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03 Sep 2020 21:21:01
Why are Liverpool so short on money to spend in comparison to other clubs. Did we not receive 175m for prem league success and new nike deal as well as been one of the biggest clubs in world football.
Champs league and world club winners money also
I don't understand why we need to sell Gini to buy thiago, nor do I understand the rumour that gini is going for 15m but Tiago is 40m
I appreciate C.V. and lack of match day revenue, but posts suggesting no money to spend .

{Ed002's Note - This has been answered repeatedly.}

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03 Sep 2020 21:48:40
OP if you really want to know how LFC have been run under FSG and why we are out of money right now, there is a youtube doc. I just watched called, "Why Don't Liverpool Have Any Money? " Everything is explained.

03 Sep 2020 21:54:16
That £175m you refer to just about covers half the LFC wage bill fella. It’s not prize money, just a share of the TV rights which they’d have budgeted to get the bulk of anyway, I bet City got £170m for coming second (and I’m sure I could check, just too lazy) . There is also the issue of paying back some of the TV money because of C.V. and maybe the impact of that Chinese TV deal that just got canned.

Like most folk, the club have been living ‘hand to mouth’ with their income just about covering all the outgoings hence there is no spare cash. It’s an odd way for businesses to operate but seems to be quite common these days, just ask all the companies who have gone bust because of C.V..

03 Sep 2020 23:11:36
Omg same s**t different day!

04 Sep 2020 00:12:44
Same rubbish every day.

04 Sep 2020 00:18:17
It just proves FSG aren't built too keep a winning team evolving in all circumstances because in these tough times teams are splashing cash and getting stronger whilst we get caught twiddling our thumbs .

{Ed0666's Note - when I was a certain age all my friends had sexy shiny BMX bikes and I had a beat up chopper. I so badly wanted a BMX and begged my parents for one. They couldn’t afford to by me a BMX so I had to make do with the crusty Chopper. Did I think my parents were cheap and mean? Of course I did but did I want them to go into debt because of my whim.
Furthermore FSG bought us as an investment, they got us ridiculously cheap and have pumped a fair few quid into the club to make us winners and fiscally better than the last regime. You cannot blame them as businessmen if they don’t want to compromise their business model and have their investment under perform.
Like them or loath them they are not gonna be Chelsea, PSG or Cityesque owners. The chopper it is I’m afraid.

04 Sep 2020 01:27:57
Please bring back the thumbs down button, maybe it would stop some of these idiotic posts.

04 Sep 2020 04:28:29
the difference in prize money from 1st to 6th is pretty nominal really. From what I understand, the clubs can forecast their revenue based on expected prize money and then invest prior.

04 Sep 2020 05:45:04
People are just not even bother to search and read. eds has been explaining this time and time again yet people keep whining on why Liv don't have money. like everyday there always post asking why Liv don't have money while other team have money. sometimes i really pity eds having to deal with the same rubbish question everyday. thanks for all the eds here for the brilliant job they have done here.

04 Sep 2020 04:33:55
This chopper won the tour de france last year, Ed.

{Ed0666's Note - Touché Gini

04 Sep 2020 07:44:50
People who are homeless don’t have money. Businesses that pay lots of employees thousands and hundreds of thousands of pounds a week have money.

{Ed001's Note - yeah and then you have people like Aubameyang being championed for huge wages in the media even though Arsenal have just made loads redundant. That same media then criticises Ozil for his huge wages even though a massive portion of his earnings go to various charitable causes he supports. They also neglect to mention that when Arsenal asked players to defer wages, he was one of the few that was not asking when he would get the money that was being deferred. His only question was whether the money deferred would be used to keep the low paid staff in work or not. He wanted guarantees that it would be but got no backing from the other players, who were more interested in when they could buy their next gold Lamborghini. No wonder the game is a mess when pricks like Aubameyang are held up as heroes while the Ozils of the world are vilified. Mata is lauded for his commitment to giving a tiny portion away to a charity (which is a good thing) but Ozil gives over half his money away and that is never talked about.}

04 Sep 2020 08:35:42
Spot on that is Ed. The world is a mess. Without going into it too much it’s amazing how the people at the top of these charities are all minted. And don’t get me started on Nhs and front line workers. Perhaps instead of MP’s getting their annual big pay rise this year we should just give them a clap on the doorstep every week.

{Ed001's Note - a friend of mine worked as a fundraising director at a number of top charities, as he was headhunted constantly by them. Really nice guy who truly believed in what he was doing etc but he was paid enough to put both his kids through extremely expensive private schools and retire by the age of 50!

Do MPs even deserve a clap? Most of them barely deserve contempt for their actions, let alone applause. Maybe the clap would be better for them? Oh and a guide to eye testing which doesn't involve driving many miles with small kids in the car....}

04 Sep 2020 08:53:11
Ed001 I actually spat my tea out reading the deserve the clap part 👏😂.

{Ed001's Note - sorry mate, no MP is worth wasting a cuppa over!}

04 Sep 2020 09:23:37
Have we just won the CL and the PL in consecutive seasons - tick
Has the squad been held together and is it capable of challenging for honours again - tick

Why would anyone think FSG is doing a bad job is beyond me. yes there are always things we might do slightly different ourselves but it's not a video game, and I'd far rather they didn't spend ridiculous sums and threaten the future livelihood of the club with excess debt in this economic environment.

04 Sep 2020 12:17:52
Bloody hell! arsenal don't deserve Ozil!

04 Sep 2020 13:13:51
Spot on, Ed01. I don't see the media destroying Arsenal for sacking 50 plus workers just to give Auba his wages and sign Willian and Gabriel, the same way LFC got completely slaughtered for trying to furlough employees by using a tax loophole. I wonder why?

As for Ozil, it is typical of the media. They bring down who they want to bring down. It is the nature of the beast and I thank Ozil for not giving two flips of the coin about his current state at Arsenal and making Arsenal suffer to pay him exactly what he earned.

I saw some in the media saying that Ozil should do what is best for the club and cancel his contract. And why the heck should he do that? Half that money is for charity so they should see that as him taking a pay cut. The fact that people think Auba (a real piece of work, just go ask Dortmund) is getting hailed as some role model is a testament to our current levels of morality in this society.

{Ed001's Note - I just don't understand why the media have it in for Ozil. It can't be to do with his friendship with Erdogan, as they hated him before that became a known thing.}

04 Sep 2020 15:37:11
Ed01, you know there needs to be a villain for the media to attack and bring down. I mean, Arsenal have been a shambles for easily a decade now and since they cannot blame Wenger for contributing to it, they had to find someone to blame. Blame Ozil for everything bad happening at Arsenal. They just used the Erdogan link to attack him politically esp. since Ozil was being criticized in Germany for that already.

Same with the German team after the WC. Someone had to take the blame for Germany's shambolic performance so who did they blame? Ozil, cos he was hanging out with Erdogan while we al know Leow was the main culprit. I recall as well that Gundogan was hanging out with Erdogan as well during that time BUT I don't recall him being destroyed in the media like Ozil was.

That is why I like that Ozil seems to not be bothered anymore and I hope he will stick Arsenal for every penny they owe him cos NOBODY put a gun to their heads to give him those serious wages. That is what they thought he was worth and he took the deal. Time for Arsenal to pay up, shut up and stop crying about it in the media to force him out.

{Ed001's Note - it does feel like he has had enough and is just sitting at home sticking two fingers up at everyone. Good on him as he is not letting it affect his charitable contributions while doing so.}



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