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20 Sep 2020 19:03:58
45 mins and one can clearly see the class Thiago brings to the team, you can see why Klopp wanted him.

Shame Hendo went off, showing once again what a great leader he is.

Fabhino - slotted in really well at CB, great performance.

{Ed0666's Note - don’t get me started on Thiago as I’ll need to go and buy more Kleenex. Fab was immense.

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20 Sep 2020 19:19:24
Underwear sales about to soar in Liverpool this year!

20 Sep 2020 19:27:20
Fab was unbelievable today but I'd hate to go into too many games with only one recognized CB lad's. Otherwise a brilliant 3pts.

20 Sep 2020 19:42:42
Fabinho for Liverpool against Chelsea:

Most passes completed (86)
Most recoveries (12)
Most interceptions (4)
Most clearances (4)

20 Sep 2020 20:05:07
I know that we can't get carried away too much as that 2nd half was made for a midfielder to play at ease. But it was the perfect example of why we bought him in, . Many asked wether he was really needed but at HT when we knew we would pin them back and control with the extra man thiago offered us the extra quality and something different in our midfield that will wanted throughout the season. 10 accurate long passes and 75 completed passes in 45 minutes is influential. His high percentage of forward passes was enjoyable. Only 7% of his passes went backwards. Fabinho was excellent which was great for us and I thought salah played very selfless and played with his head up and selected the best options instead of trying to force every attack on his own. That made firmino much more involved and they looked sharp when linking up with quick interchanges. I know Chelsea were miles off the pace but we looked very dominant as a team.

{Ed025's Note - thiago was ok, nothing more nothing less har, few nice passes and good movement but gave away a penalty..6/10..

20 Sep 2020 20:19:03
I’d actually agree with Ed25 here Thiago was ok. He didn’t do anything particularly special but I do like the way he sees a pass and plays it without hesitation.
It’s normal though for fans to drool over a player they’ve just signed though Ed. I thought James was just ok for you lot but anyone would think he’s Messi the way the Evertonians are going on!

{Ed025's Note - we all tend to overhype our own players BP, nothing wrong with that mate..

20 Sep 2020 20:25:23
25 mate. How’s tricks pal? Hope all is ok with you

6/ 10 for a player that’s been with the club less than 48hrs is good enough for me mate.

Thiago has shown me, in a mere 45 ( plus extra time 😃) how this fella will take us to the next level.

{Ed025's Note - iv had coronavirus drogie which has set me back a bit mate but im hanging in there thanks, i think thiago will do very well for you mate..

20 Sep 2020 20:39:50
Behave ed025. Oh, it's a wind up eh. You always get me. Was an extremely weak pen. He was great. Not afraid to play penetrative passes. He's brought a new dimension to our game.

{Ed025's Note - he was ok robbie and thats it, you and ED666 should get a room together with a thiago poster and a cwt of tissues mate..

20 Sep 2020 20:53:47
Bloody hell 25 mate! Hope you get better soon pal, you’re a fantastic asset to the site.

{Ed025's Note - cheers drogie im on the case mate..

20 Sep 2020 21:15:15
Ed25, hope you get better soon, man. As for Thiago, he was very good for someone I did not expect to play at all as he just arrived. I know he had a lot of time on the ball due to Chelsea playing with 10 men but the crispness of the passes and his quick-thinking and vision are what impressed me (not that I needed to be impressed with him to begin with) .

{Ed025's Note - im a big fan RM, but my observations are based on what i have seen of him before today mate, cheers..

20 Sep 2020 21:20:08
Seriously Dad had you the Corona?

{Ed025's Note - yes son, im on the mend hopefully now mate..

20 Sep 2020 21:18:03
Get well soon ed25! Hope you and the kids get through it okay. Big season for the reds and blues coming up. i feel!

{Ed025's Note - cheers bmena, yeah it would be nice if we could both be up there mate..

20 Sep 2020 21:43:46
Get well soon ed025. Really sorry to hear you've been ill. Are you recovered now? Hope the family are safe mate.

Let's just be happy the scouse teams are snapping up the wc talent, and taking up half of the top four. Not bad for a relatively small city.

{Ed025's Note - im on the mend mate thanks, helped of course by the status of everton at the moment im sure robbie, lets hope we can both dominate like we did in the 80,s mate..

20 Sep 2020 23:02:35
stay alive 25.

Thiago looked like he will fit in well with the team, and I think that leads to optimism for the future blending in with the assessment of today's performance. can see our guys will need to adjust a little to his passing. Few times he sent a pass straight back to where it came from to keep the ball moving but our guys weren't aware and ready.

20 Sep 2020 22:18:25
Ed066,couldn't agree more. thiago is special.

{Ed0666's Note - I’m absolutely flabbergasted at how good he is. Yes it was against 10 men, yes he was playing against Kovacic and Sarri’s love child but doesn’t make his performance, positioning, vision and movement less credible. He gives us something we’ve not had since Alonso. I understand he won’t play against 10 men every week but Chelsea crowded the pitch with 10 men and defended deep he still circumnavigated the traffic. Don’t let anyone deter you from thinking we have a generational talent in our midst. Please let him stay healthy.



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