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18 Nov 2020 15:20:00
So salah has come back with a second positive C.V. test. I always think he was never going to make game vs Leicester on Sunday but now looks like a 3 game break for him. Hopefully uses his time well and gets a nice rest but personally think this just goes to show that international football should have been postponed during this current C.V.. Whilst I read salah attended his brothers wedding which in all fairness wasn't the most sensible thing to do. Can any of the eds see a breaker in either the prem or even champs league anytime soon?

{Ed002's Note - He was never going to be playing in Sunday but this means he has another week in Egypt as a minimum but they have offered to provide segregated training facilities if Liverpool wants him to use them. There is no plan at the moment for the PL to take a break, I cannot answer for the Championship. There has been a discussion about travel guidance that has not been followed in respect of players from some of the English clubs travelling together for the Brazil games ignoring the FIFA recommendation that players should not travel with players from other clubs. With two players testing positive, including one from England, return travel plans will need to change and the clubs need to test and evaluating the returning players. As for Salah dancing on tables and mixing at a weddding as he did, no doubt Liverpool will have already explained the stupidity of the situation to him.}

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18 Nov 2020 17:02:45
I hope that they"explained"very loudly to him Ed002.

{Ed002's Note - I would expect the riot act to have been read Barry.}

18 Nov 2020 17:10:02
Proper order then Ed002.

18 Nov 2020 19:38:29
Salah is always dancing on top of the table.

18 Nov 2020 22:23:53
If he misses a few weeks due to not following the guidelines laid out by his employer, surely he shouldn't get paid for those few weeks? Some of us would get fired from our crappy jobs if that was the case.
A few weeks of Salah's wages would make a massive difference to a Liverpool food bank.

18 Nov 2020 22:48:21
Very very true BB.

19 Nov 2020 03:56:00

19 Nov 2020 10:57:52
While I agree on Salah I still feel bad for him in the situation. If your brothers wedding is happening I think he has the right to attend. Then when all his family is there along with him being a star people are going to be around him and it would be tough for him to be a bit of a jerk pushing friends and family away. It shouldn't have happened but I do feel bad for him all the same.

19 Nov 2020 12:23:00
Agree with that BB. Words fail me regards Salah's antics. Well, they don't, but they wouldn't get printed on here!

19 Nov 2020 16:24:39
That's the type of indecision I find so sext rome77.

19 Nov 2020 18:40:26
Ok, let’s take the outrage levels down a bit, Shall we? If I was Mo and my bro was getting married and I happened to b in the country? Sorry BUT I’m going to b with him and the fam, consequences be damned.

To me, Salah was damned if he did go to the wedding and damned if he didn’t. Family is very important to us all and I am sure Salah knew of the consequences if he went to the wedding hence, it is time to pay for his decisions. Such is life.

19 Nov 2020 20:44:58
Aga n I agree RM. How often does you brother get married? I don't blame him for going.

{Ed025's Note - then you are as bad as him robbie..a friggin idiot, do you realise how many people have died during this pandemic?, it may be ok for the likes of you who is young as it may not affect you, but it gets passed on to older and vunerable people by pricks like you and salah dont you get that?, very disappointed in you mate condoning that..

19 Nov 2020 22:03:41
RM, what does "paying for his decisions" entail? That's my point. He's contracted to an employer to perform a very specific task. He chose to put in jeopardy his ability to do that task, and you're defending him. He also put in jeopardy his family and others. You aren't allowed to do that in the UK at the moment, he wasn't either.
What do you think his punishment should be?

19 Nov 2020 21:59:30
Well said ed025. It's genuinely stunning the amount of people who still don't get that it's not about you. It's not 'I'll take the risk', it's 'I'll force everyone else to take the risk cause I want to do this thing'. Might as well spit in the face of everyone whose put themselves at risk (and lost people) keeping things moving and keeping things safe.

{Ed025's Note - some people just dont get it hjikle, i recently lost 2 good friends to covid mate and was not able to say goodbye to either of them, and its not because its salah its anyone who flouts the rules they should be ashamed of themselves..

19 Nov 2020 22:52:57
Don't call me a prick ed025, no need for that At all. I've taken efforts not to spread this C.V.. I'm way older than mo salah BTW too. I haven't had cv19, haven't spread it. I'm well aware people are dying.

That said, if my brother were getting married tomorrow, I'd be there. As long as I didn't have cv of course.

Peace out, good luck in the relegation battle.

{Ed025's Note - your right robbie i should not have said that and i apologise, but its a very emotive issue and lots of people are not taking it seriously mate..

19 Nov 2020 23:30:31
I'm sorry about your friends ed025. I may have been a bit quick in defending salah. Sorry for your loss though, for what it's worth.

I can tell you that I have been a lot more careful than mo.

{Ed025's Note - cheers robbie, i dont like the fact that sports people think they are above the restrictions, lots of footballers, rugby players, cricketers etc have flouted the rules and these are supposed to be role models mate..



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