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08 Sep 2020 13:22:38
Ed001 what's your thoughts on Brewster do you see us letting go for £20m I find that a bit strange. After a good loan for the second half of the season in the championship and clubs wanting him on loan in the premier league a good loan could see his value sky rocket.

{Ed001's Note - he had a good loan spell but he doesn't really fit the way we play. It might just be best for everyone to let him go and make the most of his career. We shouldn't always be thinking about how to make the most money, we should be thinking about how best to help a young lad make the most of his talent too.}

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08 Sep 2020 13:36:41
I agree ed. Let the lad move on use the funds to sign a player that suits our system. But be sure to have a buy back clause.

08 Sep 2020 13:40:19
Jordan Ibe, Ben Woodburn, Jon Flannagan, Jay Spearing, Dani Pacheco, Thiago Ilori, Dominic Solanke, Bobby Duncan, Rhian Brewster.

08 Sep 2020 13:47:14
Excuse my ignorance ed1 but what do you nean he does not fit the way weplay?

{Ed001's Note - we play with the runs into the box coming in from out with the wide forwards Mane and Salah making them. If you put Brewster in there, he would be making those runs and so the space that Mane and Salah attack is no longer there, he would be and so would the centre-backs. Right now we have Bobby in the centre, he drops off and draws the attention of the centre-backs or even draws them out to close him down. When that happens Mane and Salah can cut in on the run and are moving so fast that a defender is left at a disadvantage trying to chase them from a standing start or even having to reverse direction altogether from following Firmino. Brewster is not really all that good at dropping off and linking play, he doesn't have the touch to do it. Instead he is best making the runs in behind. So we would either need to change the way Salah and Mane play or the way he plays for it to fit together.}

08 Sep 2020 14:01:17
The way I look at it is very simple. He's a long way off being a regular starter for us which is delaying his career. I think I can speak for everyone here by saying, I would love for him to be huge for liverpool because he certainly has the potential, problem is, he isn't going to be a first team starter anytime soon. If we can cash in on him it's good for us whilst we're in need of the money and good for his career. Should he move, I wish the lad the very best of luck.

08 Sep 2020 14:00:28
ed001 I get what your saying helping him but £20m for a 20 year old with his potential seems far to low. I think he could play a big part for us this season if given the chance I thought are front 3 was very waste full at times last season I think we won 14 games by one goal and at the end of the season when you look at the Burnley game, A season with a bit of bad look could see a lot of them wins turn to draws. I think a forward that knows where the goal is can be priceless.

{Ed001's Note - I understand what you are saying, but he deserves better than being a late sub to rescue results.}

08 Sep 2020 14:11:30
Thanks ed. errr that's just what i thought.

{Ed001's Note - except you would probably have described it better I am sure.}

08 Sep 2020 14:17:03
I hate getting too focussed on numbers but for me its all comparative.

Callum Wilson is 28 and just been sold for £20m. Given, he is a premier league quality striker, but he hasn't played well over the last 12 months and there are question marks over his injury record.

Next is Ollie Watkins - £33m for a 24 year old championship level striker!

For me, if we are to sell Brewster I would hope we would get more in this market, especially when compared to those two chappies I mentioned above.

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - those two have proven themselves over a period of time. Brewster has had one good half season on the back of an extremely serious long term injury. Yes he has more potential then either of those two, but in this market actual is worth more than potential. They are paying for results on the pitch now, not in a couple of years' time.}

08 Sep 2020 14:17:38
Good commentary - agree 100% Ed and it’s why Minamino is the primary sub for Firmino rather than Origi who’s the more natural striker.

I like the idea of keeping Brewster but then it would probably mean selling Origi for a wide forward and using Brewster sparingly for when we change systems which may not be the plan.

Talented kid though, I hope we go for another loan instead.

{Ed001's Note - agreed.}

08 Sep 2020 14:20:17
I dunno, Ed, I admit I can only go off highlights because I didn't watch Swansea play this season, which obviously can never tell the whole story, but he seemed like he had more in his locker than trying to run off the defender when he was playing for them. Seemed to pull into wide areas and alternate dropping into the hole with Ayew during the build up to quite a few of their goals.

I appreciate part of this might have been down to him being slightly too good for the level he was playing at, but he looks to have the potential to fit into our system with a bit of work. Obviously not as a replica of Firmino's style, but I think he could work reasonably effectively with Salah and Mane, whilst at the same time being able to offer more of a threat in the box personally when games required it. I'd hate to let him go without giving him a decent try at it, he's got quality. But at the end of the day, Klopp and Co see him training every day and I don't.

