardS with Mount and RLC able to deputise our wide if required. (Barkley likely to move on) So 2 out being replaced by 1 surely improves CHO’s chances in the first 11 and game time.
RLC has an ongoing back issue that will likely never see him complete an entire season, that coupled with the likely exits of Barkley and Jorginho will mean that even by adding Havertz, there will be more minutes in the team for players like RLC and Gilmour.
In regards to Abraham he could be the most effected, in terms of the fact that Giroud proved in the final months to be their best forward. But Werner can play out wide so it’s entirely possible that Abraham will still end up in the starting 11 fairly often, and if not he’ll simply have to hide his time for a year again until Giroud leaves. If they hadn’t signed Werner then he’d have been signed by someone else next year (potentially Liverpool given they made such an effort to tap him up)
Overall the majority of the signings have been brought in to replace outgoing players and given that some of you seem to think they’re no better than the current Chelsea squad, it allows for rotation with little to no drop off in quality and will push players to improve given the competition. Everyday Liverpool fans are saying they need stronger options on their bench to what they currently have. Sounds all very bitter that the players all the Liverpool posters have wanted all summer before they finally accepted the club is broke have headed to Chelsea instead.

25 Aug 2020 18:18:16
Fuser, i only want Thiago. He is the only player who looks like moving this summer who gets in our starting team. I've been saying all along i want Brewster and Minamino to get a chance ahead of signing anyone. Check my post history of you want.

You make a good point regarding competition. I'm simply giving an honest opinion. It's not born of bitterness. Time will tell if my opinion is wrong and that is the beauty of opinions. Nothing is wrong until it is fact and then we can all laugh at how wrong i was when Chelsea are genuinely in the title race this season.

25 Aug 2020 23:42:05
I think Chelsea will be very dangerous next season. As far as where will this player or that player play etc. Well it seems simple, if they have paid 10s of millions for a player, i. e. Havertz and Wrener they will play and the young English players will spend a lot of time on the bench. It will be harsh but if they are the best in thier positions then they play. Will beoke Newcastle in the mid 90s, score 3 and we score 4. don't see a lot of defending occuring.

25 Aug 2020 23:43:36
I think ‘Kid in a Sweet Shop’ is about right. Nothing wrong with buying some sweets but buy too many all at once and your stomach will start to churn and make you feel very sick. Children do it but adults know when too much is too much.

While i do feel as though some are being a bit bitter make no mistake, buying this many players in one go is a huge gamble for Lampard. I don’t know whether these are signings sanctioned by higher ups at the club or whether they are all transfers Lampard himself has requested, but its putting on an awful lot of pressure on such an inexperienced manager. He now has to deliver and any bumps in the road, any underperforming players will be scrutinised closely.

More to the point is how these players all blend together. At the moment you have Werner, Havertz, Ziyech, Chilwell and possibly Thiago Silva all coming into the starting XI from the off. That’s a hell of a lot of chopping and changing and pretty much undoes all of the work from the previous season and the relationships that will have been built up on the pitch, and that's not factoring in what will happen if a new goalie comes too.

No doubt these players are of better quality than the ones that Spurs brought in when they blew all that money in 2013, but like those spurs players they are also all foreign apart from Chilwell, and will take time to settle in. This is incredibly hard to do when you have so many experienced pro’s looking to leave at the same time, with William, Pedro and possibly more out the door.

Who will these young lads, some of whom may not speak english, be able to turn to if they are struggling on the pitch or off it? It is a recipe for disaster. If results don’t go your way, confidence tumbles and nobody feels confident enough to grab the situation by the horns, i imagine being in the dressing room is akin to being in a washing machine, and let's not forget Villas Boas had far greater experience than Lampard does. You need a strong foundation before you add to it and to me it seems as though chelsea are fiddling with jenga blocks dangerously close to the bottom of the tower.

Speaking of which, the goalie and the defence are the two positions that chelsea really needed to strengthen and they haven’t really done that. I can see the need for another striker, but Ziyech and Havertz don’t really strike me as necessities when you have such a rickety defence and goalie.

Ziyech i find especially confusing as it seems they could have had Sancho had they been more patient and bided their time. Havertz will take time to settle in and is very young, a huge gamble for the money paid for him and that could prove to be his downfall. How they haven’t attempted to improve on Kepa i do not know, it is so clear he is their achilles heel and i can’t see them getting close to the big trophies with him in goal. Chilwell i believe is a severe case of match of the day fever and just looks like an english Alonso every time i see him play. I wouldn’t say the signings are a luxury because they are good players, i’m just not sure they are what chelsea needed most.

To further this point, Chelsea are very well stocked in attacking areas as it is, with young players like Mount and Abraham having good seasons; what are these young players going to make of Lampard replacing them after one season with shiny new signings? The chelsea squad Is growing by the day and is going to end up being enormous by the start of the season.

Its going to be a big ask to keep them all happy and i can definitely see some friction being caused as a result of all the chopping and changing (i’d be gutted if i was Mason Mount getting replaced with £90 million Havertz) . Having said that, rotation may not be an issue for Lampard, who seems to drop players randomly for extended periods of time for seemingly little reason following a bad result. He chops and changes his teams on a weekly basis far too much, and when you incorporate that with all the new signings, it cannot be viewed as a positive omen for such an inexperienced manager.

It’s easy to exceed expectations when nothing is expected of you and your rivals are all imploding, but this season will be a test of real football management, and Lampard has a lot of things he needs to keep an eye on. Not saying it will be a disaster for sure but, with every expensive signing he adds, the potential problems multiply.

Also, one final point, chelsea could sign Messi tomorrow and i still wouldn’t be scared of them when we face them. I’d back this Liverpool side to beat any team in the world, and an inexperienced championship coach playing football manager with transfer window cheat codes isn’t enough to make me doubt that, no matter who they sign.

25 Aug 2020 23:44:35
harveys man bun, agree with you on Giroud. underated and under used.



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