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07 Oct 2020 07:12:12
Read that Salah helped a homeless man being bullied by some guys on the street. What a guy!

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07 Oct 2020 08:33:38
I'll never understand why Salah is so under rated as a player and as a person.

{Ed025's Note - who under rates him as a player or a person MK?, i have heard nothing but praise for the guy as a footballer or his great charity work, i hope this is not another "everybody hates liverpool" cry for praise and attention mate..

07 Oct 2020 08:27:09
Just a shame that in this day and age and with enough going on in the world that people will still shame the people less fortunate.
Always a circumstance as to why these people need help.
Hopefully the guys/ girls doing the harassing will have a fortunate life where they won’t need the support of a stranger.

07 Oct 2020 08:48:47
Ed025, yesterday on the radio Jason Cundy said Son Heung-min was a better player.

I must've missed the season Son scored 44 goals, or the season he scored in a Champions league final victory, or his back to back golden boots, or his record tally of Premier League goals in a 38 game season.

I even know Liverpool fans who berate Salah for being greedy just because he is always thinking about scoring goals when he gets into the penalty area. What they fail to realise, is that is why only Messi, Ronaldo and Lewandowski can stack up to his numbers.

{Ed025's Note - anyone who listens to anything jason cundy says deserves everything they get MK the guy is an idiot, salah is an excellent sportsman and the charity work he does especially in egypt is fantastic, as you say his record speaks for itself so why anything a second rate washed up mediocre footballer would say is beyond me mate..

07 Oct 2020 09:13:40
Did he stand the thugs up in the corner, then cut inside them and lash one in with his left?

{Ed025's Note - love it JM..

07 Oct 2020 09:18:01
its not that he's underrated on this site its to do with ed002 telling us he wants to leave since his first season

Every club wants passion and loyalty at there club and when you hear someone wants out people will always look to be critical.

07 Oct 2020 09:36:12
Thing is Ed025, i know you are honest enough to say everything exactly as it is mate. A lot of people dislike Salah though and just can't see past that.

I think a lot of it is down to the media and believe me it is not a Liverpool thing. Mane is lauded in the media (which i think is great) . Salah just seems to get a rough deal.

{Ed025's Note - i have to be honest MK i have never heard anything negative about mo mate, top bloke in my book..

07 Oct 2020 09:53:38
Top fella indeed. All he's ever done is put 100% in on the pitch and helped the less fortunate as much as he can. If everybody in the world with a bit of money was like him it'd be a different and better place. Unfortunately it's full of greed.

Good on young Trent though apparently he's very similar isn't he and is always putting money into different things.

If Salah wants away from Liverpool in the future then so be it, he's put the maximum effort in on and off the pitch, we can't be tools about it and suddenly not like him for it. Let's just be grateful whilst we have him.

07 Oct 2020 09:59:11
Ed025, I think it should be some sort of law that Jason Cundy’s is forced to change his name by replacing the ‘d’ with a ‘t’ to reflect his charm and personality. Didn’t he play away from home while his missus had cancer? Charming fella that one.

{Ed025's Note - hes an arsehole 6times and like a lot of these so called "pundits" like to court controversy to get the ratings up mate..

07 Oct 2020 10:00:07
Salah is a hero at LFC and should be looked at alongside a number of great players we have been lucky enough to watch over the years.

07 Oct 2020 10:53:42
The fact I have no idea who this Jason bloke is clearly shows he is irrelevant.

07 Oct 2020 11:43:09
I for one absolutely love Mohamed Salah, My parents lived in Luxor for years doing charity work helping the less fortunate over there so I do have an infinity with his nationality, however a top guy and an exceptional player.

Just me opinion of course.

07 Oct 2020 15:23:01
Salah and Mane are both fantastic but Son is running them very close now. He’s a joy to watch.

07 Oct 2020 16:52:13
Ed25, you are spot on. Salah is a model citizen and a huge humanitarian. Same goes for Mane. Who cares what some triggered talkshow host has to say about Salah? He prolly does not know a darn thing about all the work Salah does off the pitch and is just jealous of all the things he does on the pitch so he throws a grenade out there knowing people will bite. We know who Salah is and what he brings. As the great Kobe Bryant once said, "They only hate the great ones".

{Ed025's Note - im a massive fan RM..

07 Oct 2020 18:32:41
The commentators will still constantly bang on about him diving despite the fact that for at least 18 months, Salah has been totally opposite and tried too hard to stay on his feet.

For example, If Kane is greedy it'll be justified with "that's why he is a great goalscorer" but when Salah is greedy its "there were better options on there".

Another would be if Rashford campaigns for free kids meals "he is a hero", but if Salah campaigns for womens rights it doesn't even get a mention.

If Mane pays for a hospital in Senegal he is branded a Saint, but Salah rebuilds a hospital in Egypt that got bombed and it's all "well it's not like he needs that much money anyway".

I don't know how to explain it but the general attitude towards Salah just seems off to me and i don't want to believe it, but i do wonder if it's racially charged because of the way he looks.

07 Oct 2020 19:40:59
Spot on, MKS. The media bias is nothing new. Just look at the way they treat a great humanitarian in Mezut Ozil cos he is not doing what they want and leave Arsenal on his own while at the same time, lauding a complete piece of work like Aubameyang.

08 Oct 2020 03:43:36
Comparing him to son is no insult. The guy is absolutely phenomenal. I don't think there is a million miles in it. Salah is the better player though imo, way better. But son is brilliant.



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