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22 Nov 2020 23:16:24
Anyone see Klopp’s interview with sky after the game where he ripped into sky and BT over the scheduling of matches? Pretty interesting watch, I’ve no idea of the complexity of it all and if it’s as simple as he says it is to sort out, but the fundamental point about teams playing in a Wednesday then playing 12:30 sat is a bit stupid.

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22 Nov 2020 23:56:35
Seen it, can't disagree with much of what Jurgen said but surely the clubs themselves are to blame as well as they essentially sold their soul to the devil with these TV rights so have to do as the broadcasters, and I am guessing the Premier League, demand.

But that was simply Jurgen Klopp venting and it is understandable.

In a C.V. you would think football games would be more spaced out but instead the greedy gits at the top have doubled down. 3 international games instead of 2 and many more games spaced unevenly to not clash for viewer numbers with no regard for the players or coaching staff. Yeah they earn a big wage but they are human beings.

Fully understand Jurgen's frustrations.

And yeah I am a hypocrite as I have been watching all the games.

23 Nov 2020 09:15:39
Klopp has been saying this for years so it is nothing new. The reason it is getting more and more public support is cos of the C.V. and that other clubs are now being affected by it esp. with the early kick off times right after an international break, something Klopp has been complaining about since he got here.

23 Nov 2020 09:49:12
If we want to play in the CL then we need to suck it up and get on with it. 🤷🏼‍♂️.

23 Nov 2020 10:37:57
But why 12.30? We can still play on Saturday just a 3pm KO. Or later if sky/ BT want to show it.

23 Nov 2020 11:04:22
I’m sure Bt and sky replied to this issue a few weeks ago saying clubs are consulted and agree to it. Yes we could play 3 hours later on sat but not sure how much difference that makes to recovery and fitness. And if it does then the early kick off means we have 3 hours more recovery than we would have for the Ajax game next Tuesday night.

23 Nov 2020 11:22:51
Why should we or any of the champions league teams suck it up longthing? Bt have 2 kick off times on a Saturday and sky have 3 on a Saturday plus BBC having a couple on Sunday and Monday. If you play in the champions league on Wednesday, that week you can ONLY play 3pm 5pm 7pm Saturday 12pm 2pm 5pm 7pn Sunday. The reason they make them play at 12:30 Saturday is because they want the story of the big team losing, there's no other reason. The top 4 teams are getting deliberately shjt on from all sides in the name of creating a contest. The reason the small teams don't want 5 subs is because they don't want to lose the advantage they already have by playing less games than the big teams. Bt don't put the big teams on at 5 because they don't want to lose the story of the big team losing. And the price of this is the players being injured again this should happen more in teams that play more games and travel more. Again bringing down the standard for the smaller teams who also usually get a week to prepare tactically for games rather than a day or two like the big teams. This is why I'm in favour of that "powergrab" thing fsg proposed.

{Ed025's Note - yeah you would do jezza, its not like liverpool to try and bully others into submission is it?...oh yeah it is, the TV scheduling is about maximising viewers and is not a plot by media companies to pick on the "big 6" but dont let the truth get in the way of your persecution complex, you are obviously in favour of the "powergrab" and that does not surprise me in the slightest mate, after all you did instigate operation "screw everyone else" by wanting to reform the tv revenue split and leave the lower clubs up shirt creek..

23 Nov 2020 11:51:05
Surely people know how a clock and weekly calendar works. It swings in roundabouts. If you play earlier it means you have less time to prep / recover for that game but then you have more time to prep / recover for the next game. We play sat and tue next week. If we play late sat night or on sun then it’s less time to the tue Ajax game. Same as playing late last night on a Sunday it actually gave Klopp and players more time to recover and prep for Leicester after the international break.

23 Nov 2020 11:46:22
When you say"You did instigate"Ed do you mean you the fans or you the club?

{Ed025's Note - the club barry, they are ruthless in the persuit of money mate, and dont care who they tread over to get it unfortunately..

23 Nov 2020 11:52:55
Like it or not Ed025, Liverpool and Man Utd draw in the most viewers by a considerable margin.
I’m not sure what it is about the English mentality that seems to resent success and put barriers in its way.
If you’re playing in Europe, particularly away, you shouldn’t have an early kickoff on the following weekend. That’s just common sense.
What the television companies are doing is just playing keep ball with their audience numbers, book ending Liverpool and Man Utd on broadcast days as often as not.

{Ed025's Note - i get that juicer and i dont have a problem with that, the assumption that its done so the big teams lose to create a more competitive league is just ludicrous though mate, it would be right to afford the teams playing in europe as much time as possible to recouperate, but scheduling is done in advance and its not a ploy to "hobble" the creme de la creme..

23 Nov 2020 11:54:17
Obviously I didn't read the whole leaked document but in general I agree with the principle that the top teams should be making the decisions because it seems they're the only ones capable of thinking of anyone but themselves. Put Liverpool on in any time slot anywhere around the world and you'll get viewers and I know that's not the case for a lot of the teams which is why they shouldn't have the same say. The lower teams are deliberately making stupid decisions in order to gain or maintain the advantage they already have on the pitch. Grealish played 3 games in a week for the first time ever in his career and then played for villa and was shjt and they're saying how it's because he's played so many games lately. Well us big clubs (you won't get this point Ed) play 3 games a week every week all season every season and then the euros and world Cup and Africa Cup. Imagine a season where our players are actually given the time the small clubs get to prepare for every game. We have a guy get flu and he missed 3 games! Burnley guy breaks a leg he misses 10! That's a joke!

{Ed025's Note - the fact that you think the top teams should be making all the decisions because of the lower clubs ineptitude tells me all i need to know about your clubs supporters jezza, its not only selfish but morally wrong mate..

23 Nov 2020 13:24:31
Fully agree with you, 025. However, not all liverpool supporters sit in ivory towers like jezza.

23 Nov 2020 12:29:10
Totally agree Ed025 I do get very embarrassed at the antics of the owners to extort money from the fans. Unfortuneatley the fans who have no say whatsoever regarding what decisions the owners make get tarnished by association mate.

{Ed025's Note - they do barry but only the ones who condone it mate..

23 Nov 2020 12:31:02
If they can't do the job let someone who can? I maintain that the only reason the small clubs don't care about players welfare is because they think it will work out in their favour in competition.

{Ed025's Note - some of the smaller clubs are very well run jezza and have very competent board members, in the end they will do what is in the interest of their own club which is only fair, lets just hope the bullying from the big boys doesn,t prevail as some of the lesser clubs could go under mate..



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