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13 Sep 2020 10:22:39
Can't believe what I'm reading. I mentioned before the game that some would throw a tantrum if we lost. Lost. After watching MOTD you'd be forgiven for thinking they were all over us and battered our goal and we escaped with a few lucky counters. First game of the season and we had plenty of chances, could easily have scored 6. Gini had a good chance, Bobby too, a disallowed goal etc.
Leeds played well and are clearly a Bielsa team. The thing that does disappoint me is the possession we had. That does bring a question to the midfield control. Clearly the backline was pulled out of shape too often also. On the VVD mistake, clearly it was, but I was surprised Alison didn't come for it.
But, on the whole they scored 3 from their 3 on target though they did have a couple of other chances. We did what we did for most of last season, converted a relatively small percentage of the chances we had. Tidy up the defence a bit and get a bit more energy into the midfield and we'll be up their again this season.

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13 Sep 2020 10:30:13
Burkey you started your post with moaning about moaners mate and then went on to give your own criticisms. I don’t understand why everyone gets so bent out of shape about other posters opinions. I love reading all the comments on here regardless of what side of the fence people are on.

13 Sep 2020 10:45:29
The important thing is that we won. I don’t remember us looking defensively solid at the beginning of the last 2 seasons either, that takes us a few games to get right.

13 Sep 2020 10:46:23
Jk I felt my points were just that, points, not criticisms as such and tried to leave the impression that although we weren’t perfect, we got the result against a good team and the knee jerk reaction are over the top. Apologies if it came across any other way.

13 Sep 2020 10:52:06
Burkey just re read my post and I probably didn’t word it correctly as it wasn’t a personal dig at you. What I meant was I’ve seen plenty of people on here criticising others being critical and then go on to be critical themselves in either that post or another.

13 Sep 2020 10:53:16
Leeds has 3 shots on target and scored them all. They were good, we were far better.

13 Sep 2020 10:55:36
Yeah burkey just like you have an opinion the rest of us might have differing opinions like this squad needs a big kick in the ass, we seen the best and worst of us yesterday and someone needs to tell these lads the worst bits and get it right, it seeped in last season and we need too eradicate it quickly.

13 Sep 2020 11:16:06
Burkey I agree with most of your assessment mate. This bit is not aimed at you but the way I see it is Klopp will not have been happy with a lot of what he saw yesterday and you can bet your bottom dollar he will tell those players that. You see how Klopp reacts on the sidelines when players make mistakes. Perhaps he isn’t a true red then with him being critical as that’s how it feels on here when a fan dares to be critical. Personally I love this site and I think we will 100% challenge for the league again this season. Is it all rosy for me. The answer is no. But it’s a million miles away from being doom and gloom as well but like I said earlier I love reading everyone’s posts.

13 Sep 2020 11:45:39
Fab takes 3/ 4 games to get going, Henderson was completely shot and not match fit. Those are our only DM options and it exposed our defence. Gomez was coming into midfield and getting done. Big Virg had a shocker.
Alison also usually saves one of those but he’s also had no pre season, it’ll click man. Just need to somehow improve Fast if we want to beat Chelsea and Arsenal.

13 Sep 2020 17:32:49
The worst is the people having a go at our strikers. I only recall Bobby having 2 chances. One he tried to cut it back because the angle was too tight, and the other was his outside of the boot which was heading bottom corner if it hadn't been blocked. Mane was unlucky not to score too. Think the keeper stopped it with his feet when he was wrongly flagged offside. Salah obviously stole the show with a brilliant performance winning one penalty and converting it, scoring a rocket, then converting another penalty under huge pressure.

How people can come on here moaning about the strikers is baffling. The defence and midfield were the issue but let's just remember Henderson and Trent missed nearly all of pre-season and as Klopp said, he lost nearly his whole midfield and defence to international duty in a week they should have been working on a gameplan for Leeds. Scotland, England and Holland don't exactly play similar styles so they always going to look disjointed against very fast and aggressive opposition. I saw enough positives to believe we will be in another title race. The mentality giants are still alive and kicking.



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