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16 Oct 2020 05:47:15
Ed025 hope you are well, respect your banter on here mate!
Big day for the blue half tomorrow, are you confident and what is your prediction?

{Ed025's Note - im hoping for a draw hughesy, we have been doing very well but no doubt the moon will be aligned with jupiter or something and you will get a couple of goals courtesy of VAR, digne could be out and the way salah is playing that could spell big trouble for us mate, but if we did win i would break curfew and hold a street party in gateacre with 2000 people hugging and kissing and singing songs until the early hours...or i might just crack open a few bottles of moretti in the house.. :)

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16 Oct 2020 09:38:16
Mercury is in retrograde, Ed025, which means Jordan Pickford will drop the ball twice as often as usual.
Good luck for the game.

{Ed025's Note - that happens every time the sun rises IDOG, i wish i could wish the reds good luck mate...but my bitterness wont allow that.. :)

16 Oct 2020 09:42:39
Morretti is my choice of beverage when we beat you ED.

{Ed025's Note - lets just hope you end up tea total then gaz.. :)

16 Oct 2020 09:45:12
I really have a feeling you will be celebrating ed025. Something isn't right at liverpool. Dunno what it is. Hope im wrong. I know you'll be a gent if you get the win but you're a huge minority (is that an oxymoron or am I just a moron? )

Our defence is so shakey and your boy up front has been brilliant lately.

{Ed025's Note - all things come to an end robbie and we have had a really good run up to now, im expecting a backlash from your villa performance mate..

16 Oct 2020 10:30:41
In recent years We’ve not gone into a game worrying about the opposition. 1 very bad defeat has seemed to have changed that amongst fans. I’ve seen calls for setting up a midfield (with Milner Hendo and fab) to try and counter the Everton threat. We didn’t win the CL and premier league in the last 24 months setting up worrying about the opposition. Every team is a threat and capable of beating us just ask Watford and Villa. But we are more than capable of beating everyone and that has happened in the last 24 months. Klopp will be setting up tomorrow not to avoid defeat but to win the game as he has done for his entire time here. That doesn’t mean we will definitely win as Everton are a good team but we will be trying to win it. And for me we need our most in form best players on that pitch.

16 Oct 2020 11:41:09
With you for the most part there, JK23. Klopp tries to win every game and if not, he sure does not lose them and the numbers have shown that through out his career here (242 wins/ draws, 4 losses in 272 games overall) .

These nos. don't guarantee a damn thing vs Everton BUT at least they prove that we will give it a right go BUT also remembering that a draw is not really a bad result. For both teams, really.

16 Oct 2020 13:18:45
In recent years Everton have had no belief they were ever going to get anything against us.

Although this appears to be the best Everton team for quite some time if they come at us an leave space in behind it could be detrimental for them.

Although tbh, I don't think Ancelotti is that naive. Wouldn't surprise me if it's still a bore draw.

16 Oct 2020 15:12:45
Jesus lads, et our arses handedtous once and we start worrying about Calvert Lewin? thank God we only lose a couple of times a year😁😉.

16 Oct 2020 16:30:21
Sorry guys, I had a typo. I meant in my post, that Klopp had only lost 46 games as LFC manager, not 4 losses. My bad on the typo.

16 Oct 2020 16:31:38
JH, we should be aware of DCL's currently good form. Worrying my head off over it? Nope. Ain't worth my time.

16 Oct 2020 17:32:24
Its a game that we can lose, Everton are very strong this year. But the fans are definitely far more negative because of 1 albeit very poor defeat. We'll be up for bouncing back and these are still the same players who have done so well for us. i fancy Salah to be the difference.

16 Oct 2020 18:05:31
No pressure on the blues from fans. I always get the feeling they rubbish themselves in case of making a mistake. We never really play well after international breaks so go me it’s got draw written all over it hope we beat them tho just to see there heads fall off😂👏👏.

