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31 Aug 2020 14:26:11
Yesterday's documentary proves one thing: unless you compete on and off the pitch with the likes of United, Chelsea, Arsenal and City, you fall by the wayside. I get the feeling that without strengthening the squad that's what going to happen this season. United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal will be stronger than Liverpool but as Ed002 has been saying, FSG can now blame C.V..

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31 Aug 2020 14:41:22
Do you ever have anything positive to say mate? The doom and gloom is tiresome 🙄.

I get the feeling we will be challenging at the very top for the 3rd consecutive season 👍.

31 Aug 2020 15:05:56
Lol my word. That is all.

31 Aug 2020 15:12:47
How will United, City, Chelsea and Arsenal be stronger than liverpool? Do you mean financially or something? Because they are miles behind on the pitch.

31 Aug 2020 15:20:22
Hope you're right but I doubt it.

31 Aug 2020 15:28:34
Oh Holy jesus, we finished 33 points ahead of both utd and Chelsea, 43 points ahead of arsenal and instead of waiting until the window is closed to assess our squad you just moan for the sake of moaning. It's actually embarrassing what you've just said vbp. We'll be competing with city for the league again. Some people don't deserve this team.

31 Aug 2020 16:17:28
its a new season, the last 2 years don't matter for this year, there are a lot of teams looking to knock us back, I think it will be a difficult year, hope I am wrong, but we really haven't looked good since Crystal Palace.

31 Aug 2020 16:28:54
I’d rather fall behind for a season or two than get the club in a financial mess. We’ve got a strong squad we’ll be ok for a season at least. If we weren’t strengthening during the next couple of summers and looking stale I’d agree with you.

31 Aug 2020 16:36:49
When you win the title and finish 18 points clear whilst fart arsing around in your remaining 7 games, it would seem a stretch that in a what, 34 day period from the end of last season to the start of the next that 3 or 4 teams would suddenly be stronger than you 🤷‍♂️ Of course it'll be difficult, it was a hard slog last year even when we dominated, Liverpool will be competing.

31 Aug 2020 16:54:31
Yikes, imagine how depressed you would be if we hadn’t won the league and champions league in the last 2 seasons.

31 Aug 2020 17:07:43
Other teams may have strengthened but apart from city no is any where close to us. The amount of negative comments towards our team perplexes me. We should continue to work within a sustainable financial model. Success on the pitch is a result of good decisions off it. Let us not start making bad decisions like buying players we cannot afford to attain onfield success.

31 Aug 2020 17:37:34
Chelsea at 13/ 1 if the sign Havertz is tempting.

31 Aug 2020 17:51:43
vonbp001, please stop being an ITK cos you are not even good at it. Football is not an exact science to quit acting like it is. We did not strengthen last season (not without trying, btw) and every top 6 team outspent us. What happened? We crushed the league like NO team has ever done in English football.

City spent 134. Chelsea spent 40m on Kovacic and Utd spent 20m on Mqguire, Fernandez and AWB. All these teams finished donkey miles ahead of us. Moral of the story? Spending does not mean we will win the PL. Not spending does not mean we won't either.
Chelsea are spending big cos they have players to replace and massive upgrades needed at key positions. Same with these other teams like City, Utd and Spurs.

We are already a settled side with battle-tested, experienced veterans who know how to win games of any type. Should we strengthen if we can? Of course BUT if we cannot then we go with what we have. Enuff with the outdated analogies like "Fergie did this" or "LFC strengthened from a position of strength" crap. If that was the case, how did we pummel City who outspent us last season from a position of strength as PL champs?

31 Aug 2020 18:21:21
Sorry for the typo. I meant"all these teams finished donkey miles behind of us, not ahead of us.

31 Aug 2020 19:04:03
Nail and head RM. Well said mate. Everyone talks as if so and sos new cm guarantees them an extra 10 points, their new striker gets them 20 points. It doesn't mean anything until we've seen them play with their new team mates, for a new manager and in a new city or country.

It looks like utd have got a goodun in Fernandes, but can you remember when they signed pogba, lukaku and then the lad from arsenal (can't believe I've forgotten his name briefly, but it highlights my point! Sanchez! ) oh they were going to be unstoppable and then they had a superstar manager. What did it get them? A europa league (not to be sniffed at) and not much else. There is more than simply the players skill to factor.
At Chelsea for example, last season a lot of youngster were given a shot, and one or two of them did really well imo, but they could lose their places, their hard earned places. And it could sow discourse through the squad. It might work brilliantly. But we don't know. So there's no point in being doom and gloom (spare a thought for Watford fans) when we have just become champions.
We do know a lot about our team though. It's pretty much unchanged in 2 years. (Mino feels like a new signing to me BTW) and we have won the two, possibly three biggest trophies it's possible for us to win. They were good enough a few weeks ago at Palace. Man we were brilliant in that game, when we still had something to play for.

