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18 Dec 2020 14:50:11
Question for Ed001 and fellow posters. I love Wijnaldum and want him to stay. But if we factor in Curtis Jones' emergence and the (pressing) job Minamino did when in midfield in that last game, do you think this is holding the club back from giving Wiji the contract that he wants? I see Jones more of a #8 than a #10 over the long term. And I can see Klopp pushing Minamino into that direction too because Taki is not settling too wel lin any of the frontline positions. What do you think?

{Ed001's Note - it is more his age that is the problem. Gini is ageing and only probably has 2 or 3 more years at the top. With Henderson a similar age, one of them really needs to be moving on soon before it gets too late and you have to replace both at once. The front 3 are a similar age, so we have to start looking to gradually move players on and replace with youngsters or we could end up with the problem of needing to replace a bunch of players all at once.}

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18 Dec 2020 15:34:09
I know what you're saying makes sense Tris but I think we should make an effort to keep him. I think he's in his peak and he's fit as a fiddle, he seems a top proffesional and I don't see why he can't perform at this level for the next 3 or 4 years. Footballers are staying at a top level for longer these days. He knows the system, he's perfect for it, seems like he's a good man to have about the place too. he's got the winning experience. Id rather keep him than lose him for free and just use him like milly when he gets older or move him on then. Id more look to move on shaq, ox and milly in the summer. Keep Gini, Fab, Hendo, Thiago, Jones and Keita (I know! But I still have a dream that he can be the player I saw at RBL) and then see what the other youngsters behind Jones can do.

{Ed001's Note - I would keep Millie over him all day long as he can play so many positions. Millie offers leadership qualities, Gini has none. Millie always performs to his best and Gini half the time is anonymous. I just don't understand the sudden call to keep him when no one would have cared before this season started. Don't get me wrong, I like Gini and I would keep him if he was a few years younger, but he's not and he is the most replaceable player in the squad. Thiago would ahead of him for me all day long, Jones is a better long term bet, then there is Henderson and Fabinho.}

18 Dec 2020 15:54:05
I might have agreed over the summer Ed, but he’s been outstanding this season and been an absolute rock in midfield. Far more consistent, and also moving the ball quicker.

{Ed001's Note - but he has been here how many years and this is the only season that he has performed consistently at this level and he is getting to the point where he is on the verge of regression physically.}

18 Dec 2020 15:59:18
It is a tricky situation although I tend to agree with you Ed.

I do feel some Liverpool fans overstate just how important Wijnaldum is.

He's been a really good servant for us, his availability this season has been immense to us considering our little injury crisis.

Gini can undoubtedly have his games where he is completely world class an then follow it up with a few where he just seems on the periphery, not really involved much.

I'm kind of on the fence about it, I'll be okay with the decision either way. Gini is certainly replaceable, I've watched players recently and thought you know what, you could do that job for us.

Nkunku for Leipzig for example I thought looked a similar type player although granted, I've seen him a handful of times!

{Ed001's Note - that's how I see it. If he stays, great, if he goes, fine. I trust Klopp to find someone as good at least.}

18 Dec 2020 16:46:13
Must just be me then that thinks Wijnaldum has been good over ally every season since arriving. He doesn’t light up every game but for me he consistently turns up and always puts a shift in. His ability to keep hold of the ball is very good. I think him and Hendo compliment each other exceptionally well. Under Klopps reign I don’t think any player has started more games and he’s been part of a pretty successful couple of seasons. Personally I really hope he signs a new deal.

18 Dec 2020 17:06:58
Gini has been very good this season but in reality doesn’t make the first 11 if everyone is fit. I would like to keep him but fully agree we must look to the future and we can’t replace 5 or 6 players at once.

18 Dec 2020 17:21:20
JK23, I specifically said he's been a good servant for us so you're not the only one mate.

I don't think anybody here would say Gini has been anything less than a good servant for the club.

Just going forward it is something to consider, nothing lasts forever and we must continue to seek to improve and evolve where possible if we want to keep competing at the top.

18 Dec 2020 17:22:20
Mark that’s an interesting point mate regarding he doesn’t make the starting 11 if everyone is fit. I for one would be intrigued to see who Klopp would go with if it was a one off must win game and everyone was fit. Who would be your starting 11. For me the only debate in defence is Matip/ Gomez and then which 3 from Hendo/ Wiji/ Fab and Thiago. The other one for me would be who plays Bobby or Jota. Looking at what Bobby has brought to the party over the last few years I would go with him ahead of Jota who has had a brilliant couple of months.
Interested to hear yours and others starting 11 if everyone was fit. Ed001 would love to hear yours also. I appreciate Klopp would look at the opposition but let’s just for argument sake go with who we think the strongest / best 11 would be.