16 Oct 2020 10:12:24
'im expecting a backlash from your villa performance mate'

That's it isn't it Ed25, I see our lads really bouncing back after it, I have a feeling we're going to absolutely annihilate Everton tomorrow. Good news for you mate is when I predict things I'm always wrong so we'll have to wait and see, either way it'll be a cracking game no doubt. What I'm liking about this fixture this time around is the big question is, who are the favourites to win it? kind of like how long is a piece of string isn't it.

{Ed025's Note - i cant see an annihilation for either team salah, boring 0-0 is the best bet mate..

16 Oct 2020 12:00:25
Ed025, who do you think goes into the game as favourites?

{Ed025's Note - liverpool CM, the bookies agree aswell mate..

16 Oct 2020 12:37:16
You are a good sport Ed025. Love your humor.
It will be good game.

{Ed025's Note - i hope so deceptikon, cheers mate..

16 Oct 2020 13:52:12
First time in a long while I'm worried for the game ed. World class manager in Ancelotti, a well balanced team and the in form team in the league. Our last result could give us the kick up the backside needed or could knock confidence even further. Be interesting to see.

{Ed025's Note - i will be interesting i hope bledd, really difficult one to call mate and you cant rule out any result imo..

16 Oct 2020 17:55:56
JH, you can lose any game on any given day. Therefore, which is why I don't get over-worried, over-excited or over-concerned any more before games>

Qs for people being negative just cos of one very bad result, Perspective is not the strong suit of a lot of people these days cos everything is often reactionary esp. on SM and when you have pundits (ex. LFC player or ex players, period) being as reactionary as fans on SM just for clicks and likes on Twitter then, this is what you have.

As for the game tmrw, it will be the first Goodison derby were our front three will start the game. We will see how they handle it.

{Ed025's Note - front 2 and a half if bobby plays.. :)

16 Oct 2020 17:59:44
Its the biggest derby game since the Cup semi final in 2012 I think it was. Liverpool were appauling against Villa last time out and Everton are playing well. We will miss Allison for sure, but the return of Hendo Thiago and Mane is huge . We desperately missed Hendo against Villa, love him or hate him the man leads and that is what is needed right now. It may be Thiago and Mane start on the bench but my word what a pair of weapons to have . Fabinho may well start at CB ahead of Gomez and whatever was making VvD play like RvD has hopefully been shaken off. But tomorrow we shall see. Im going to say it will be tight till the last 20 mins and then we pull away. 3-1 Liverpool with plenty of oh s@#t moments!

16 Oct 2020 18:46:16
Going to be an interesting one I think, the pressure will really be on the blues to play positively and get a result after their good start, can they handle that pressure though or will it get to them? We also have the pressure to bounce back after the Villa horror show, so will we be nervy or will we rise to the occasion?
I fancy liverpool to win but it will be nervy whenever Everton drive forward.

16 Oct 2020 18:47:44
Has Klopp confirmed front 3 are starting tomorrow.

16 Oct 2020 19:03:13
All the hype in the press we are going to get beat I love being underdog it will bring out the best in our lads.

{Ed025's Note - if i was klopp Tc heres how i would set up...drop vanilla firmino and replace him with the big dipstick origi, whip over loads of crosses from TAA and robbo and have pickford flapping like a seal with st vitus dance, then mane and salah can feed on second phase balls and bobs your uncle, now im not saying im a better tactician than jurgen but lets be honest...its a master stroke of a plan mate..

16 Oct 2020 19:24:29
Who do we miss most if they were injured
That’s my list of our most important players. If one of the others is injured then it makes little difference.

16 Oct 2020 19:42:04
You forgot to add your favourite player Bobby in that list mark lol ;) .

16 Oct 2020 19:42:35
Your staying very grounded Ed. Win tomorrow and that will change :D.

{Ed025's Note - your dead right i will L8, it will be like last night at the proms in our house mate.. :)

16 Oct 2020 19:46:49
Shaq looked really good against Germany the other night. I'm hoping he makes a positive impact on the game.

