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09 Sep 2020 14:54:26
"In football, the result is an impostor. You can do things really, really well but not win. There's something greater than the result, more lasting - a legacy. "

-Xavi Hernandez, Barcelona and Spain, 2011.

I think this is a great quote that even Klopp based on some of his statements, believes in. I tend to believe it as well. The journey is sometimes greater than the result, whatever it is.

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09 Sep 2020 16:56:30
Yeah, but Xavi won a few things too; so it sounds good. better than say, Mark Noble saying it. or Andy Carrol?

09 Sep 2020 17:34:13
I hate this modern mentality that if you lose a game you were not the better team. A team can have 70% possession but lose 1 0 to a set piece for example, and the pundits call the winning manager a master of tactics, despite the fact that the dominant team had 4 shots that missed by millimetres.

Amazing how many games we won last season. We really were incredible. Its obvious that many fans have either taken it for granted or forgotten about it when they say we definitely won't win it this time and may even struggle for top 4.

We were absolutely out of this world last term. Some point to the fact that we won a lot by only 1 goal. As if that proves something. When in fact many teams would have walked away with a draw. We are not only brilliant technically and tactically, but we are unbelievable mentally too. (showed that in the 4 0 Barcelona win the season before) and for this reason I really think we will be on top again this time next year. If not a close 2nd to city (also brilliant mentality {and skill})

Our champions league win is also testament too the amazing mental strength of this team. Look how cl defeat affected spurs.

{Ed025's Note - "if not a close 2nd to city"!!!!, a bid defeatist that robbie, if i was a red i would be saying we will win it again and maybe by even more points mate..

09 Sep 2020 18:03:20
I don’t think it’s not the better team, but when teams play Liverpool city and others to a degree they know they have to play a certain way to get a result. Usually that way is low set, counter attack or sneak a goal at a set piece. If the bigger team plays well, the other team usually needs a bit of luck.

But if you defend well and are organised I don’t think that means they played badly, they played well in their tactics. You might not have been attacking and played attractive football, but played well otherwise. I think the difference is when they say they played well, it’s referring to the possession and attacking intent and to some degree style. A lot of time city would have had ‘played well’ because they passed the ball around a lot, created a few chances but lost, but I’d argue that’s rubbish. They also conceded and couldn’t score.

09 Sep 2020 18:16:06
On a separate note, how do you feel about your team shaping up @ED025? With Ancelotti at the Helm and the fact that they have made a few decent signings already, I think they could be fighting for top 4 just like what Leicester did last season.

{Ed025's Note - i would like to think so das but im a realist, yes i believe we have bought well and im happy with the midfield now, but there is a long way to go before we are dining at the top table mate..

09 Sep 2020 18:34:49
Ed025. We beat City easily this season but they're still an amazing team. I can't believe they didn't win the champions league this year. They're so good you just can't write them off imo.

And they look to be strengthening more than us, although they need to more than us.

Alot of fans seem worried by Chelsea utd and to a lesser extent arsenal! I'm not. But I don't think you can say "it's definitely ours" with a team like city to compete with. I believe we'll win it. If i were given a million pound bet it would go on liverpool.

Not defeatist just realist.

Good signing the Watford lad ed025. Must be pleased. Do you fancy you'll finish above the wolves and Sheffield utds of World? I do.

{Ed025's Note - we have a chance to robbie and i think carlo is leading us in the right direction, but we wont become a quality side overnight mate..

09 Sep 2020 19:16:20
I agree with you ed025 I think we are strong favourites this year, city will be second, and I suspect the gap will be similar again or slightly less.
Bar injuries or a complete capitulation of form this Liverpool side is Second to none right now, at least in the prem, that Bayern side looks pretty good right now. But yeah, City have a rebuilding job and even if the replacements they get are top class I believe Pep and his reluctance to play in any other way than he does normally will be the difference as I believe he’s been found out now.

{Ed025's Note - i think liverpool are miles ahead of city as well mikey..

09 Sep 2020 19:59:53
Robbie, I fully agree with you as well. I hate this pathetic mentality that you must suck just cos you lots a game or a final. I always scuffed at this idea of Klopp being called a loser cos he lost 6 finals or some crap like that.

I mean, how can someone be called a loser for getting into the final dance so to speak, by fans whose teams were not even good enuff to even participate? Do you know how hard it is to make two CL finals back to back or make a EFL and EL final in one season like Klopp did with us? IMO, They do it cos they are jealous of how successful say Klopp for example, has been to get to those finals and wish their teams could do the same.

