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28 Aug 2020 10:28:48
Everyone getting their knickers in a twist about Mane lol come on, he's not going anywhere, certainly not this year. Enjoy him while we have him, no point in worrying about something that hasn't happened and is very unlikely to happen.

{Ed002's Note - Why do you have such a problem with clubs showing an interest in Liverpool players who are doing well? The pages are full of whining Liverpool fans who clearly don't grasp the situation at all. I have had a load of abuse and there are morons try to ruin every post. It looks so embarrassing.}

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28 Aug 2020 10:38:38
I think the reason is Ed02, that we have always struggled in the past selling our best players. Chelsea sold Hazard and bought in Ziyech, Werner, Pulisic, and Haverzt (Marvellous) while I am sure FSG will sign Harvey Barnes and give to Klopp to turn him to the next Mane. For thirty years we were told it's about the trophies and we wouldn't let players go. Mane is one of the most important players in our side, Vital in the way we are built and set up to play. sentiments aside it will take us into another transition.

{Ed002's Note - FSG do not decide on which players the club signs. This is is something else the supporters seem to struggle with.}

28 Aug 2020 10:39:45
Ed2, when did I say I had a problem? if you're getting stick from other posters then that's bugger all to do with me mate is it.

{Ed002's Note - You have a huge problem with understanding the basic concept of what has happened.}

28 Aug 2020 10:45:16
What is liverpools stance?

we are going to have to cash in on someone at some point but hope its not this year.

{Ed002's Note - Barcelona has not approached Liverpool at this time.}

28 Aug 2020 10:48:44
You have a point there ED02, But apparently other than FSG nobody knows who decides it lol.

28 Aug 2020 10:50:21
We sold Coutinho and brought in VVD and Allison, the transfer policy since Klopp arrived has improved every season.

28 Aug 2020 11:05:38
Torres, Suarez and Coutinho all wanted to leave so why keep them? If Mane wants out then it's up to LFC to get the best price, that's probably one reason why our top players are on long contracts to retain their value.

I have a lot more belief in our recruitment with what I have witnessed over the past 3 years, we seem to have bought well when buying first team players and exciting youth and I will believe with the team that LFC have put together this may continue.

28 Aug 2020 11:17:42
No point crying over something that may or may not happen. Perhaps some on here would prefer us to go back to the years when we were rubbish and only had the odd good player? Like it or lump it the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid are seen by some players as an ultimate destination and it'll be always that way regardless of how the clubs are doing. As Ed002 has said they've been talking to his representatives and nothing official yet.

28 Aug 2020 12:05:51
Is disappointing though isn’t it that we have won the league and champions league back to back and instead of being in for the best players and improving the squad wherever Klopp thinks it needs improving, the talk is about us potentially losing our best players. Salah wants Real Madrid and now potentially Mane wants Barcelona (otherwise why are his representatives talking to them) . I think some of us struggle with this as we are prob better than both those teams at the moment and certainly have a better manager imo so I struggle to understand why anyone want to leave apart from for more cash and the British weather! And it being Mane who I Guess we thought loved being at the club. Like you say though Ed, they are transient employees but I think us fans find it difficult to see some of the players in this way. But we asked you for the ins and outs update Ed and it is a brilliantly detailed update so many thanks for that and gives us something to think about in this break from the footy.

{Ed002's Note - Salah knows he can't get what he wants.}

28 Aug 2020 12:19:12
Torres and Suarez left when the ship was sinking and Phil was a crack to fake an injury to force a move. We have won the league and the CL and am not sure how can't we keep hold of our best player. We are not winning the league again losing a key member. We don't have money to sign and over the top, we will let Mane leave coz FSG will accept a big sum to clear their decks.

28 Aug 2020 12:45:31
Is Mane really our best player?

I'd rate Van Dijk and Salah above him to be honest. He's definitely in our top 5 but he's not so far better than everyone else to just casually claim he's our best player.

Can we just remember that even in their best ever period with a Champions League and 3 successive titles, Man United still lost Ronaldo to Real Madrid. It can happen. Maybe Mane is our best player marginally.

This is the same over reaction happening again. If it's Gini leaving? He's vital to our system. If it's Brewster maybe getting a game? Firmino is vital to our system. Now it's maybe Mane leaving? Oh he is also vital to our system.

Bloody hell. Klopp needs to go from the sounds of things because apparently he's built a team that is balanced on a knife edge and will fall apart without one 11th of the components.

Firmino played LW for Hoffenheim. Maybe he can go out wide and Brewster can go through the middle? Or Minamino just plays on the left? Or we use the money to sign a player Klopp likes such as Dembele, Traore, Brandt, Sarr, Chiesa, Aouar, Fekir, Sancho? Who knows. Chill out.

What a massive over reaction.

28 Aug 2020 13:16:50
Firmino doesn’t have the pace to play on the wings, nor does Minamino, I also remember Rodgers playing Firmino out wide and it did not go well. Point is that Mane is worth 30+ goals a season in goals and assists, that’s what has to be replaced if he goes and the only player you listed that is close to that sort of output is Sancho, and that transfer ain’t happening. But still, unless it happens it’s just idle speculation.

28 Aug 2020 14:47:25

I am sorry mate, At some point, Klopp will give up on the same thing he has been doing for decades. his best players leave and are given peanuts to sign who he wants. he wanted Werner, (No money), He wants Thiago (No money) now he will need to train Harvey Elliot to become a Sadio Mane. I am cent percent sure Klopp wouldn't want to lose Mane.

{Ed002's Note - You clearly don't get the finances.}

28 Aug 2020 14:48:10
You should try to get away from the idea that the player replacing Mane has to do exactly what Mane does to the same standard. Very few do.

Klopp built a system around his best XI. This is a totally different system to the one he had at Dortmund or even the system he played in his first 2 seasons at Liverpool.

All he needs to replace Mane is a good player who he has a plan for, and he'll make it work. They don't need to necessarily match Mane's goal tally, if their presence in the team results in Bobby and Salah scoring 10 more each (for example) . There is always a bigger picture.

28 Aug 2020 14:46:41
Mane's going nowhere this year.

28 Aug 2020 15:08:03
Tyrion, Ed has explained we'll spend what we recoup (less about 25%) .

I'm sure Klopp and the scouts have plenty of players on their shortlist to replace anyone who leaves. I'm only putting out ideas to highlight that there are a lot of solutions. Just let it play out. We know he likes Diego Carlos and Thiago. Didn't work out too bad when we replaced Coutinho with a centre back and a goalkeeper did it.



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