I'm not worried at all. What city, and now us have done in the pl is unprecedented. Getting 90+ points consecutively. It's hard to get to 80 points! It takes more than skill alone. It takes a mentality. As RM said, we have a battle tested team who we KNOW have the right mentality.

The result in the champions shield? A 1 1 draw (if it was a league game) in London. Against a top 6 (theoretically) team? That's not the end of the world.

We start the season at home against newly promoted Leeds. Not easy but a must win for us, and i think we will win and we'll be off. I don't see these boys letting the intensity drop. If anything it goes up imo. The cl success drove us forward, gave us confidence. Next season is the same

It'll be difficult, city are an AMAZING team. But relax a bit - so are we.

31 Aug 2020 19:24:37
It is at first glance warmachine. But the bookies know their business. And that's pretty long odds for the 4th place team. They're long odds because Liverpool and man City are so far ahead of them on the pitch.

31 Aug 2020 22:24:45
Personally I think Chelsea will be our main competitor. They've strengthened well in all areas except keeper.

We have the same team as last year so we will compete again, I seem to remember a lot of people saying - if you don't strengthen when you win a title you fall behind. people said this after winning the champs league.

Then we won the league. When you're already the best team in the world (which we currently still are) you just need to keep your team as is and evolve your style and tactics for all those teams who will have adapted to how you won. Klopp switch to 4231 against arsenal (I believe) is exactly what he's doing.

My two cents probably worth even less than that.

31 Aug 2020 22:33:36
Didn’t Chelsea just beat city Robbiesline without the 4-5 new first teamers!

01 Sep 2020 04:40:16
Norwich also beat City, that doesn’t prove anything.

01 Sep 2020 07:27:25
People have very short memories.

It was not long ago under two complete cowboys we were in a perilous financial position. If FSG need to be prudent to keep us financially stable so be it. They have invested enough to give their manager what he needed to get to three European finals and finish two consecutive league seasons with ridiculously high point finishes. Oh and we finally won the league.

The team hasn’t become worse overnight and you can’t blame a) being on a beach at the end of the season after two really hard years and b) lack of fitness upto this point so far.

We have addressed the glaring issue of a backup left back with what looks to be a very shrewd purchase, again. Minamino is looking much stronger and will be an excellent option this year. We still haven’t really seen the best out of Naby who was getting better and better towards the end of last year. Curtis is going to get more game time. So, probably, will Brewster and Harvey who are both exciting talents.

I would argue the time we will need to spend big is next summer.

{Ed0666's Note - well said mate.

01 Sep 2020 08:13:51
Spot on, Nevada. We are evolving as a team which is another way to improve. People losing their heads over the Arsenal game, conveniently fail to mention how our switch in personnel shut Arsenal down completely as they had NO shots on target and how Minamino ran them ragged and we eventually broke them down.

Aubameyang was shut down by Gomez and they did not get a sniff for 40 odd minutes. That is how good we were an how good our coaching staff is. As for our rivals, they are the ones who need to fix up quick or the chasm btw us and them will increase. Us? We are already a well oiled, battle tested machine made up of veteran players who KNOW how to win. Just slight touches are what we need, not a complete overhaul.

01 Sep 2020 12:29:51
Robbie, I think people are just interested in being right and if the club don't sign who they want (even tho every man and his dog knows the financial situation we are in) then they can come over and gloat, kicking off like "Had we signed Thiago, we would have won the this or that" in other words, rooting for us to fail.

Also, If people think this whole C.V thing is some kind of cop-out for the owners. This happened today. My wife had an appointment to do her hair at the hair dresser's today. Appointment was set last week. She arrives for her appointment today and the place is boarded shut. The notice on the door said that the business is shut downs and hence, employees are out of work. This C. V thing is NO joke and with the way we are run, we cannot afford to risks here.

I understand people feel the way they feel and that is fair BUT people have to feel the way they feel AND recognizing the facts on the ground. Like you said, if anyone can go again and win the league this season under these circumstances, THAT WOULD BE US. We have to do better, man.

If Klopp and this team have taught us anything, it is that they have taught me to fight for my club regardless of circumstances or odds stacked against them. Does Barcelona ring a bell where we were missing 2 of the front three and Robbo lost at half time? Pummeling City last season when they have outspent us 2 to 1 since Klopp arrived?

Let us hope that we can get the players Klopp wants and make us stronger and if we can't then, we give it our best shot with who we have. Now if you are not brave enuff to back our manager and boys in spite of whether we sign players or not even after all the tragedies and obstacles we have risen above to be successful then please, get out of the way so others can do the job.



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