16 Oct 2020 21:05:49
The aerial battle between VVD and DCL will be very interesting tomorrow. Virgil can’t afford to be so laid back cause he will loose that battle if he does. I think big Dom will be relishing the chance to further enhance his reputation against the man whose widely regarded as the best in the world in his position. Hopefully it’ll wake Virgil up from his almost comatosed state of late and we get the player we know he can be back.

16 Oct 2020 22:07:28
Reds defence need to be awake and ready tomorrow. Up against a quality and in form blues striker. In my opinion Bobby needs a rest, my favourite player of recent years, but not himself. Id love to see Thiago and what he can do, and Millie is made for this game, just my thoughts. Hope its a great game. Reds just nicking it. Y. N. W. A.

16 Oct 2020 22:21:46
Nice one Salah, hope Booby smashes it tomorrow I will be the first to congratulate him. Really looking forward to the match and RM and ed001 telling me how wrong I was about Bobby.

16 Oct 2020 22:53:00
Fingers crossed Mark mate.

16 Oct 2020 22:03:05
Dear Ed025. The Zodiac analysis for 17/ 10/ 20 reads as follows:

"The moon is opposite Uranus Rx at 12:37 p. m.
The moon is conjunct Mercury Rx at 2:52 p. m.
In the early afternoon, the instinctive Scorpio moon forms an opposition with Uranus in earthy Taurus. This polarity between the reflective moon and disruptive Uranus may stimulate some emotional upsets or surprise occurrences. "

In other words, be prepared to have your bells rung. LOL. 😁.

{Ed025's Note - i think you are talking through uranus ArAy.. :)

17 Oct 2020 01:35:06
Everton have been playing well but who have they actually played? None of the big six other than Spurs who if they were to play them now, everton would lose. All the other teams they have played were mid to bottom of the table team so this is their first real challenge. If they lose this, then this will put them back in their place, however because we have Adrian in goal, I feel they may get something from this game.

{Ed025's Note - no biggy we have not played any of the top sides like villa mate, but what we have done is beat everything put in front of us..well up to now, now im sure your penchant for pissing on our parade will come soon but at least give us a bit of credit for not only our results but in the way we have played as well...or is that too much to ask for?..

17 Oct 2020 01:37:03
Like a few above have said, one bad loss. First 3 games of the season and we looked back to our best, certainly since lockdown, one shocker and we're all worried. If Alison was playing I'd go 3-1 to us, but to be honest I'd settle for a draw, 2-2 seems likely, but if i had to back a winner I'd still say us.

17 Oct 2020 07:26:00
I really don't like it when I read 'who have Everton really played' it's gone on for a couple of weeks now. In the premier league every single game is a difficult one which is why this league is the best in the world, just look at Villa a couple of weeks ago smashing the living daylights out of us. It doesn't matter who you play, if you're winning constantly in this league like Everton has done then they are doing well. I believe they will lose today but I also think they will have a good season.

{Ed025's Note - today is just another game of football salah...unless we win of course mate.. :)

17 Oct 2020 07:49:40
Nice tactics there Ed025, straight out of the Joe Royle 1970 Year Book 🤣.

{Ed025's Note - you are playing a naturally gifted and tactically astute side juicer, its just a means to an end mate.. :)

17 Oct 2020 10:45:58
If divock is fit we'll be fine.

17 Oct 2020 11:21:32
Ed25, stick to your day job, bro.

{Ed025's Note - come on RM now that klopp has been found out you cant tell me you would,nt want me to take over?. i could halt this freefall you are in with my tactical acumen and foresight...after all i was the first one to suss out firmino as a fraud and gomez as the reincarnation of harry maguire mate.. :)

17 Oct 2020 11:27:01
Ed025, of course I'm talking through "Uranus". You do too. How else do we communicate, otherwise? 😉😂.

{Ed025's Note - thats a very fair point mate.. :)



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