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06 Oct 2020 00:43:49
I think I am alone here and perhaps this is better for the conspiracy site but. The football matches just don't seem real, I'm not just taking about that result (s) yesterday and I'm sure every Evertonian may disagree but when watching the football just seems fake. Almost like watching fifa or proevo. im waiting for players energy bars to appear. Perhaps its to do with the deflected goals, players standing still, no defending at all but I don't understand people saying how they don't want crowds to return, better or more goals etc. The quality is abysmal and the supporters are truly what makes this game.

On another point, some clubs making signings where a weekly wage pays for the wages of a sacked mascot for life feels completely off, the feelgood factor football had now seems at odds with the rest of the world.

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06 Oct 2020 02:18:44
This is definitely a strange season, Liverpool losing 7-2, City 5-2, United 6-1, Everton winning! This season has a very surreal feel to it, the amount of goals scored per game is absurd and getting a little embarrassing, I’m
starting to miss 0-0 draws.

06 Oct 2020 02:52:38
It is real. The playing field is levelled. Players like barkley and grealish are playing with a lot more freedom. If you've made it to the premier league you are a great footballer. But can you come to anfield and perform when 59090 fans are screaming at you and singing ynwa? Wilson is a good example. Although he was poor the other day, I don't think he can handle the pressure, despite being extremely skillful.

Bring back the fans for God sake. Liverpool really have the greatest fans in the world. We are definitely up there with barca, juve, bayern. We are liverpool, it's NEVER easy. We're cursed. We win the league (easily btw) and then a C.V. threatens our planet. Effing typical. We haven't even had the chance to thank our boys for finally delivering the title. I'm not really that bothered this season. I think we will probably win it. Someone is going to swipre Rodriguez (lol ed025) nah, they can't keep it up. Bless em, excited after 4 games, talking like they finally cracked it. But we broke the duck and won the title. I'm not going to slate any Liverpool player. I think we need to remember that these lot won the league. Origi, getting a lot of abuse and he scored some huge goals last season. Gomez and Adrian played a HUGE part. They are effing hero's. So what we come away from villa gutted, but we go back to anfield and a pretty big cabinet. Villa still dusting the old ones. 1 0, 7 2, 25 0, still only 3 points.

06 Oct 2020 04:02:30
The football quality is suffering because of the lack of supporters, defensively the Premier is nowhere near as good as it has been in recent years, and in general football just doesn’t feel the same.
Even before that catastrophe on Sunday, I was not enjoying the premiership as much as before C.V. and I sincerely hope for everyone’s sake that the scientists find a vaccine as soon as possible.

06 Oct 2020 05:03:03
I totally and utterly agree with you, Ben: I think you are alone there.

06 Oct 2020 08:08:05
Fans do make a difference but some people on here seem to think that it’s only our fans that are missing. Every team is in the same boat so are affected the same way. There is no home advantage anymore, the playing field has been levelled, now it boils down to player ability and managers’ tactics, and unfortunately our players were just not upto scratch against villa who played with the freedom of the city, whereas we just bottled it. Simple as.

06 Oct 2020 08:35:56
You may not be far off there, OP. You are not the only one who thinks this. I have seen many on SM saying the exact same thing. I do agree that everyone is in the same boat here and I do not think only our fans matter, as some do on here. Fans matter to all clubs so it is only normal that things look strange for everyone and all clubs are affected. The playing field is now level for everyone so we all have to just get on with it.

06 Oct 2020 10:02:28
Thanks to the comments, I really don't post often but regardless of whether I'm alone in thinking there is an artificial nature of the game at the moment the quality has definitely dropped. Because barkley or grealish or anyone else had a good game wasn't the point really, I was talking generally about the overall feeling. For me the crowds help make the game what it is.

06 Oct 2020 12:34:09
I don’t think football is suffering as such, we are seeing strange results and a real mix up in terms of some teams doing better than expected and some teams doing more poorly than expected. It’s more exciting and unpredictable if anything. I know some are hurting over the Villa game but I don’t think anyone complained football is being ruined when city got smashed or when United got smashed. As rubbish as it was being a Liverpool supporter the other night, imagine being a villa fan, or a neutral? I bet that was an amazing game to watch.

06 Oct 2020 12:34:51
It’s a good question but I can understand how without the intensity of the crowds, how sometimes the games must seem like they’re not real PL fixtures and intensity Might be more prone to dropping off.

I think the ability to play through the silence and still keep up the intensity of a ‘normal’ PL match week in, week out will defining as to who comes out on top. That and who’s got the most discipline and a captain who can keep things tight. Ie. Hendo will be crucial.



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