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01 Nov 2020 03:08:06
Ed001 stick with firmino or try jota

Firmino may need a rest doesn't seem to be playing well even his pressing isn't what I'm used to from him

Or would dropping him ruin his confidence.

{Ed001's Note - stick with Firmino.}

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01 Nov 2020 04:26:48
At the sake of being mauled on here its about time Jota started games and firmino has to make way for him.
Am done with firmino.
Dont even care what he brings.

01 Nov 2020 04:38:08
I’m sorry, but a 29-year old seasoned professional like Firmino cannot use the confidence excuse should he be dropped, which he won’t be. It is perfectly reasonable in the case of a 21-year old kid, but not a guy that has been in top-level professional football for a decade.
His performances simply aren’t good enough at the moment and he is a terrible finisher. Give someone else a go.

01 Nov 2020 07:09:42
Klopp has Firmino in the team for all the qualities he brings to the team which are not the qualities that fans seem to want to see or measure him by. People say he lacks confidence but I don't see that all and actually think its more fans own lack of confidence whilst always needing to find a whipping boy.

The disrespect is embarrassing to be honest. People should be careful what they wish for. Its not often you can find the perfect all round and selfless #9 to compliment Salah and Mane. These guys don't just fall off trees.

01 Nov 2020 07:12:38
I just posted elsewhere that at his best Bobby is the best at what he does. I. e a couple seasons ago when he did all the usual stuff we rate him for but also scored 27 goals. He is doing neither currently and I think he both needs a rest and also needs to know he can and will be dropped if he doesn’t perform.

01 Nov 2020 08:33:04
Listen strikers go through a barren patch of not scoring goals and the best way to deal with it is to work through it same goes with Bobby what's to say when we play city he comes out all guns blazing keep faith in him as we all should support them through the bad times and the good times will come back rest assured and on a foot note well done phillips.

01 Nov 2020 08:37:28
I absolutely love Firmino. But he's unrecognizable at the moment. His touch is non existent, his pressing is half hearted. Constantly losing the ball. Problem is we don't have an alternative. Jota plays on the left so bringing him in means shifting either Mane or Salah (our 2 best players) out of position.

01 Nov 2020 08:48:08
Jota is currently our third top goal scorer having only played a third of minutes that the other front 3 have. Is it a case that we can afford to keep those numbers on the bench and he has to accept he’s not a starter and his role is a super sub or do we pull our heads out of the sand and start playing people in the front 3 on performances like we do with midfield. If the front 3 is selected on form and performances then for me he starts with mane and Mo. And that’s not me saying Bobby is dropped for good because once his performances improve then he will be back in the reckoning. Competition for places is great for the club. Carrying players on repetition isn’t.

01 Nov 2020 09:11:19
Jota's speed is a problem for defenders who have already played 60 minutes and are a bit tired and then you bring in 2 quck players in Jota and Shaq. This will put more pressure in the opposition's defence. I would say, swap between Jota and Bobby for now. Both keep their fitness and confidence. Jota is only 23 and qill get plenty of opportunity. Why not drop Mane to get a rest? I think Jota should rotate with all the front 3 for the moment. Try not to burn him out at the start of a long season.

01 Nov 2020 09:11:25
What more has Jota to do? He deserves a chance.

01 Nov 2020 10:03:25
Rotation - Plenty of games for Jota to start.

01 Nov 2020 10:35:02
I think the biggest thing holding back Firmino is the number on his back. If he wore a 7 or even a 10 he would be regarded a lot higher by fans and pundits as goals wouldn't necessarily be expected as regular.

Having said that I do think he's out of form and I do think teams have sussed out that to keep the other 2 quiet you really need to keep Firmino quiet. Perhaps a change of system 4-2-3-1 where we can still win the midfield with 2 top CMs and let Bobby play behind Salah with Mane and Jota either side would get more out of him?

01 Nov 2020 10:49:23
Bled really it’s a number on his back. It shouldn’t matter if he has number 1 on his back he’s still playing in the front 3. And looking at Mane, Salah and Jota’s goal and assist numbers this season I wouldn’t exactly say teams are keeping them quiet by keeping Bobby quiet. It looks more to me like they are just keeping Bobby quiet and the other 3 are doing ok.

01 Nov 2020 11:02:54
People going on about Jota needing to start just vosje has been scoring coming off the bench. Have people asked themselves why Jota is coming off the bench? Could it b that he is lethal cos opposing defenders are too tired late on to counter him? Just another POV.

Also, could it b that Klopp thinks he is not ready to start games yet is why he isn’t cod he just got here and is still adapting? That last part is true cos his rins are not well coordinated yet as he often runs into Mane and Salah. Just something to consider.

As for Bobbie, he needs to improve indeed and that much is true. Dropping him tho? Good luck with that cos Klopp would have dropped him already.

01 Nov 2020 11:06:45
Yeah they still have the quality to produce something. But it's a bit short sighted to say he plays in the front 3 and that's that. My point being his role is different to the other 2 in that he drops deeper and opens up space for them unlike typical number 9s. But I do think he's well out form and teams are also minimizing his impact.

01 Nov 2020 12:03:23
Bled he does drop deeper mate but his numbers also show he has similar amounts of chances as the other 2 and just as many shots as Mane. Last season in his first 6 games he had 3 goals and 3 assists. So the old he’s a slow starter doesn’t reflect in actual stats.
Jingles how comes the change in the name. Don’t you give Harry s##t for that. Further up you say it’s a squad game and Klopp is using it. Then 3 posts down you’re massively against using the squad and it’s a case of Bobby can’t be dropped. So which is it? Is it a squad game or not?

01 Nov 2020 13:25:18
JK23, my last post clearly explains my point. I suggest you read it again. Nowhere did I say Bobbie cannot b dropped. You said that. I said if Klopp felt he needed dropping, he would have done it already. So clearly, there are other things he is being asked to do that none of the others can do like maybe drawing out the opponents DM like he did with Soucek vs WH. Like I said, read the whole post again then actually address all the points in your reply rather than posting a response to something I did not even say.

01 Nov 2020 13:42:42
No worries Red Meister 👍.

01 Nov 2020 15:10:27
That is surprising regarding the stats I wouldn't have thought that. I'm not overly worried at the moment because we seem to have an effective plan B.



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