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26 Sep 2020 14:18:22
klopp has said he is pleased with keita progress this season and hopefully we as fans will support this notion and the player
I saw some say it is wrong to hammer neco williams but are happy to constantly harp on about keita
if klopp supports him then why won't you?

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26 Sep 2020 15:00:15
But at the same time mate he's not going to turn around and say 'Keita is doing really bad'.

26 Sep 2020 15:02:08
Difference is that Neco is a youngster learning his way in the professional game who has come through the ranks, Naby is a seasoned pro by comparison who cost a lot of money and who makes zero effort and is more concerned with BS outside of the game. If he could pass a nightclub or a bit of skirt as well as he is able to pass a ball, he’d do a lot better for himself.

26 Sep 2020 15:22:48
Hi John. You raise a good point about players like Neco being hammered - he is at the beginning of his career and very much learning his trade, so he deserves plenty of leeway, and abusing him (or anyone else) on social media is completely unacceptable. Naby has had a long time since a very expensive move to start showing on a consistent basis why LFC paid so much money for him, and I have wanted him to succeed as much as anyone, but he just hasn't produced consistently, and comes across on the pitch as being timid and lacks the conviction to take the game by the scruff of the neck as expected for a £50m+ player. I just don't see Naby doing what we all thought he would do, hence the frustration with him. Nothing would please me more than to see him do it week in, week out, instead of the odd glimpse of his talent every now and then. The level of expectation with Naby is far greater than others based on the amount spent on him - perhaps he just isn't as good as we all expected. If Klopp picks him we should all be willing him on, but after 2 years how much longer do you wait for him to finally consistently produce the goods based on his high transfer fee? Let's hope he proves Klopp's judgement to be right.

26 Sep 2020 16:19:25
One rule for all though, god forbid anyone says anything critical of Hendo or Bobby on this site but with Keita its grand. The blokes being doing well since lockdown so ease up a bit. Popular opinion is "he doesn't do what he did at Liepzig"but when Gini doesn't do what he does for Holland its because"thats the way klopp wants his midfield to play". So come on people, try and support all the players not just the ones you like. And will people stop banging on about off field things as if they "know"the players, you don't so just stick to the football pitch.

26 Sep 2020 17:23:54
Jadon for me post of the year mate well said.

26 Sep 2020 17:29:50
Williams has only played 5 times and has already shown as much promise as keita. Keita is a big money signing.

When is he going to do something? He hasn't been good since the lockdown at all.

It's frustrating.

26 Sep 2020 17:55:01
Gini actually tries to defend and plays with intensity, though. Keita does not.

26 Sep 2020 18:18:48
Has he been bad then Robbiesline? because if he's been bad I would love to hear what you think of d other midfielders performance since football started back up. Something tells me though their performances won't be judged as harshly.

26 Sep 2020 18:30:01
Just more bias toward keita but expected sadly
A few have not been great but are never mentioned.

{Ed001's Note - it is not bias, it is that he has never performed and so deserves to be criticised. The sad thing is people like you trying to make it a personal thing, rather than actually trying to see that he has been letting us all down with his half-arsed lazy, weak performances. If you want to support someone so cowardly he bottles out of challenges, go right ahead, but I expect my players to at the very least give their all.}

26 Sep 2020 18:54:41
In fairness I don't think anyone had to bottle out of a challenge in that league 15-20 years. At the end of the day everyone has their opinion but when fit, Klopp who is the best manager on the planet will start him more games than not so he can't be that bad.

{Ed001's Note - and I don't think he will, that is why he bought Thiago, because Keita failed to be that player.}

26 Sep 2020 19:00:50
Agreed Robbie. We have a full team out there who work their socks off almost every single game so when you see a player like Keita not working as hard as they could/ should, it's noticable and this has happeneded far too often now, he comes across as not giving a damn about the game. He's getting his big money now, which is all he's gone on about so he's happy. I can't support a player like that anymore. I was hoping for far too long that he'd change, he hasn't and more than likely won't.

People can say what they want about Bobby and Hendo, atleast they try their hardest every single game.

26 Sep 2020 19:09:59
Not really sure about the people like me comment but once again you have had a pop at me
so hopefully this post get through and it is not ignored
first up not sure how I made it about a personal thing I just said it is bias if enough people like you ED001 bleat on about how poor keita has been then sheep will follow along and say the same thing
my original post was that Klopp has come out and said he is happy so maybe we should support keita also
If a coach with the pedigree of klopp can say he sees progress then im happy to go with that.
Im not sure how many years of coaching you have done in the premier league but for now I will go along with klopps comments as he just has the edge over you.

