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14 Sep 2020 16:50:41
It was nice to get a win, but the more we become easy to attack and even leaky with letting in stupid goals we are just giving teams unnecessary confidence when playing against us, we need to get back at being solid at the back.

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14 Sep 2020 17:14:54
Under Klopp these are our opening day results
4-3 win vs Arsenal
3-3 draw vs Watford
4-0 win vs West Ham
4-1 win vs Norwich
4-3 win vs Leeds

I don't even remember this much drama after the Watford result. It's not that big of a deal really. Klopp will sort it out like he has done every other year.

14 Sep 2020 17:37:36
The drama you are seeing is coming from our fans being scared of their own shadows and believing the rubbish being spouted by rival fans and media hacks. Just check out the hit pieces being put out in the Daily Fail, trying to stir up a controversy btw Lampard and Klopp and how they are literally guaranteeing that we won't win the PL this season if we don't sign Thiago, as if signing Thiago could have stopped say VVD making the howler he made on Sat.

Or that FSG's model would fail this season due to how things went at the Red Sox yet keep in mind that under FSG, the Red Sox are the most successful baseball team since the turn of the century. See where I am going with this?

I agree that we need to fix up fast and get guys back in focus and in rhythm to cut out the errors and of course, BUT the complete meltdown after the game has become almost expected and it feels as if these people would rather LFC lose so they can gloat and feel right. Pathetic, really.

14 Sep 2020 18:01:48
I'm not against letting teams attack us a bit more, we're still deadly on the break. We've gone from a team that pressed like a demon to a possession team who get rattled by a good pressing team, which Leeds are. A win was a good result given the circumstances, and Leeds will cause problems to other big teams who aren't used to being pressed so much.

14 Sep 2020 18:38:05
The facts don't lie after coming back from lockdown we have been letting in silly avoidable goals also up front very wasteful, if anyone can't see that then I guess they must be blind, this is a problem that needs sorting
I believe not having fans is are biggest issue as we feed of the energy an possibly klopp does. No one takes pleasure in pointing out our areas for improvement but it's there for all too see this team can't go on forever with finding internal solutions and needs minimal additions but quality all the same .

14 Sep 2020 19:58:26
Hailstones, not a lot we can do about having no fans there, so if that's the biggest issue, why stress about it?

14 Sep 2020 20:31:23
Hailstones with all due respect, I don't care about whatever happened during lockdown after we won the title cos that was last season and last season is over and done with. We were mathematically crowned champions on week 31 which was two games after the Restart where we got 4 points from two games. As for the other 7 games, we got 4 wins, a draw and two losses. Yeah, we conceded goals BUT what were you expecting exactly? That we win every game and not concede any goals or not make mistakes at all?

For full context, Our boys had been on a right tear for near 3 seasons and started to tire and fade even BEFORE lockdown as our perfs. vs WH, Watford, B'mouth suggested. Did you think that it is not normal for these players who to some on here, are super human and have no right to tire and start fading due to mental and physical fatigue? Context is needed here, man.

What I am frustrated about this season is that we have not had a good preseason cos of the C.V. and with TAA and Hendo not even having a preseason along with the stupid int'l break, that did not help with preparations for several clubs, not just us. For everything you point to, there is context for it and explanations are pretty easy find.

14 Sep 2020 21:44:15
Ok I respect everyone's view and meister I totally agree the way this season has finished and we are all being hurried into another season an as a result preparations are hampered which is a good point, everything feels ass over tit with football at the minute . The fans not being in the ground is the new normal we all have too adapt to the circumstances, but I have too say it like I see it and since we have came back from lockdown different vibe .

15 Sep 2020 08:06:17
Hailstone, you are 100% bang on the money. Its the fans. Our team feeds off that intensity. They demand too, and vvd isn't allowed to be cavalier.

I've always thought I might be a bit red tinted on this - but Liverpool fans are the best in the world. Yeah juve, barca, bayern and utd. Not like us though. Not that heart that's grown out of tragedy.

Amazing we lifted the pl on 96 points. Those scarves, "walk on" its f###ing phenomenal.



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