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06 Oct 2020 17:13:09
Been saying it for a while, it's only a matter of time before teams work out how to play against our long ball game . Hitting the ball into space for our pacey forwards can't last forever. It seems like that time has come, teams defending deep limiting space . Ti. e for some creative ball players in midfield, hard work isn't enough.

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06 Oct 2020 18:12:04
Thank God for Thiago so. I think we'll be fine, were still the most likely to win the league followed by city. Three wins out of 4 would be great form for everyone else, for us it's a crisis. That shows how consistent this team is.

06 Oct 2020 18:14:55
Like Thiago .?

It’s almost as if we have a good management set up that can see this isn’t it.

06 Oct 2020 18:15:23
OP, I disagree. The highline can only work if the midfielders are actually interested in putting pressure on the ball and the opposition and we are the best in the world at suffocating an opponent into submission. Like a python wrapping a prey into it's coils and choking them to death. Go ask Arsenal and a host of other teams all over Europe we have pummeled using this very same system.

The issue at Villa was that there was no effort, no desire and not determination to even tackle a Villa player or even press them. I saw a stat that Naby did not make one tackle all game long. What does that tell you? If you are not pressing the ball high then, the high line is pointless. We choked Arsenal to death last Monday cos we were at it and the high line was not the problem. This is not hard to grasp, IMO.

06 Oct 2020 18:48:30
Henderson goes to right side of midfield instead of Naby and none of that sh** happens on Sunday.
There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the high line as Red Meister eloquently puts it above.

06 Oct 2020 19:03:29
Against Everton. Mane, Henderson and Thiago all come back into the team.
We will be better, we couldn’t be any worse put it that way.

06 Oct 2020 19:28:44
LiverpoolFC8, I would propose a midfield of Milner and Hendo for the Everton game cos not sure in what state Fabinho will be after Brazil duty.

06 Oct 2020 20:13:56
So if Hendo played Sunday Adrian doesn’t mess up his pass, no deflections happen, we defend far better and bobby scores his chances. Fair play to Hendo. He’ll be sorting the cure for this C.V. next.

06 Oct 2020 20:27:45
Time will tell meister. I think we might see Fab in defence, Joe seems to have dipped in form lately which isn’t a shock really being a young CB.

06 Oct 2020 20:35:42
Henderson sets the tone. He leads.
So no, JK, a lot of that wouldn’t’ve happened.

06 Oct 2020 20:54:15
😆 JK23.
All you can say is that the team would surely have emerged with a more determined mindset, a few rollickings would have been dished out, the concentration of Villa attacks down Liverpool’s right would have been much better protected against, Joe wouldn’t have been so exposed and had to go off and the chain of events might have been broken?
In hindsight, Villa’s performance was very much a case of revenge for what happened last season and it very quickly became apparent they were out to right a wrong.

06 Oct 2020 20:58:40
Hendo is a quality player for us. But he doesn’t stop others making mistakes (couldn’t help Adrian with his mistake v Athletico etc) or influence deflections or improve people’s finishing (played numerous games with bobby when he hasn’t scored) As I said he’s a quality player but we had loads of quality players on the pitch v Villa but he can’t perform miracles. Otherwise why hasn’t he influenced more premier league titles in his 9 years here or led England to International glory. Hendo back in the team will be a boost but we aren’t a 1 man team. We never have been.

06 Oct 2020 21:26:30
Juicer good reply mate and you could be 100% correct but it’s all hindsight. Sadly I think it lies a lot deeper than if we had Hendo we wouldn’t have lost. I honestly think the players are physically and mentally exhausted after the insane standards that we have set the last 2 seasons. Going as far back as Watford we’ve been spiking all over the place with some excellent performances and some terrible ones. Getting to the top of the mountain is one thing but staying there is a totally different kettle of fish. Look at some of the niggles the players are picking up Hendo and Allison it could all be down to exhaustion. I honestly think Klopp needs to use this squad now to its fullest for the month of Oct and Nov and then hopefully it gives out big guns a chance to recharge and get back to the standards that we have been privileged to watch.

{Ed025's Note - they are hardly digging trenches for 8 hours though JK, kicking a ball about for 90 minutes every 4 days and the odd couple of hours traing is hardly tenko mate..

06 Oct 2020 21:49:31
Don’t worry JK23 lad.
Hendo will be back and put James into the Upper Bullens next match out 🤣.

07 Oct 2020 01:26:59
Once again a couple of players getting singled out as the reason for blame. The whole team were miles off the pace and Henderson doesn't fix that huge gulf on his own and he's been on the pitch for other poor outings in the past. To only point keita not making a tackle in his 45minutes but not mention that fabinho in 90 mins didn't complete a tackle either or that wijnaldum won 1 tackle in 90 minutes he played. We were just as awful in 2nd half despite keita not on the field so it's not fair to say that his performance set the tone for our poor play all over the pitch or to single out individuals as the sole reasons that led to the entire team stinking.

07 Oct 2020 09:34:43
The next 3 matches will see if we slipped up and its a once of or if we need to reinvent ourselves no point in panicking thaigo mane and henderson should all be back for Everton and let's be honest there 3 world class players of they all play or even thaigo does the bench we will be stronger.

07 Oct 2020 17:04:09
Har_red92, I have said on multiple occasions since the game that it was a complete meltdown from top to bottom and that includes Klopp. I have never said if this guy or that guy played, we would have won cos that is just ridiculous.

Would Hendo have helped esp. in midfield and helped with keeping guys focused, stuck in and motivated? Absolutely BUT that would only have given us a better chance. Nothing more. Nothing less. Does not mean we would have won BUT Pretty sure Keita or Gini would have gotten away with not putting in a tackle near all game long, that much we do know. I can take a loss if we deserve to lose BUT it is the complete spinelessness of the boys that I will NEVER accept.

07 Oct 2020 18:49:51
I don’t think you have to be digging trenches or even performing extreme physical tasks to become mentally exhausted. Mental exhaustion happens in every day life in all kinds of jobs. I have an extremely active job and for my age I am extremely fit but if I sit at a computer all day doing admin it leaves me exhausted.

I think mental exhaustion then leads to fatigue and burnout regardless of how fit or unfit that person is. The performance on Sunday showed a lack of effort but I don’t think this side can be tarnished with that brush and they certainly haven’t become bad players overnight. I honestly think it’s a deeper lying problem.

I really hope I’m wrong and it’s just a bump in the road but I honestly think we going to have more poor performances and results this season than we have in a long while under Klopp.



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