Maybe the biggest obstacle for Brewster's career at Liverpool is Minamino, who looks to have slotted in as the alternative option to the established front three following his pre-season form.

{Ed001's Note - I watched a fair bit due to putting a profile of him together and he did alternate with the wingers and drop off a fair bit, but I think you have hit the nail on the head there. He was at a level where it made him look better. He needs to be in the box really, he doesn't strike the ball well enough to threaten from outside it and he is too weak on the ball to shield it and bring others into play. He doesn't have the best of touches or the skill to draw players in and then put the ball into space. What he does well, Premier League level, is get on the end of balls into the box, everything else in his game was not yet ready. I would have no problem keeping him, I think he can grow into an excellent striker and improve his all round game (in particular he needs to be stronger on a press and stop shirt grabbing). However we would need to adapt our style of play to get the most out of him, so we are talking about a long term change, not something for next season.}

08 Sep 2020 14:28:47
Agreed on your points Ed. that's a good way to look at it. Although for me the "English" and "young" factor should definitely impact his price as well (although that is mostly just my wishful thinking so that Liverpool can get as good a deal as possible! ) .

If he does go, I hope we use the money well. I guess if we manage to sell Brewster, Gini and Gruijic then in theory we may have enough funds for Thiago>? A lot of ifs in that scenario though.

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - aren't Watkins and Wilson both English?}

08 Sep 2020 14:56:17
Would definitely loan him instead of selling him. its not as if Mane, Mo nd Firmino have the next ten years ahead of them at the club, all are nearing 30 over the next year or two. And with the likes of Elliott coming through on the right we could change the way we play anyway.

08 Sep 2020 15:04:18
Interesting stuff Ed. I never saw Dalglish play - would he be something similar to Firmino?

{Ed001's Note - to a degree yes. He was especially clever as a player but he was particularly adept at holding off opponents with his arse. It was a running joke about him having the biggest backside in the game as no one could get round it to get the ball.}

08 Sep 2020 15:21:15
Ed001 after lockdown I watched as many Swansea games as I could just to see him. And though he might have been playing in the championship and a level above that I did not think much to the Swansea team he was playing in and with better players around him will help him. His touch and things might need to improve but I all ways thought Owens touch and left foot was not the best but he did ok. And as much as I love Firmino he has been awful in front of goals am not sure how many league goals he scored but he was right near the top for shots on goal so a bit of pressure on him might do he the world of good. I all so can’t see why all 4 could not play Brewster Salah and Mane as the front 3 and Firmino behind them just seen Bayern play the same sort of way and there wide player seem to make them outside in runs with lewandowski upfront and he does nearly all his work in and around the box. As for Minamino he looks like he is going to play more as an attacking midfielder more than a forward.

{Ed001's Note - Owen was not that good though, massively overrated player. I want better than him, he had a shocking conversion rate, worse than Firmino's, he just had 50 chances a game laid on a plate for him. Ok that's an exaggeration but he wasn't as special as the English media liked to make out.

We don't play the same style as Bayern or in the same league. You can't just do what they do, as Klopp found out when he came here and tried to implement the same things that worked at Dortmund. He had to adapt to suit the league.}

08 Sep 2020 15:47:15
JH, I agree with Ed01 here. I would have loved Brewster to stay with us as well BUT If he does not fit the way we play and won't do so for a while, why send him out on loans that are unreliable for the most part then, why keep him?

It is no point doing so cos he has tasted first team football at Swansea and smashed it for half a season. Maybe he is no longer interested in doing loans anymore if he knows there is no path to getting playing time in the first team right now. If we need to replace Bobbie or any one of the front 3, there are players out there we can get to do the job. Isn't that why we have arguably the best scouting team in the PL at scouting players who outperform their actual worth?

As Ed01 said, we have to do what is best for the lad. If he thinks he cannot get what he wants here and we feel like he cannot do the job the way Bobbie does it that allows Mane and Salah to flourish then why bother? Let the kid go and realize his career somewhere else.

08 Sep 2020 15:49:50
I think he'd be a good option to have myself, I get that he's not strictly perfect for our system but he's a young lad and could adapt, what if he got it and became undroppable? I get what ED01 is saying like but it just seems such a shame if we don't even try him.
Also agreed on Owen, Fowler was far superior in my book.