{Ed001's Note - Klopp is saying what he has to say, he is not going to come out and tell the media that Keita has been crap is he? You are the sheep and have admitted so by saying you won't make up your own mind but will instead just listen to nonsense media soundbites and follow what is said in them. You are the one slagging everyone else off and making it all personal, why keep giving it out and then complaining about the replies you get? You started a thread to attack other fans, now you are whining because they are not all agreeing with you. What do you expect?}

26 Sep 2020 19:12:22
In fairness Thiago starts EVERY game in ANY team on the planet when fit. In any big game we play from now on it'll be Thiago, and two others. And I think keita will still get a fair few appearances in that circumstance. i think everyone is still working off the assumption Gini will be here come transfer window end. I hope he is but don't be surprised if he's not.

{Ed001's Note - everyone knows Klopp is happy to sell Gini, so no idea why that is relevant? Keita has already been shown up by Jones, if he does get games, it will be to the detriment of a player who actually wants to try for us.

I just don't get why you keep trying to drag other players into this? This is about Keita. It doesn't matter what other players have or haven't done. Keita has been poor, barely tried and spent most of his time injured.}

26 Sep 2020 19:53:36
everyone has the right to comment and give their opinion the problem with you is that you attack people when someone disagrees with you
keita has not been great agreed overall and needs to get his act together but to give up on him and call him a coward is not on imo
you have sheep like salah now saying he is happy he is getting money and that is all he goes on about
If someone can say he doesn't care 100 percent without actually knowing the player then they should go and buy a lottery ticket straight away
Im attacking no one on here btw but some of the comments towards him is beyond a joke now and go beyond football imo.

{Ed001's Note - don't worry I won't bother giving an opinion again. You have made sure I won't bother as you are the pathetic one, you constantly attack people and call them sheep. Yet you admit you are the sheep. Sad. You even start threads to attack people who have different opinions from you and then accuse others of attacking anyone who disagrees with them. Look in the mirror lad. You are obviously just not worth wasting my time on. Bye bye. My time on this site is over. The problem with precious people like you is that you can't abide anyone disagreeing with you and call that an attack on them. You accuse them of being sheep etc, but yes it is everyone else attacking poor little johnny junior! You are a hypocrite. No point anyone talking to someone who is so hypocritical, they don't have the sense to see that they bring it all on themselves.}

26 Sep 2020 20:34:00
Spot on, Ed01. Seriously, what are the Keita defenders on here, expecting Klopp to say? That he is crap? I mean, Lampard was asked about Kepa and if he would persist with him before we played Chelsea and he said the exact same thing, supporting Kepa even tho we all knew including Kepa, that his time was up and a new GK was more or less signed. The fact that E01 and others have to point this obvious reason out, is baffling to begin with.

As for those saying we are biased towards Keita, I will say that I (like many others) watched Keita play at RBL a tonne and he was bossing games for fun and was and still am a HUGE fan of his. I did not see him pull out of any challenges, being lazy tracking back and all the other stuff he is actually doing at LFC right now.

I was one of those supporting Keita until I started really watching him when Ed01 said in a podcast that he has been poor for us and then, I saw what he was saying. All I ask is that people watch Keita after he loses the ball or when we are are being counter-attacked and you will see what we are saying.

26 Sep 2020 21:40:19
Red Meister you have managed to give an opinion about kieta without resulting to insulting the lad and calling him a coward maybe you should be an Ed
Nah seriously I don’t attack people on here and maybe owe an apology if I have
Buti do feel that keita is singled out
I feel the stop start injuries have not helped him and I think we all expected better from him
I think he will prove a lot on here wrong and if he doesn’t then I will hold my hand up and say I was wrong
But calling someone a coward not my style and never will be
Ed001 should not of called your opinion pathetic and I apologise for that I will leave this site as it is great and I don’t want you to stop doing what you do and being who you are which is a great writer and someone who makes someone like me understand football tactically a lot more then I did before
So no hard feelings and I’m sorry for upsetting you tonight.

{Ed001's Note - you have not upset me, I have no problem with you having a different opinion from me or thinking my opinion is wrong at all. My problem is that I can't give an opinion because anyone who agrees with me is then just called a sheep by anyone who disagrees, rather than people explaining why they disagree. It becomes an easy get out and is not conducive to debate. So it is best I keep my opinions to just articles and reviews. It is not just you, it has been a regular recurring theme on the site since it started. I very rarely bother to comment these days anyway, as I have little time. I read through thousands of posts a day for the sites and, unless asked directly, I comment on maybe 1 every couple of days. So it won't change much if I just stay out of things. I can express my opinion in the articles just as easily, particularly match reviews, so there is no need for me to join in the conversation. Then no one can accuse anyone of just following whatever I say and can actually start explaining why they disagree.}

26 Sep 2020 23:54:09
I've learnt more about football in the years I've been on this site than the previous 50 easy,001 for tactics and playing and 002 for the grown up stuff. First stop every morning.