{Ed001's Note - Gomez is way ahead of Matip for me. The midfield would not have Gini in it, it would have to be Thiago, Hendo and Fabinho, if all were fit. I also don't see any argument for Jota as anything other than rotation until he learns to pass a ball. When Bobby plays well we are a much better team, he has to start. Jota is great as rotation or to come off the bench but first choice is still the 3 it was before he arrived.}

18 Dec 2020 17:28:22
But milner is about to be 35. Gini is 30. Gini has played cb and he can play in the middle of the 3 or either side and plays more attacking for Holland so he is versatile. He's having his best season and he has had games in seasons gone by where he's been anonymous but he also scored 2 to help us into the champions league final. If were going to challenge for everything we need players like Gini that stay fit and do their job well. Maybe he doesn't start if thiago, hendo and fabinho are all fit but we know hendo and thiago probabaly aren't players who can play every game and need to be managed. I also like fabinho at centre back tbh. If he had a season there or more and learned to stay on his feet he could be a top top partner to Virgil or Gomez. Just my 2 pence worth.

{Ed001's Note - Gini is someone Klopp was willing to lose, when there was the biggest game of all, he was on the bench. He is having his best season because he is playing for a contract. Most of the time he does not play like this, he has to be constantly cajoled to perform. Forget what he does for his country, international footie is crap, it is slow and everyone gets time and space, any half decent player can play an attacking role in it. It is what he does for us that matters and he gets in goalscoring positions often enough to rack up goals but never does. He doesn't impose himself enough on games. We have to start replacing someone out of the attack and midfield this summer or we will end up needing to overhaul an entire team at once. Unfortunately for Gini he is the weakest player in those positions, though very good, the rest are just better. Not a chance should Fabinho stay long term at centre-back, his tendency to throw himself into tackles is too dangerous there and has exposed us too many times.}

18 Dec 2020 17:36:06
Unbearable you’re spot on mate for us to continue to move forward I agree we have to evolve and bring in other players. For me though we have other players in the squad that we could move on and and buy better replacements. Kieta being one of those. I’ve really hoped that Kieta would come good but for me it’s just not working. Hendo and Wiji are getting on and to move one of them on and replace for me we are only solving one problem and not fixing another. The other problem being some of our players on the bench or in the squad do not have the full trust of Klopp that they can make a difference hence why we see so little of them in the league games. Say for example we were to move on Shaq / ox / kieta / origi etc and bring in a better player then in the worst case scenario like every transfer it doesn’t work but we still have Wijnaldum here so it’s not like we’ve lost anything. In the best case scenario the new player proves to be just as good and then players like Hendo and Wiji do not have to play as much and can actually prolong their careers. Last season we were saying we had to technically move on one of the front 3 to buy a replacement in the future. We moved on Brewster instead and came up trumps with Jota. For me we should be trying to replace squad players with better players who can come straight into the first team when called upon and step up.

{Ed001's Note - hasn't Jones already replaced Keita?}

18 Dec 2020 17:45:11
Ed001 id probably agree on all that mate. I only said debate as I’m sure some fans will have their own opinions which may differ. The mental thing is the team you named has never played together as a 11 and the sad thing is for all us LFC fans the likelihood is the earliest we might get to see that team is next season.

{Ed001's Note - I had never even realised that until you said, but you are right, they haven't played together. That's incredible.}

18 Dec 2020 18:23:24
Don’t forget we have Marko Grujic as well. He seems to be doing good on he’s loan again and if money is an issue it mite be an easy way to fill a space.

18 Dec 2020 19:15:03
Interesting discussion on Wijnaldum, with points on both sides I agree with.
I concur with JK23’s view about moving bit-part players on as a priority though.
You may argue that Wijnaldum would not get in a first XI selection but he’s a regular performer, stacking up 36, 33, 35, 37 and every game so far in league starts per season.
Klopp’s midfield has always been a collective in any case, with more rotation there than anywhere else in the team.
He has virtually no record of injury at all and is good for a few years yet in my view.
A proven performer that has kept things ticking over.

19 Dec 2020 08:54:48
Gini plays well when the rest of the team is playing well. Don't often see him drag us through a game by upping his game and showing leadership qualities. He goes into his shell and hides. He has had some very good games for us though and if there is no better out there then we should keep him.

19 Dec 2020 09:02:35
He plays every single game. We’ll miss him when he goes.



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