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10 Oct 2020 07:59:46
Ed1 which midfield would you go with against Everton?

{Ed001's Note - depends on whose fit but if they are all fit Fabinho, Milner and Henderson.}

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10 Oct 2020 10:01:55
Klopp rearly starts Milner anymore I think he should be higher up the list for game time then others never let's the team down.

10 Oct 2020 09:45:32
Good choice actually Ed, I was thinking about Thiago but I think we need more experience than anything next week so them three would be perfect. Thiago on for the last half hour or so, should he be ready that is.

{Ed001's Note - we need the press in midfield to be on top of them, smothering them, otherwise we have seen what happens at the back!}

10 Oct 2020 10:42:39
To be fair overall when I think of our squad I'm confident. All I aren't confident with is Keita starting, if he does then I'll be absolutely bricking it, can't be doing with that!

10 Oct 2020 10:48:30
Henderson, Milner and Jones for me with Thiago coming on for Milner when the game has settled down and spaces open up.

I have nothing against Keita but I just don't see what he has to offer in a Goodison derby.

10 Oct 2020 10:52:32
I’d be surprised to see Klopp going for that midfield 3 but what do I know. Gini seems his go to man but he was poor against Villa. Hendo will be a big boost but again it all depends on if he comes through these internationals unscathed or if he even plays in them. He’s not had the greatest amount of playing minutes since picking up the injuries in July and again in Sep. Only my opinion but I think if we go for Fab, Hendo and Milner we are saying to Everton before the game we are worried and the message should be they should be worried about us. For me if they are deemed fit enough to start I would go with Fab, Hendo and Thiago. That midfield 3 can dominate other midfields in possession as well as out of possession.

10 Oct 2020 10:59:44
We need the press from the front 3 to work as well, Mane being back should help.

10 Oct 2020 12:07:19
Not sure that I see Thiago and Fabinho together in a midfield 3.
Ed001’s choice is very possible though I think it’ll be Fabinho, Henderson and Wijnaldum myself.
No problems with that 3 at all, or either actually.

10 Oct 2020 12:51:46
Me neither, Juicer even tho I feel Thiago and play ahead of Fab in the DM BUT maybe not in the normal way our other CM's play it. Jones? Nope, not happening vs Everton esp. in this particular game where the tension will be off the charts.

Like Juicer, I would go Hendo/ Milner and Gini if Fab cannot go. If Fab can go then, it should be Fab, Hendo, Milner/ Gini.

10 Oct 2020 13:09:38
Genuine question Rm and juicer. Why can’t you see Fab and Thiago playing together? Thiago can play the Dm role but he can also play further forward as a creator. I think his pressing, tackling and interceptions stats in Germany were phenomenal as well.
Also Interesting to see that the predominantly midfield 3 of Hendo, Wiji and Fab have won the CL and premier league in the last 2 seasons and after one result against villa Wiji seems to be the fall guy and people are wanting him replaced by Milner who don’t get me wrong has been fabulous at the club but has been nothing more than a bit part player in the last 2 seasons.

10 Oct 2020 13:14:00
Wish Ox were healthy, seems like the perfect match for him particularly since we really need the press to be working.

10 Oct 2020 13:50:46
JK23, horses for course, man. If we are going on the upcoming Everton game, I believe we go with what we know works cos of the importance of the game. That does not mean Thiago and Fab cannot play together. It just means IMO, he cannot play vs Everton right now under the circumstances. In addition, Thiago played the DM role but more as a DLP than a true DM like Fab is, IMO.

Now I fully agree with you that Thiago can play the ACM role as well as he has the legs to press, win the ball back and launch attacks due to his intelligence, quick thinking and vision. I just don't think this is the game where it can happen esp. if we have Hendo on one ACM role and Milner/ Wiji in the other.

10 Oct 2020 14:29:52
Rm only asked the question to see what your opinion was 👍. Personally I’d like to think Thiago and Fab can play together in the middle as both are quality players. But only time will tell if they can after we see them play a few games together. It will be very interesting to see who Klopp goes with as Hendo hasn’t played a lot and Thiago has been in isolation. That could mean they are out of the running or their freshness could be preferred to players coming back from international duty. We might even see Fab at the heart of defence again.

