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09 Sep 2020 08:53:43
Eds and fellow a Reds,

Since we are closing out a round of international games, thought I might pop a question surrounding that.

In your opinion, what's a more difficult managerial job - to manage a club or country?

On one hand, the club managers are scrutinized regularly and are under constant pressure, but to their benefit they have the luxury of training the team first hand for a prolonged period, while also being able to play a string of games for a sustained period to turn things in their favor.

On the other side, the country managers although do not have the luxury of training and playing too many games to get the perfect team combo, they do have the luxury to observe and analyze things with time on their side. They are also not subject to constant scrutiny over short periods, but a single tournament can decide their fate.

I am going to take a slightly unpopular opinion here and say, to me a Country Managers job looks a slight bit more difficult because they have to rely heavily on getting their tactics and strategy right without having the luxury to train the players and have them gel and bond as a cohesive unit.

What are your thoughts?

{Ed001's Note - well neither is actually management, they are both head coaching roles. So it is clearly club, as you might have to deal with players who don't want to be there, unhappy with contracts etc. National team managers just have to put together a team shape and coach the players that they have, who all want to be there.}

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09 Sep 2020 09:43:05
Defffo clubs as you can see managers like Southgate
McLaren Strachan etc who were all pants with the clubs but had some success with managing the national teams.

09 Sep 2020 11:04:04
McClaren and Strachan both had success in club management, they certainly weren't pants tbf.

09 Sep 2020 09:32:31
ed001 Southgate could make any job look hard. I watched England last night and I think that is the worst I have ever seen England play but the medias love affair with Southgate seem to see him get no stick. I don't know how you can have a squad with 4 right backs and no left backs and when they ask him he said there is none. I mean just of the top of my head there is Brandon Williams, Ryan Bertrand, Aaron Cresswell and Bukayo Saka all would offer more than Trippier did there.

{Ed001's Note - spot on mate. And how could he not keep tabs on two new kids in the squad in the team hotel? They should have been closely monitored and senior pros should have been tasked with taking them under their wing and integrating them into the squad. The guy is clueless.}

09 Sep 2020 11:51:41
I always wondered how Southgate got the job and someone like clough could never get a sniff
Eventually Lampard will be England manager or gerrard

09 Sep 2020 12:10:35
I've been asking about that exact thing since the story broke, Ed001.
If you're going to room the two newest, youngest kids together you keep in regular contact with them and ask your senior players to do the same.
Ok the England squad is pretty devoid of responsible adults. I mean Slab-head's not exactly a good role model for Greenwood, and we all know why he wasn't there. But Kane is supposed to be a captain and Walker knows Foden as clubmates.

{Ed001's Note - Walker and Foden have already been in trouble for breaking the rules, which makes it all the more important they should be watching them.}

09 Sep 2020 13:09:49
Ed01. if Walker is such a right bell off the pitch then, who is watching him? Do we need to babysit him as well as the other young players? Southgate should have read him the riot act at the time but he didn't. His fault.

Foden prolly saw Walker do the same thing bringing women into his home for a good time during lockdown and thought well, I can do it too so we cannot be expecting more from teenagers while their senior, more experienced counterparts are not leading by example. I blame Southgate for this one, hands down.

Were this under Klopp or any manager who knew his stuff n commanded the respect of the players, Foden and Greenwood or even Walker for that matter, would not have even dreamed of breaking the rules cos they know they would be severely punished for it. Southgate is a toothless paper tiger and the players know it hence, they fell they can mess up and getaway with it, IMO.

{Ed001's Note - the players are responsible too, but Southgate, and the England set up as a whole, have to accept they are also to blame for this. He picked players who had already broken lockdown rules previously and put one of them with another young kid. Surely they should have been mixed in with older players, ones who would be a good influence? It is just like being back in the 70s, when players were just thrown in and left to sort it out between themselves. England should be ahead of the game, not lagging 50 years behind.}

09 Sep 2020 14:13:36
Spot on, Ed. Look at France, for example. Yann M'Vila and others were acting up while on duty with the national team and got binned. The guy never smelt the national team again. Now, I am not saying young players should be binned forever BUT they have to know the consequences of their actions and how they can hurt the team and their chances of having a national team career.

In England as you say, they just seem to be winging it like putting your kids together with sharp objects and expecting them to figure things out on their own with no supervision. If this was Deschamps with the French team, Foden and Greenwood can forget seeing the national team for a serious moment.

09 Sep 2020 14:58:41
LOL I forgot about Walker and his hookers. Why did I even mention him? haha keep him AWAY from the young players. Never heard about Foden breaking lockdown. Seems like quite the little muppet then. So yeah, obviously don't room him with Greenwood. Put him with Kane so he can be bored to sleep every night. Greenwood with Sterling or sb.
Just shows what a level-headed young man Trent is. Glad that's over and he and Joe are coming home.

09 Sep 2020 17:03:47
JM with that in mind, I would not hire Walker to mow my lawn.

09 Sep 2020 17:48:35
What about the personal side though ed01 mate? National coaches deal with an unbelievable amount of grief if they're unsuccessful. Not just grief, it's like venomous hate. And only one manager can be successful every 2 years.

{Ed001's Note - so do club coaches, so do players, so does everyone in the public eye and lots not in the public eye. Most of it is bile spouted on social media, so they are unlikely to see it anyway. I just don't see how it is any worse for a national coach than any other team.}



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