08 Sep 2020 15:51:18
yeah I get that the Bundesliga is not the premier league but at home against teams that sit back with 10 players behind the ball I see no trouble in playing them 4 and when Klopp first come that back 4 and goal keeper was pretty awful and them 4 up top with Henderson and Fabinho in midfield I would not see many teams outscoring us. And Baynern did just play that was in the Champions league as well ed. Maybe its just me wanting to see another one of the kids get a chance and till he does ed nobody knows how his going to do.
Anyway Roll on Saturday let's just get off to a good start in the league and put the pressure on everybody again.

{Ed001's Note - that Champions League was a special case, it is not really a good comparison as half the teams were not playing regular football. I like Brewster, I like to see youngsters get a go, but they have to fit the team to do so unless they are Fowler-level. He is not Fowler-level or close to it, so it is up to him to adapt.}

08 Sep 2020 17:11:29
I think it’s a balancing act, if someone is willing to offer £20m then I would take it, invest and as ed001 said let the boy play regularly. However, if the interest isn’t there I think he would be a great addition to the squad and offers something slightly different to what we have.

In a few years he may make us look silly but if the interest is genuine at those figures we can get what we need now. Similar to what Chelsea have done with some of their youngsters in the past.

Yes they have looked silly but if the players stuck around they probably wouldn’t be at the levels they are at now.

08 Sep 2020 17:26:10
Are we going to play the same style forever? Is klopp going to be staying forever? Brewster is a young lad who i think deserves a chance. He hasn't had the opportunity to drop off and link the play with quality players. Anytime I watched Swansea last season they either didn't have much possession or else passed it round there backline most of the time. If he had been dropping deep he would have got slated. Playing for a team like that all they want from you is goals. Also if salah and mane are as good as all liverpool fans think they would be just fine.

{Ed001's Note - "Also if salah and mane are as good as all liverpool fans think they would be just fine." - what on earth is that meant to mean? If you take the best player in the world and then stop him from doing what makes him best you think he would just be fine? What a silly thing to say.}

08 Sep 2020 17:45:41
Under a post about paisley you said about how great players are able to adapt so I mean with them being great players they could adapt. Also there is a lot more to there game than just running in behind. Manes link up play with Robertson is brilliant.

{Ed001's Note - adapt is not the same as changing everything they do, I said adapt to the game's circumstances, not play a totally different style of play. Yes Mane's link up play is excellent, but the space for that to happen is created by teams backing away to stop him running in behind them.}

08 Sep 2020 17:48:42
Would we replace him or put money into the Gini replacement? I'd be wanting at least 30 million for him or just loan him to a premier league club and if he performs sell him then with a higher profit. 20 million seems like pocket change these days. Get rid of Wilson etc by selling at realistic prices. All seems a bit backwards.

08 Sep 2020 19:13:28
Dalglish was brilliant with his back to goal; strong with an incredible touch. He and Rush were superb together.
One of my favourite ever goals was Rush against Watford about 1982.
The King gets a long ball just inside their half, he changes direction with his first, sublime touch; completely bamboozling their centre half. His next touch is a delightful 30/ 40 yard, cross field pass inside the other centre half to Rushie and you know the rest.
Have a look on YouTube; it might be on there.

08 Sep 2020 19:31:03
If the rationale for selling is that he doesn't fit now then I would find that amazingly short sighted. I've been saying all summer that he should go on loan, purely because he is good enough to start for a championship team and that would be better than sitting on our bench.
I hope we go that way and develop him into the striker we need over time. In a lower level league he can do some of the things we want, and he needs more time to develop that maturity and experience to apply in the PL.

08 Sep 2020 19:57:02
DW-YNWA, Klopp will not be here forever BUT he will b here for the next 4 years and his system IS his system. Players are going to have to adapt to it and he will help them get there and if we need to evolve the system like we do every season then we will.

Till then, his way goes and if Brewster is not seen as one who can adapt to the system and Brewster does not have to hang around for loans or sit on the bench then what can you do? Keep him against his will? If Brewster wants to go then he should be allowed to go esp. if we think he has no future here. Hard to take but the reality, is the reality.

08 Sep 2020 20:56:03
Fair points red meister but I just wouldn't want to sell him because he can't play in are system. He's never played in it so how do we know? Its not like we have to buy him and then find out he can't play are system. He's already are player so why not give his a try. But klopp has made plenty of good decisions so far so I trust he will make the right decision.



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