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24 Sep 2020 00:44:13
Ok, so I am right now exactly one-third of the way through watching Pep Lijnders' pre-match press conference. And, seriously, the amount of football knowledge and intelligence I see there is outstanding. With a healthy dose of realism, optimism and just basically the right morals, imo.

He's got 'Klopp successor' written all over him. I feel he exudes the exact same type of energy.
Leave Gerrard in Glasgow. If we want to build something really lasting, it's continuity that'll do that. Discuss.
(Ed001: I 'd actually be especially interested in your opinion on Our Pep very much. He really seems to me a very good coach. )

{Ed001's Note - I would judge him more on the work he has done on the training ground, which has really shone. Since he replaced Buvac the team has gone up a level and look much improved. Whether that makes him a great manager or not in the future is a different matter, but as a coach he has certainly impressed massively.}

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24 Sep 2020 08:57:14
Agreed, I'd be delighted if he got his chance after Klopp. When Buvac left I must admit I was bricking it a bit but we've thrived.

24 Sep 2020 09:27:49
Well said, Ed001. I guess case and point are the excellent coaches that worked with Fergie while he was in charge of Man Utd (I'm thinking Quiroz, Phelan, Rene Meulensteen and a few others that escape me) . All of them were wonderful coaches from what I understand, but I think its safe to say that they all struggled once they stepped up to manager at other clubs.

It would be a great story though if Lijnder's did step up and take over once Klopp does leave!

Red Sandman.

{Ed001's Note - I am not sure Phelan is a wonderful coach, he was responsible for turgid football when he worked with Fergie and he is now doing it again under the bus driver.}

24 Sep 2020 10:17:35
I have watched interviews Pep has done on other Youtube fan channels and he guy is absolutely brilliant. The guy knows his stuff. He once, explained that LFC did not change the way they played going into the 18/ 19 season. We only evolved. He said he and Klopp knew that teams would park the bus against us and not in his words, "overplay" as in come out and have a go so we can press them in transition and blow them away.

To negate this, Pep said they needed to stay longer in the opponents half and make the FB's even more advanced, use set pieces as clear goalscoring opportunities and prevent counter attacks. This is where recruiting Fabinho came in. Per Pep and Klopp, Fab was rated as the best DM in cutting out counter-attacks and we now see that LFC have scored the most goals from set pieces for 2 seasons and counting.

Now I don't know whether Pep can be a good manager or any of that BUT in terms of raw coaching ability and tactics? He is a genius, IMO. No wonder Klopp ended his relationship with Buvac.

24 Sep 2020 10:21:32
Leave Gerrard in Glasgow is right.

24 Sep 2020 10:36:08
It will be a very sad day when Klopp does leave us as what he has built is truly amazing. The owners will know that they need to replace him correctly as we know first hand how the fall from grace can happen and take years to recover. UTD are still feeling that pain currently.

24 Sep 2020 11:12:47
Yeah we are lucky to have Klopp and Pep. The standards and style they've set at Liverpool is phenomenal. I enjoyed the Houllier years and the cup treble in particular. We all loved Rafa but let's be honest the football we played was tough to watch at times. This era is just next level already and long may it continue. Bring on the quadruple! Should be a fun game tonight. :)

24 Sep 2020 12:20:12
Don’t mention Gerard and liverpool coach in the same sentence please stop with that crap! If he had balls he’d go the championship for the dog fight to prove himself not that Mickey Mouse crap he’s in now!
Rant over.

24 Sep 2020 13:32:20
100% Jay but there will be lots on here who think he should get it after Klopp just because he captained the club for a while. I'd sooner see Jordan Henderson get the managers job before Gerrard.

24 Sep 2020 13:40:32
100% agree Jay Dub. Did Phelan dictate the style of play at Utd then Tris?

{Ed001's Note - yes, Fergie used the assistants under him to set the style of play and ensure that it would evolve gradually.}

24 Sep 2020 16:16:55
IMO, I doubt Gerrard possesses the coaching and tactical acumen that Ljinders possesses and he is "just" an assistant so thos wanting him to succeed Klopp had better hope he has the ability to do the job. We can all see how poor Lampard is right now and he only got the Chelsea job cos of who he is, NOT cos he was really qualified.

IMO if SG wants the LFC job then he will have to fo and flat our EARN it. If he cannot then, he should be nowhere near that job.

Cos if we truly reach the potential that Klopp wants us to meet with a couple of PL's and say 1 CL, SG will NEVER get the job cos it will be way too big for him. It is way too big for him now hence, he will have to buckle up fast if he really wants the job in the future.

25 Sep 2020 03:44:14
I loved Gerrard as I player and I want to see him succeed as a manager, do I want him to manage at Liverpool? Not until he’s proven himself, he doesn’t deserve it on merit alone.! years ago we promoted managers from within right up to Roy Evan’s, it would be nice if we could get back to that. One thing I will say is though is, we should always strive to better ourselves and if there’s a better manager available sentiment shouldn’t get in the way. If pep is good enough for the job, great. But if there’s a better option we should always take it.

{Ed0666's Note - Ljinders deserves the job.

26 Sep 2020 05:02:54
I love gerrard but where is it in the rules that he has to be the next liverpool manager. He's a young man. 40. There is plenty of time for him. I hope he is one day at the helm again. But no sense rushing it. Also, he might not want to. He might fear tarnishing his reputation. I'd like him to win the league with us though. That would be magic.



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