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18 Nov 2020 08:17:43
Just seen a tour of the new training centre by the Ox. Wow. these boys have a life don't they. Looks first class and should do the lads a world of good for training and recovery. Liverpool have made great strides under FSG and they have improved the club from top to bottom. Would you agree Ed's?

{Ed001's Note - yes, but it was not exactly difficult to move the club forward from where it had been before G&H came in. It should be remembered that, much as they made a complete hash of things, those two did begin the move towards making a new training centre etc. They just never had the money to invest. However, they are remembered far too harshly when you consider the *censored* who owned us before them. He was much worse and took us from a top club into an absolute mess which was run like a corner shop.}

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18 Nov 2020 11:10:36
Ed, why is it that David Moores gets such a relatively easy ride? As you say, under his watch we went from winning the league every other year to no CL football until 2001 and finishing between 4th and 7th most seasons.
He was quite possibly among the worst owners any top club has had.

{Ed001's Note - I have no idea mate, maybe it is because he spilled crocodile tears when he sold us down the river to line his pockets. The guy was certainly, by a huge margin, the worst owner we have ever had. Anfield could have been rebuilt in his time for a relative pittance and put us in a very financially strong position, but it would have meant he would no longer be paid for his role as chairman, so he put a stop to it. No idea why, the guy never worked a day in his life and inherited millions, yet he continued to take from the club even after he sold it. He would travel with the team for free as part of the deal to sell it and get put up in 5* luxury, all at the club's expense, even when he knew it was in financial problems. This when you remember he personally took £86m for himself from the sale of the club! He never put a single penny into the club during his time and took millions out, yet G&H get crucified and he gets away scot-free.}

18 Nov 2020 11:50:15
Genuinely unbelievable. The fact he couldn’t maintain or diversify Littlewoods to any degree, despite it being one of the most powerful retailers in the country when he got his hands on it, speaks volumes about what little vision he possessed as a ‘businessman’.
Man, the absolute shamelessness of demanding flights and accommodation as a condition for selling. Appalling.

{Ed001's Note - and the 'life presidency' title as well. Even when the club was on the verge of going under, he refused to give up his income and 'expenses' from the club. Prick Parry was up his backside as well and fully backed him throughout. Those two were a plague on our club and it is sad to see Prick still plaguing the game he has done nothing good for.}

18 Nov 2020 13:27:15
So you won't be sending David a Christmas card? Lol.

{Ed001's Note - probably not.}

18 Nov 2020 13:30:53
Moores: “You really don’t know me if you think that netting the extra £93,000,000 for myself was a factor In my selling to Hicks and Gillett. ”

He actually said that in his famous letter to Liverpool fans, where he also accused H &G of lacking “nobility, conscience, honorability” among other things while assuring us that he would never accept having a stand or even the entire stadium named after him, that he wasn’t “that type of owner”.

What a creep.

{Ed001's Note - vile man.}

18 Nov 2020 17:16:47
Tell you what Ed001 and I'm being honest here a book needs to be written about Moores because a very small percentage of fan's I know know what Moore's got up to. It was how close G&H took the club to the brink that put them under the spotlight while Moores slithered away and lots of people were none the wiser so maybe it's time to put the spotlight on him.

{Ed001's Note - I am very surprised one hasn't already been done.}

18 Nov 2020 17:31:45
Would you have any contacts in that department Ed001?Like a Simon Hughes or the chap who wrote Epic Swindle maybe.

{Ed001's Note - none.}

18 Nov 2020 18:16:04
I would do it only my fingers get sore from holding the crayons for too long.

19 Nov 2020 00:05:29
Tom Bower might be a good call if he is still around. Wrote Broken Dreams. Doesn't take any prisoners.

19 Nov 2020 08:07:09
Don't we have our own writer right here on the forum?! Get him on to it Ed.

{Ed001's Note - good thinking, I am sure he will love that idea, even if he normally does write fantasy novels. There is not much difference between fantasy and David Moores stories of his time at Liverpool and how he wasn't thinking about the money at all....}

19 Nov 2020 22:03:41
Personally I think Moore gets such an easy ride because when he was in charge it was pre-Internet and the wealth of contemporary knowledge wasn't comparable. We knew what H&G were doing at the time, and we hated it and them at the time whereas for most people Moore was gone by the time we really understood what he'd done.



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