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13 Sep 2020 05:53:58
Ok Ed0666 if you say so. Having 22 shots on goal and scrapping a win thanks to 2 penalties at home against a promoted team backs up what I am saying - don’t know what game you were watching. WE NEED A PROPER STRIKER. On another day we drop 2 points.

{Ed0666's Note - ok I’ll bite. So you think a front 3 that have scored circa 250 combined goals for Liverpool need changing? The same front three that are in their peak years? The same front three that are considered the best attacking triumvirate in world soccer? So let’s play Nulty which striker within reason taking into account we have very little money and knowing that a striker would find it hard to break into the attack because of the established Mane, Salah and Bobby Would you sign?

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13 Sep 2020 06:50:45
Argh. Go play your games then.

They are a bunch of humans. So what'd you expect? Perfect every single game?

Yeah I get it. Its all about opinions, freedom to talk, and whatever. But arguments without proper basis, and based on one single game?

Argh! Sorry folks. I have to let it out. Its been inside of me for quite some time. Im okay now.

{Ed025's Note - ....and breathe..

13 Sep 2020 06:53:07
It’s become basically a front two plus Bobby. Salah and Mane are the difference makers and Firmino contributes less and less. In front of goal he has no confidence what so ever. This season it will hurt us unless he can sort his issues out. Firmino was 3 yards out, keeper to beat and yet still pulls it back to a Leeds player.
Last season he missed 20ish one on ones where he just had the keeper to beat it can’t go on like this. You can see it effecting his overall game.

{Ed025's Note - you are not allowed to criticise saint bobby mark, hes the cog that makes the machinery work, the nuts and bolts of this well oiled machine, the creme de la creme of the liverpool magi, how dare you question the special one?....your spot on mate he has under achieved for a while now imo but im sure the tinted glasses brigade will be on your case very shortly to put you in your place, the fact that as a striker he cant hit a bulls arse with a banjo makes no difference apparently...spend your 40 pieces of silver wisely my friend.. :)

13 Sep 2020 07:00:02
“scrapping a win thanks to 2 penalties at home against a promoted team backs up what I am saying”

The level of arrogance and self entitlement is unreal.

How dare Leeds play some really good football and give us a game eh.

How poor do we have to be for a “promoted” team to nearly get a point at anfield eh.

On another day. it could have been six or seven. Or On another day. we could have kept a clean sheet if we defended properly.

As for Bobby it’s not even worth arguing about if you don’t understand how his role is vital to the system we play.

13 Sep 2020 07:05:01
I do believe we need another option, if plan a isn't working someone to change the system. Question is who and would they be within our budget.
Was it Enistien that said doing the same thing over and over and not getting a different result is insainaty?

13 Sep 2020 07:32:32
Your on top form for 7.30am Ed. Like your good self on here I am used to the criticism, most of it I get from ed001, ha.

{Ed025's Note - i get it from him as well mark..

13 Sep 2020 08:36:15
I thought we had another opinion poisitvewalter he’s name is Minamino.

13 Sep 2020 09:17:39
Tbh I have been saying for a while we need to get a proper alternative to firminho
And if we can’t buy one then how about putting mane central and Minamino on the left
Sometimes bobby just looks short of confidence
But he is class and will come good again deffo.

13 Sep 2020 10:52:44
Salah gets a hat trick- but we need a striker?

13 Sep 2020 07:45:06
Selective stats there Ed. Firmino got 9 goals last season - 9. Didn’t say the front three needed completely changed, I said we need a proper striker. I’m pointing out that 22 shots at goal and having to rely on 2 penalties is a concern and Firmino doesn’t score enough goals. The amount of chances that were missed yesterday meant that Leeds were always in the game, it should have been out of site. Firmino gets himself into decent positions then tries to pass or do something fancy instead of smashing the ball at goal. I don’t have the answer who we should have signed - that’s why Liverpool have a scouting network. Not every signing needs to be mega money hence why the scouts need to earn their money. Are you seriously telling me that having 22 shots on goal (and it’s not just this game) and not being out of sight is not a concern? 22 shots . By the law of averages you are bound to score - especially with 2 penalties. Take off your red coloured glasses and look at the game and the stats. On another day we drop points.

{Ed0666's Note - How are my stats selective when they prove my point? We have scored an absurd amount of goals over the last few seasons with the current front three who are the envy of the world. Any club on the planet would literally break rules to have Mane, Salah and Bobby. Yes Bobby may not be a prolific goal scorer but can you soberly tell me you want to replace him. Ask any coach and team mate and they will sing eulogies about him. So what we had 22 shots on goal and scored four. On another day we’ll score a few more.

I bow to you’re soccer knowledge but I bow longer to Klopps soccer IQ and rejoice he’s making the decisions and not you.

Yes we could do with a handy striker that scores goals but finding one that will be a sub and fit into our system is a different story.

14 Sep 2020 07:19:57
Hang on, we let in 3 goals, and our striker (Salah) scored so many goals that we STILL won. But you think the problem was he only scored 3, not 6? The problem yesterday was that our midfield was bypassed without a natural holding midfielder added to the fact Hendo hadn't played in months. Throw in a couple of individual errors at the back (Gomez running into Trent for their first, Virgil passing it straight to Bamford for their second) and that is why we scraped a win.

Any team that scores 4 goals shouldn't being winning by a narrow margin. The defence need to look at themselves. Alisson and Virgil both gifted Arsenal goals at the back end of last season, City put 4 past them with their second string attack out, Atletico scored 3 at Anfield, Chelsea scored 3 at Anfield and now Leeds have scored 3 at Anfield.

This isn't something we need signings to fix. That same back 4 was the best in the world 12 months ago. This is Van Dijk needing to be the £70m player and leader at the back that we paid for. Ryan Babel said a few years ago that he knew Virgil's weakness and then he went on the score by capitalising on Van Dijks over confidence when a ball drops over his shoulder. Well it's just happened again with Bamford so maybe Babel wasn't just talking trash. Virgil needs to stop acting like he's imperious at times and just put his damn laces through the ball.

Trent missed the whole pre-season and then had to spend a week learning nothing with Southgate so i'll allow his performance. Gomez was a disaster for their first and third goals though. Trent was tracking Harrison and would've got a block in until he had to avoid Gomez who had completely missed Harrison and nearly cleaned out Trent. Then on the third goal Gomez was 6 yards deeper than Virgil playing them onside, before turning his back on the shot.

How on earth you can blame the strikers for yesterday is astonishing. Salah especially was the best player not just on the Anfield pitch, but in any of the 4 games i watched yesterday. That was the Salah who scored 40+ goals a season. Anyway, it's the first game and the result is all that matters. Klopp will sort the defence out for sure. They've not become bad players over night, they're just going through a bad period and this was a wake up call. Rant over.



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