10 Oct 2020 18:29:51
JK23, we shall see.

10 Oct 2020 19:10:00
My view on on why I don’t think Thiago and Fabinho together is the right mix in a 3 vs Everton is their similarities in mobility and pace, neither are especially quick and that part of their game is probably less strong than other parts.
In a high intensity game like Everton where you’re wanting to get on top of them, a harder-working and more mobile 3 is better.
It’ll be an interesting tactical match up though, because Everton are going well but we need to close down James as he’s the fulcrum of their creativity.
In certain advantageous situations, like Chelsea, then Thiago in a 3 with Fabinho is ok.

10 Oct 2020 21:48:11
I think Fabs may be in defence. Gomez has been woeful. Thiage start in mid.

11 Oct 2020 08:58:45
Juicer cheers for the reply mate and totally understand where you’re coming from. I’d be happy with Wiji, Fab and Hendo in there but neither of those 3 are renowned for their speed. All are work horses but so is Thiago and he can move the ball quicker around the pitch and predominately forward. Ox is our quickest midfielder but he’s rarely started the big games.

11 Oct 2020 11:09:28
MikeyB, I don't see Thiago starting cos he has been in isolation for two weeks and we all know Klopp does not bring players in to start such big games w/ o adequate training sessions under their belts. I obviously could be wrong.

11 Oct 2020 11:38:47
I remember someone guaranteed Thiago 100% wouldn’t play against Chelsea as he had had no pre season. I remember how that prediction ended 👀.

12 Oct 2020 12:34:41
I don't see speed as important in our midfield as we've never had it and midfielders rarely need it. I personally would have gini as the first name in midfield as James R will only cause us danger when he tries to get into those pockets centrally from the right side so gini is great at reading the play and can do his typical shift in closing off the danger and time that James needs to be effective on the ball. This can give robbo and mane the chance to attack as a pair. If hendo is fit and sharp I play him as Trent has always looked more dominant and relaxed with hendo setting the scene to give Trent the best areas to attack and offering him defensive support crucially too.

The next call is wether fabinho might be considered to Gomez who mightnt be in the best shape to play a tough derby with his last game surely being public discussion in the build up and richarlison and DCL will look to play on his side and be constantly targeted. I'd be happy to select Fabinho if hendo can also start ahead in that right side. Thiago then is more than capable with his quality to sit deep and read any danger that gets by the energy and aggression of hendo and gini ahead. His passing range could be key when breaking Everton down as Allan and doucoure are both strong when asked to stop players trying to carry the ball and they are so dominant in the tackle and intensity that we will want to get passes that bypass that line and into or forwards goalside of that midfield.

Everton don't have a huge amount of offensive threat in their CM that we should worry about as instead we should look to our players that can get at them as doucoure is realistically the only one who might try to get forward and I'd predict that ancelloti won't even let them lose shape and ask that they stay disciplined.

Everton offer threat from wide with coleman and James playing well together and richarlison and digne threats when probing from the left. Digne and James will look to whip dangerous balls into the box for Calvert Lewin who is flying right now at attacking those deliveries so I think hendo and gini protect our full backs and close off the time and space out wide while Fabinho and VVD use their physicality and calmness at the centre to keep DCL quiet. I think we could then cause them problems as defence and GK can be punished if salah and mane get them twisting and turning around the box where their agility can let them down. Curtis Jones would not be sensible to start as his game would be very tough in that midfield that Everton are using. Milner would be a possible sub depending on what we need in the game, jota could offer us a possible central mix up if firmino can't get the spaces he wants if they sit one or 2 midfielders deep and we need a different option jota gives that direct dribbling and pace while always looking to shoot on sight. We have strong options and strength that gives klopp a few ways to set up which is pleasing because we've not often had Liverpool teams in premier league era that doesn't pick itself.

My main worry is Adrian in goal, he just looks so uncomfortable and he knows that he doesn't have the trust from his defenders which makes him more and more indecisive with each game and we need a calm focus when games are giving us difficult periods which have cost us in his recent appearances.



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