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22 Oct 2020 21:07:45
Big Up to Irish Rover, for hooking a me up with the streaming website to watch the Ajax game. It was from Dutch TV so commentaries were in Dutch BUT since I am pretty fluent in Flemish 9similar to Holland's version of Dutch) here in Belgium, it was NO problem following the game.

Once again, many thanks, bro.

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23 Oct 2020 07:35:20
Glad it worked RM 👍.

23 Oct 2020 08:01:27
Think I’m going to start streaming games. I pay a substantial fee every month for Sky sports and BT. Really looking forward to time off this weekend to watch us and the UFC and I’ve just realised that it would cost an extra £35 just to watch them. Absolutely disgraceful.

23 Oct 2020 09:46:18
It's a absolute joke JK but there are plenty of very good options out there mate. I can give you a name if you want to drop me a email mate.

23 Oct 2020 09:58:49
Barry that is very kind of you mate but I’ve already lined up a firestick this morning. Not to start telling everyone my life story and bore you but I’ve just got off the phone with Sky and they want close to £600 for me to terminate my sky, phone line and broadband with them as it’s their early termination fee apparently. When the next pick of matches comes around you can guarantee the big ones will be chosen for ppv.

{Ed002's Note - Sky are not responsible for the charges - the clubs are.}

23 Oct 2020 10:22:31
Ed002 who will be responsible for choosing the next bunch of games for PPV? Is that the tv channels or do clubs get a say. I’m betting it won’t be any Fulham, West Brom etc games. I’m more upset with the UFC PPV to be honest. The last 50 odd events have been aired on the channels that people pay monthly for. Because it’s a big fight this weekend they are now charging an extra £20 for it.

{Ed002's Note - Right now there are only three weeks to go using this agreement and the games being shown include those not picked picked up bu the broadcasters - this week West Brom/Burnley and Sheffield United/Fulham will be shown. Next week, Brighton/Newcastle, Fulham/Crystal Palace will be shown and the week after (the final week of the agreement as it stands) will see Fulham/West Brom, Aston Villa/Southampton etc.. So perhaps you should not be making any bets?

I know nothing about UFC but would ban it if I could.}

23 Oct 2020 10:58:52
Cheers for the info Ed002. But as you’ve said the current agreement ends in 3 weeks. Let’s see what the new agreement brings. Have a good weekend 👍.

{Ed002's Note - There has been a huge row over the Pay Per View games with Sky/BT telling the Premier League that the idea will never work and after Week 1 the broadcast costs were not covered and there will be no money to give back to the clubs. The clubs who objected to the price being so high - although they voted for the PPV concept - are again pushing for the games being shown at an affordable price. £2.99 is the cost that these clubs have proposed and the broadcasters say it will work at that price.}

23 Oct 2020 11:10:02
Ed002 as always mate your info is invaluable. £2.99 that would be some price that.

{Ed002's Note - Unfortunately there are clubs who will never agree to that.}

23 Oct 2020 11:35:53
2.99 would be a brilliant price range I'd pay that., just a tip with EE you can get BT sport included with your phone contract for free as a extra, then pay 8 pound a month for big screen access that's what I do.

23 Oct 2020 11:35:54
£2.99 makes sense as JK23 says £35 is way too much and encourages non social distancing - you would the UK government with those Eton educated buys would understand that but apparently they are taught privilege not common sense.

23 Oct 2020 11:51:05
At 2.99 I would watch some non LFC games as well specially at the moment with all the restrictions in place. Typical some clubs won’t agree to it, shame they couldn’t come to some sort of short term agreement to it whilst C.V. is still stopping stadiums being full.

23 Oct 2020 12:08:12
£2.99 per game so that would be say €5.00 in my neck of the woods I could definitely do that but that will probably never happen.

23 Oct 2020 12:22:59
JK I have a firestick and use the Vola sports app, you just need to Google how to do it, need another app called Downloader just, it's easy done. Flawless streams for any match. Only flaw as such, would be it gives you loads of streams for each match some of which can be a couple of mins behind the actual match, some are close though. Good stuff tbh.

23 Oct 2020 12:32:13
No doubt FSG didn't agree to it.

23 Oct 2020 15:04:41
Bill I’m in process of getting a fire stick mate 👍. I just need to try and negotiate my way out of my sky contract. I’ve emailed Messi to see if he can give me any tips on contracts and leaving them.

23 Oct 2020 18:27:01
I use a FireStick with an IPTV Service called Sports Streamz. Costs about £8 a month but you need a VPN service with it which is about £8 a month also. All the games spot on plus movie channels and PPV.
You also get shed loads of special channels for when you feel like a selfie😳.

23 Oct 2020 20:18:55
Bill vola is boss cheers.

24 Oct 2020 12:22:28
No probs lol Hailstones, my mate put me onto it and it works a treat! Only thing to be careful with is it updates at times so if you're using a firestick you would need to delete it and reinstall it (the newer version)



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