For me, the journey is just as important and Klopp said something once that stuck with me. He said, "Managers coach 25 years without ever being champion. If you are only happy when you are champion then, that is a sad life". My sentiments, exactly.

09 Sep 2020 20:07:01
I think you’ve made a few decent signings there ed025 and who knows, you might even be able to sneak into the top half this season 😉😂.

{Ed025's Note - we will need a keeper and a CF for that to happen cheeky git.. :)

09 Sep 2020 20:55:32
We are talking about a guy who blew a 3-0 halftime lead in the champions league final. Scared for life.

09 Sep 2020 21:04:00
James is a disaster waiting to happen Ed025, he won’t know what hit him when the PL starts.
I don’t know with Everton, absolutely all over the place.
You don’t know what sort of football you want.
You’ll all be moaning like hell by Xmas wait and see.

{Ed025's Note - pint of bitter fot the juicer, cant you just be happy for your neighbours?, just because your lot aint got a pot to piss in thats not our fault mate..

09 Sep 2020 22:12:11
Actually Ed I think you will find Liverpool have acquired plenty of pots to piss in over the past couple of years.

{Ed025's Note - yes they have thunderbird, but now i hear they are starting a go funding page on facebook and the players are using foodbanks, but im sure if you ask mr moshiri nicely he will toss the odd coin into your begging bowls mate...after all we are the peoples club..

09 Sep 2020 22:36:41
Oh come on juicer. Rodriguez is a good player. If you can play for real Madrid the most successful team on the planet, I'm pretty sure you'll be okay at Everton (that's not a dig ed025).

I understand you being a bit cagey with your expectations ed025, especially after the false start when you guys spent a fortune on gilfy (I still think there's a player there tbh) Jordan and some others. But it is possible for a team to go up a level in one summer. Look at Leicester.

I know calvert Lewis is loved by media and fans but he's not a good enough striker for a team with high expectations (europa league and further) imo. I just don't see what others seem to. Do you know if Everton are looking for a striker?

{Ed025's Note - we are being linked with lazano of napoli robbie so yes we are in the market mate, i think moshiri put his hand down the side of the couch and found £25m he did,nt know he had.. :)

10 Sep 2020 00:03:44
Ed025, i've had your boys pencilled in for 7th place on my league table prediction. Allan is a hell of a signing. He is one of the most under rated midfielders in Europe and he'd start for at least 18/ 20 Prem teams, and maybe even Liverpool and City too. I'm not sure how Ancelotti has pulled that one off to be honest.

{Ed025's Note - hes someone we have needed for a long time HMB, him and dacoure should bring that bit of steel we are desperate for and im now looking forward to the new season mate..

10 Sep 2020 00:42:06
Bit ironic calling yourselves the people’s club whilst bragging about being bankrolled by a billionaire.

{Ed025's Note - billionaires are people as well thunderbird #billionaire lives matter.. :)

10 Sep 2020 07:03:01
If that happens ed025, well I'd be quite excited if I were you mate. Even without you've gone up a level on paper.

I thought you'd signed the Burnley lad that scored the worldie against utd!

11 Sep 2020 20:24:59
A team with Kdb, sterling, aguero, mahrez silva and ederson doing a rebuild? I don't think they need a rebuild, just a top class cb and another wc midfielder.

Even their squad players would walk into 99% of teams. Players like jesus and gundersplat

If city played in another league they'd probably be my second team. I love the way they play football. It means they can buy players like ake for 40 odd million. Because he won't have to defend very much, just pass the ball out which he can do very well. I like the relentless attacking football and how they utilise every square foot of the opposition half. I hate saying all this because they are our rivals, but I'm trying to be objective.

And although I said they have a great mentality, it doesn't compare with ours imo. They were the best team left in the champions league going onto the last 8 and they were sunk by lyon. A team they would beat 8 times out of 10.

You have to be brave to beat them. Teams tend to panic when they get the ball and try a long ball or nearly always play it forward. You need to get at them but in a controlled way. coz they are nowhere near as good at defending as they are attacking.

Im surprised Kdb won the player of the year. Maybe not surprised he won it but surprised Hendo didn't. I think perhaps Kdb was better after the break and people kind of forgot how fantastic Hendo was from game 1. Because Hendo was not only excellent going forward (like kev) he was excellent defensively and he was an unbelievable driving force, pushing us to those 1 goal victories.

Hendo's season was so good I have put him in the same bracket as Gerrard for lfc cms. Something I thought would never happen.



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