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02 Sep 2020 22:06:28
Ed002.earlier today you stated that LFC's business model cannot cope with the financial losses of the C.V.. With respect you make it sound as if this is an exception not the rule. Being involved in trade unions negotiations with businesses I have yet to meet a business that hasn't been impacted by the C.V.. Football clubs are no different in my opinion unless their owner is prepared to cover costs and transfer fees from his own pocket but I thought this was no longer possible and owners have to provide evidence that cash came from an acceptable revenue source such as sponsorship. Don't mean to be controversial but in my view all business models have to be sustainable. Thanks for your patience Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - The difference is that Liverpool work on an assumption that the end of the season income will cover certain costs - they have been hit very hard by the losses and the owners have been hit far harder than most. It is unrelated to unions and run of the mill businesses - it is an issue with the hand to mouth business model. As I have explained and as the club have explained.}

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03 Sep 2020 03:33:03
I think the easiest Business model to compare Liverpool's relatively unique one to is that of the major live event promoters such Live nation who would operate on a hand to mouth model and have been almost destroyed by C.V.. FSG are sports based and therefore have been affected more by C.V. than someone like Roman who is rich from Oil and Gas and cough cough other alleged sources of income.

{Ed0666's Note - Chelsea are not exempt from FFP. They are cash rich from not only an affluent benefactor but selling players for a shed load of money without spending any of it until now

03 Sep 2020 06:34:51
Chelsea has spent 30 million € more than they made so far and with Havertz around the corner it will take them to over 100 million in the red unless they make some sales. Just don't get why people can't see Mr. Abramovic is just a much better owner than FSG who own other "franchises" that also costs a rubbishload to run. Our success is despite of them not because of them. Klopp deserves a statue!

{Ed0666's Note - how can our success be despite of them when they were the ones that employed klopp? Put you’re dummy back in you’re mouth mate and take pot shots at the owners at the end of the season if it’s warranted. Yes they’ve made some colossus mistakes but they’ve also add us European champs, premiership winners and world champions.

03 Sep 2020 06:35:18
I don't get why people keep bringing up Chelsea. You can simply just look at the amount of players they've sold and the amount they received for those players in the past couple of years to see why they're able to outspend others this window. Not to mention Chelsea have been leagues ahead of us financially and commercially for years and we've been playing catch-up all this time.

03 Sep 2020 06:59:39
I don’t get why people keep comparing us to Chelsea, a team we beat 3 times last season and have achieved 58 more points than over the last 2 seasons. They need to spend a fortune to even get close to us.

03 Sep 2020 06:45:45
Ed0666 It did when Roman first took over Chelsea the first I don’t know how many years he made massive investment into the infrastructure First team and youth squads. The same as city where we have needed to make the money for players ground improvements and new training ground. That’s why I was asking if it was the the club or owners because am not sure how bad the Red Socks have been hit and the owners other investments and even if we did create money it would see some taken out to help there others sports teams.

{Ed0666's Note - FFP was introduced in 2010 or the following year I believe and Roman bought Chelsea in 2003 if memory serves me correctly (I could be wrong). So you’re correct in stating that he had time and limitless money for 7 years to invest in the infrastructure and improve the commercial aspects of CFC. FSG own the RedSox and the Salem redsox (minor league baseball). The MLB has been hit hard financially as usually it’s a 162 game season with packed stadia and now I think it’s a 60 game season which obviously has dire economic ramifications. FSG will have to cut their cloth accordingly in both their soccer and baseball franchises.

03 Sep 2020 07:21:00
162 game season! Is that a game every two days or so or are there many games in a match?

{Ed001's Note - they sometimes play multiple games in a row from my understanding. Like a run of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, then a couple of days off. I just had a quick check to see what they were doing this season with the shortened season and they still have a run of 6 games, 1 each day, then a week off. You have to remember it is not the most physically demanding of sports, so you can play day after day.}

02 Sep 2020 22:55:48
I just don't understand how that business model is sustainable.

03 Sep 2020 07:56:54
Must be hard for the pitcher only I reckon.

{Ed002's Note - Baseball teams typically have 11 pitchers in the squad.}

03 Sep 2020 11:07:21
Chelsea sold Hazard for €115m last summer and also sold the likes of David Luiz, Ola Aina and Micheal Hector which raised over €150m while the only expenditure on player arrival was the signing of Kovacic for €45m.

This* summer they have sold Mario Pasalic (to Atalanta) and also Morata's move to Atletico Madrid was turned permanent for €55m.

So Chelsea have raised significant funds through player sales which easily covers their expenditure till now, before completing 5he Haven't deal. Also they had 30 or something players out on loan last season, many of whom will bring in more funds if sold. So you shouldn't be complaining about their expenditure or criticising the FFP rules I would say.

03 Sep 2020 12:35:09
Can the owners not loan the Thiago fee so we can secure him and then take the money back when we sell Wilson, Gini, Grujic etc, we only missed 5 home games at most so should have enough money in the pot to cover that, the way we are run isn't working, teams need to strengthen, that's a given, we have got away with it as this group were devastated by the CL loss and coming second, now we have won i find it hard to believe, especially with the way we have played since the restart, that they are motivated enough without new players to push them on, I hope im proved wrong, Havertz signing for Chelsea is huge, that boy is next level.

{Ed002's Note - The owners have major financial issues right now but it is possible that they could dip potentially in to the secured facility they have if the club board allow it.}

03 Sep 2020 12:54:28
Cheers Ed.



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