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16 Oct 2020 08:53:07
Not seen one of these type posts lately, so - who are liverpool's three best players today?

I'd say
Van djike.

But there are cases for mane, robbo Ali, Bobby and even thiago (although I haven't seen too much of him)

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16 Oct 2020 08:56:15
You could've made it 5 mate, it'd of made it a bit easier lol I'd go with Bobby, Mane and Hendo.

16 Oct 2020 09:01:50
That’s though! But at a push vvd mane Salah!
Are our best players imo.

16 Oct 2020 09:23:37
Trent VvD Salah
Mane barely missed the cut for me.

16 Oct 2020 09:25:24
Honestly I wouldn't say Van Dijk has been top 3 this season. His form has been patchy at best. Mine would be Salah, Mane and Henderson. Was going to say Thiago for his 45 minutes against Chelsea but maybe premature!

16 Oct 2020 09:27:27
I think Hendo is a very important player for us but for me he’s not in our top 3 or 5 for best players.

1. Mane
2. Salah
3. VVD

Thiago is knocking on that door as well along with quite a few others.

16 Oct 2020 10:31:05
VVD is no where near he’s best so not in the top 3 for me mane, salah and hendo for me.

16 Oct 2020 10:15:25
Thiago can't be considered yet for me, he's only played half a game, we need to see him a lot more then that to see if he could make our top three player list. Hopefully a year from now he will make it (i believe he will) but right now, it's almost impossible to consider him.

16 Oct 2020 11:00:52
On current form for me, it’s Robertson, mane and Salah. Maybe Jota.

16 Oct 2020 11:32:03
Salah I’d argue against that mate. If the question was who’s our most important player then I’d agree Thiago wouldn’t be in there as he’s played 45 mins. The question was who’s our best players. Thiago is a world class player and he’s still a world class player. For argument sake If a club was to say sign the best player in the world it doesn’t mean he’s now not the best at player at that club because he’s just signed. He’d still be the best player in the world. I think if we were to put out whole squad up for sale and money wasn’t an issue the best teams in world football would be beating down the door to sign Mane, Salah, VVD, Thiago, Allison, Trent and Robbo.
But again this is only my opinion. The great thing about this debate is it can go on and on as everyone will see things differently.

16 Oct 2020 15:14:17
VVD, Thiago and Salah. our best playerin each area of the pitch 4 me.

16 Oct 2020 15:50:35
Salah is right jk23 dude. He can't be considered l. He's played 45 minutes against ten men. I agree that he has the potential. But this is a different league. Wc players have moved and flopped.

And salah, I envy you mate. I should have had the bottle to put Bobby in my top 3. Form is temporary, class is permanent. Vvd was asked who the best player he has ever played with and he said Firmino without much thought. And he's played with some pretty tidy players.
And if you don't think Henderson is in the top 5 you need your head testing. You know fifa stats are ridiculous. I think Hendo got 65 for pace. He is among the faster players at the club. He is definitely, 100% in the top five and my 3. You did just watch him miss out on player of the season by a hairs breadth. He was our best player last season. So how come he's not even one of the first names on your team sheet? Baffling.

16 Oct 2020 16:17:00
Robbie how can anyone be right mate when the question is subjective and everyone’s answer is their own opinion. You even asked the original question 🤦🏻‍♂️ You never said who’s been Liverpool’s best players. So a month after signing VVD I’m guessing you rated him behind Lovren, Klavan and Matip because he can’t be a better player than them if he’d only just signed under your logic. Like you said class is permanent and we have lots of players with class including Thiago. Perhaps if you allowed other people to have an opinion other than just yours then we wouldn’t need our heads tested.

16 Oct 2020 16:24:49
And after spunking 60 mill on Allison he wasn’t a better keeper than Mig or Karius from day 1 😂.

16 Oct 2020 16:37:17
Look lads there's about 7 or 8 players at the club who are the best in their position so picking 3 is pointless! i love the 20 odd of them.

16 Oct 2020 17:07:30
Jk23, there's no need to add a touch of snide. It is subjective to a point. Like you say am I entitled to say klavan is better for Liverpool when vvd was in yhe team.

Jordan Henderson is definitely in the top five at our squad. People who don't rate Hendo and Bobby are usually people who know plenty about watching skill but not so much about tactics.

Thiago can't be considered because he hasn't played yet. I'm sure he'll be in all our top 5s, maybe not top 3 though. We'll see. I certainly hope he does. Andy Robertson says Henderson is the most underestimated player he's playedwith.

16 Oct 2020 17:27:27
Robbie I didn’t add any snide it was with a touch of banter as this is a banter site. You mentioned fifa stats so I assumed that was you bantering also. I’ve not said anything negative about Hendo or Bobby in any of my comments. Actually I said in my first comment Hendo is one of our most important players. Like I said originally and you repeated its subjective. And then your next sentence you used the words “is definitely in the top 5” and “Thiago can’t be considered” so to me that’s not subjective. That’s you saying you are right and I am wrong.

16 Oct 2020 18:02:08
JK23 on whether Thiago is one of our best players, I agree with both Salah and Robbie on this. Thiago is a great player, no doubt. But he is not one of our best players yet cos he has yet to prove that. Both statements can be correct at the same time.

16 Oct 2020 18:34:24
Rm In my opinion he is. In yours he isn’t. I’ve not said anyone is right or wrong. I’ve just given an opinion. I’m the one that’s being told I am in the wrong mate 👍. No ones opinion is right or wrong. But when you use words like definitely, cannot be considered, need your head testing then that’s not opinion.

16 Oct 2020 18:52:43
Anyone who hasn’t put Thiago in is absolutely insane. He is top 10 players in the world.

16 Oct 2020 19:04:49
Robbie, Salah and Rm totally appreciate your opinions lads and my replies weren’t in anger or out. It would have been the same if we were sat in a pub having a pint debating it. You boys have chosen yours and I simply chose mine. At no way am I saying my selections are right and yours are wrong or saying you need your heads checked 👍.

16 Oct 2020 22:10:48
Salah, Mane, Hendo, on this season so far.

16 Oct 2020 22:56:34
Stevie you do realise Hendo has only played 66 mins against Leeds and 45 mins against Chelsea this season. If we basing it on this season alone then Thiago has to be in there for his 45 mins 👀. Nah mane, Salah and Robbo have started this season well for me.

17 Oct 2020 09:05:41
BigVirg not sure u can say that mate. Allison is best gk in the world. VVD best defender and Mane is getting very close to being the world best wide player. Of course we not basing on this season just overall. Thiago for me will have to prove he is better than those three. Am not sure either Thiago quite makes world top 10.

17 Oct 2020 09:51:41
VVD above everyone else coz the entire backline depends on him. That is not the case in midfield and upfront.

17 Oct 2020 11:24:43
No prob, JK23. I did not take it personal at all. Your opinion on Thiago being one of our best, is actually a valid one to have and can see where you are coming from on that. I just think he needs to prove his greatness and "bestness" here first and that is all. Peace and Love, bro.

17 Oct 2020 11:42:36
Too many people base their opinions entirely on the past (even though it is not to be forgotten) . But the game is entirely about "what have you done for me, lately"? Thiago has a stellar record and undeniable footballing skills. But he's yet to show anything, beyond any doubt. The "Keita project" should teach us plenty. Nothing is guaranteed.



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