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08 Oct 2020 13:45:33
Today marks 5 years of Mr Jurgen Klopp, and what a 5 years it's been.

I am so truly thankful we have who I believe is the best manager in the world. He truly embodies everything about the club, its city and its culture and he knows what it means to be a Liverpool supporter. He has created so many cherished memories for every Liverpool football club fan and his passion is contagious.

He truly turned myself and many more from a "Doubter to a Believer". I couldn't be more grateful.

Looking back on his many fine memories over the 5 years, from the celebration of a 2-2 draw to West Brom, that other teams truly did not understand, to that crazy 5-4 win against Norwich in his first season which ended in heartbreak against a solid Sevilla team.

Then the following season introduced Klopp's heavy metal football. We had some painful and awful moments against the lower league teams but took on the big 6 and flourished. The reward was a place back with Europe's elite for the following season.

And oh, what a season.

Salah came along and heavy metal football was reinforced. An exciting attacking trident was formed but coincided with the loss of one of Europe's most exciting Brazilian players, but this only helped Liverpool strengthen. Klopp brought in his most desired target, Virgil Van Dijk, and now the heavy metal football that was always so lopsided had seemed to have steadied.

Kiev showed differently.

"We saw the European cup, Madrid had all the f**king luck! We swear we'll keep on being cool, we'll bring it back to Liverpool". Jurgen Klopp belted out.

The recruitment of Alisson, Keita and Shaqiri and a ship that became truly rock solid made sure that his promise came true. Number 6 came home and so did many more famous memories.

Who could ever forget what could be the most famous and memorable night Anfield has ever seen? Overturning a 3-0 deficit against the best player of all time and an elite Barcelona side. As soon as the corner was taken quickly, teams suddenly understood what the celebration of a draw against West Brom meant.

It meant solidarity. It mean stay together no matter what. As Mo's shirt proudly said, it meant "Never give up".

It meant You'll Never Walk Alone.

Number 19 and a record breaking season meant sure that Klopp will forever be remembered as a legend in every redmen's hearts. His tribute to all the LFC greats that were before him after we lifted the trophy put a a tear in every Liverpool fans eye.

The Normal One is anything but Normal to all Liverpool fans.

Thank you for all you have done for us Jurgen, you ended the storm and now there is a golden sky.

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08 Oct 2020 14:04:52
What a post mate. Boom.

08 Oct 2020 14:11:10
Is there any chance you could update my curriculum vitae Mr Matthews.

08 Oct 2020 14:54:24
Good post that mate, best one I've seen in a long time on here. Positive for a change.

08 Oct 2020 15:11:51
Great Post mate, full of positivity about what Klopp has achieved and rightly so! Cracking post.

{Ed025's Note - it was a great post bill i cant argue with that, but i still cringe at that diving celebration against WBA when you drew 2-2 at home, ashamed to be a scouser im afraid mate and my toes still curl up just at the thought of it, i think klopp is great and im a massive fan but that faux pas will live long in the memory...for all the wrong reasons.. :)

08 Oct 2020 15:14:49
Quality post👏👏👏.

08 Oct 2020 16:36:48
Thank you lads. Just started writing about our a Jürgen and didn’t want to stop!

Ed025 - West Brom was the catalyst for this Liverpool team. Fans didn’t believe in the squad and some would regularly leave before full time when we’re behind/ drawing. The late goal to equalise in this game was reward for those who stayed.

Zoom forward to 2019 and we’re doing the same. This time after beating Barcelona 4-0 to go to a UCL final.

Klopp changed the mentality of the fans but you have to start somewhere and that was part of the beginning!

{Ed025's Note - i get what your saying CM...but it was funny mate.. :)

08 Oct 2020 17:18:32
Those were low times for us Ed!

I think that same season we beat you 4-0? ;)

{Ed025's Note - if you did CM i would have expected you to hold a carnival on the pitch and have a brass band playing "i shot the sheriff" if the diving fiasco against the mighty west brom is anything to go by mate.. :)

08 Oct 2020 22:07:08
Nice one CM. Absolute brilliance.

08 Oct 2020 22:20:14
Ed025 I know to rival fans it would look hilarious, on paper who could blame them. Celebrating a 2-2 draw against WBA looks daft. But it was the first brick in the framework that set us on the way to the mentality monsters.
A week earlier we were 2-1 down to palace and people left early, from WBA onwards that didn't happen again.
Whatever happens going forward I will always feel privileged getting to watch this team under klopp, fantastic memories.

{Ed025's Note - you certainly have a lot to be thankful for under klopp WYred, but i dont get the chance to take cheap shots any more mate so dont deny me the pleasure when one comes up.. :)

08 Oct 2020 22:33:24
Ed25, it was only funny to those who mainly watch English football. The rest of us who grew up watching other European leagues thought nothing of it and actually thought it was cool cos we actually know what it means.

{Ed025's Note - come on RM its time you came out the closet mate, dont be in denial any longer my friend you will feel better for it, just admit it and see it for what it was which is a debacle of epic proportions..come on i know you want to..

09 Oct 2020 08:01:10
😂😂 ed025 surely the 7-2 has built your ammunition up for at least a couple of weeks.

{Ed025's Note - i must admit that did help immensely WYred.. :)

09 Oct 2020 08:45:47
Ed25, why would I be in denial of what I know, have seen and experienced. Don't play yourself, man. This was A debacle ONLY to those who are pretty ignorant about things outside their own reality/ bubble.

Maybe you should be the one to get out of the closet and look out the window. Football is played everywhere in the world with diff. cultural structures that make it unique in these countries and impact their societies in diff. ways.

You sound like the kid who cos he is yet to see someone else's front yard in other communities outside of his own community, thinks the front yards in his own community are the biggest. Don't worry, Ed.

{Ed025's Note - ahh my mistake then, its just that i have never seen barcelona or real madrid dance around their respective grounds waving balloons when they got a draw with eibar, you really are a piece of work, people are laughing at you now mate so if i were you i would stop digging, a cultural thing my arse.. :)

09 Oct 2020 11:14:25
Come on now lads! I think ED025 was only try to give out banter. Part of the game, lord knows we've been giving it to the Ev over the years.

They've got some time in the sun, let them bask in it. Come the Saturday after next the bubble will have burst for the blue side of Merseyside, eh ed? ;)

{Ed025's Note - i used to look forward to derbies CM but not anymore, i have been beaten into submission mate because we get no luck in them.. :)

09 Oct 2020 11:40:26
Could be a different story this time ed. Your side are flowing with confidence.

Fans say that it is sure to be a cracking game. But I can't see Ancelotti playing attacking footy against the reds. He has always had success playing the defensive game against Klopp's LFC, for both Napoli and Everton. Another 0-0 on the cards for me.

That's right, Pickford and Adrian in goal and I am saying 0-0.


{Ed025's Note - more likely 10-10 with them 2 between the sticks CM, i just hope we can give you a good game and hold our heads up whatever the result mate..



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