27 Sep 2020 03:25:06
lol 'you have sheep like salah' I never had you down as the type to be a gobsh*te John, shame really. You act like you aren't a sheep yet copy off what a small minority (about 3 people) have already said in the past hahaha. I don't think you have realised how silly you have come across mate but we live and learn don't we?

'Im attacking no one on here btw' You call me a sheep but you aren't attacking anybody on here. How silly are you? re read your comments before posting them lad because you have made yourself look pretty damn daft. Stop pointing the finger and take a good look at yourself, you may learn a thing or two.

I hold nothing against you, I mean that, it's bugger all to me, just words on the internet but try and be a little more wise next time.

Finally for the record, I do agree with a lot of what Ed1 says, why? because he's a bloody football genius and it's as simple as that but I haven't agreed with EVERYTHING he has said, who can? I just appreciate his opinion on things and take it on board what he has to say because he knows a ton more than I or anybody on here will ever know about football. Tell me, am I wrong? .

Ed1, I do hope you reconsider and we see posts from you still, you are by far THE most interesting fella in sport on the internet that I have come across and we appreciate your input. Second to none mate.

27 Sep 2020 07:01:32
Personally I'm still backing keita because we know he has the ability and klopp seems eager to get it out of him. Yes he has been a frustration for 2 seasons but I'l believe in him to get going right until the moment I see that our manager no longer wants to play him.

There is one thing that bothered me from the post above and it is that some posters write up a bit of info about a players personal life as if it's factual when it's actually incorrect nonsense.

6times you criticised keita as a football player while suggesting his careless wild party lifetyle has led him to not giving a toss about liverpool.

Most people who read that will then form an added negative to bash keita with when it's 100% crap. You are aware that he's a devout Muslim and is definately not suffering from any party lifestyle that you hint is the reason behind his slow start.

Its ok if you dislike him but it seems like your trying to force everybody else to turn against him too by speaking negatively of his character that's completely made up when the only thing we should be debating is the football reasons. AOC is a more likeable guy so we never see his personal information being questioned despite spending as much time as keita disappointing in nearly 2 full seasons excluding his year out injured. Carragher spitting at people, Gerrard drunken assaults, firmino drink driving never come up in conversation about their ability or achievements despite actually being true.

It's like how so many people bring up the fact that Gareth bale plays a round of golf regularly in his own time as if that's any sort of negative reflection that people seem to believe affects his career. Every player spends a few hours each day doing a bit of work at the training base and the rest of the afternoon and evening they need to be human beings. The likes of Spanish media never liked him as he never fitted in so created an idea that bale was choosing golf over football. I very much doubt he was skipping club involvement specifically to play golf. Michael Jordan the greatest man alive to dedicate and push himself to sporting success played 36 holes every day, 2 rounds of golf but if bale isn't settled at his club it must be whatever he does in his private life to blame. I'd much rather that a player on my team is spending a couple of hours walking about and keeping his brain working competitively playing golf instead of most of the younger lads now sitting down infront of the PlayStation for hours where they don't receive attention from the public view to pick faults from.

{Ed001's Note - this isn't my opinion, so I will say this, Bale's career was negatively impacted by playing golf against medical advice while injured. That is fact, it is why he is so disliked by the Spanish media, who did not create the idea, it is simply what he did. When he should have been doing rehab work or resting, he was out on his private golf course instead. There was no agenda against him at all. It is utterly unrelated to what Michael Jordan did or does and that is a bizarre comparison. They play completely different sports requiring completely different types of body movements, it is not comparable at all.}

27 Sep 2020 08:41:28
I didn't realise there was an injury problem involved actually, it's funny that I've heard so many different mentions of his golf being an issue but never heard anyone elaborate to what you've cleared up which would obviously make far more sense to what I thought was just a nothing story being dramatized.

The Jordan comparison obviously is unrelated now that I know it was never just a case of people upset that he spent so much time on a hobby. If he was medically advised by his club who pay him ridiculous wages to stop then he is certainly in the wrong.

Would clubs ever have grounds to terminate a players contract if he actively ignored an instruction and his actions led to longer unavailability. They must have an element of power over the players in situations like that.

{Ed001's Note - I thought it was well known that was why Madrid were so unhappy with him playing golf, I didn't realise it wasn't mentioned as the issue regarding his golfing. Strange as him just playing golf would never have been an issue with the club as most of his teammates are keen golfers too, so you would think anyone reporting it would explain why it was an issue.

They could terminate a contract if he actively ignored medical advice and it can be proven it caused unavailability. However it would mean they would have to pay up his contract, in essence buy him off. No club wants to do that often and it is only in extreme cases involving a player who fails to contribute or who has reduced any potential transfer (plus marketing) income to nothing. For instance when Chelsea fired Adrian Mutu due to failing a drugs test, they had to go through a long and expensive court battle over it, even though Mutu was clearly in breach of contract. Footballers get a little too much protection these days.}



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