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19 Jan 2021 20:37:21
There isn't a team right now that I can say we can be confident of as the team seem to be under siege of being goal shy. From being the fortress at Anfield and the deadliest attack in Europe how far we have fallen because of some Injuries. How is it that we have not had that risk mitigated as this could happen again next season. Did the owners and the management team really think we were going to walk the league again this season? Surely not. We have invested in players and extended contracts in years where the club had far more debt and the team was much further away from being able to deliver success. So why pull the plug now on investment when it is needed most?

Yes maybe once VVD and Jota return we will get back to winning ways consistently but what happens if after they return its Hendo and Allison, or Salah and Mane. The impact of injuries to key players will always be there. But there has to be a plan to mitigate that. There can't be such a gap in talent and ability in our second choice players in each role.

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19 Jan 2021 21:21:52
Hey Nice,

I think this season is different than any other season. Prior to the CV Klopp was very much interested in a starting and less injury prone Central Defender, unfortunately the C.V. soon forced changes to the plans for financial reasons.

I get your point around the difference in quality between the first and second team and you do have a point, however a 'quality' player will not want to join to sit on the bench and from a business perspective it's probably not the viable thing to do to have money sitting idol on the bench or playing in the second team.

19 Jan 2021 21:25:40
It's all very well saying this in hindsight but everyone was crying out last summer for a back up left back, a midfielder and another attacker and the club did that in Tsimikas, Thiago and Jota, we have been unlucky that all three of those players have missed large chunks of the season.
The only other thing the club could have done is to replace Lovren, but he only started 9 league games last season, no one could have forseen that both VVD and Gomez would suffer such devastating injuries.

{Ed001's Note - and the club did try and buy a replacement but couldn't get one.}

19 Jan 2021 21:41:44
OP, there is no point in revising history of what coulda/ shoulda happened in the summer. We got in Jota and Thiago on to improve on an already fantastic team and they clearly improved us until injuries struck so no point going on about it.

Also we could not get a CB in due to CV messing up finances so we went into the season with VVD who is never injured, Gomez, Matip and Fab with Hendo at emergency CB. Could you have imagined that we would lose VVD and Gomez for the season the way we did? Again, it happens. It is what it is.

We cannot do anything about it now. We have to roll with the punches and keep fighting cos the players we have are the players we have. Time to buckle down and work hard for the good of the team cos it is these same players and manager that are going to fix our woes. No other manager or plate I coming thru that door this season anytime soon.

19 Jan 2021 21:48:03
But this isn't some smart comment being made in hindsight, the club knew we were in trouble before we got to the transfer market. I don't buy this thing that the club has no money when like I said many seasons we spent money when the club was worse off financially. They have this transfer window to fix some issues but are not.

We are going to go down as the reigning champions that didn't put up much of a fight. Maybe our luck changes and we mount a come back of note which we are capable of but seems we have rode our luck for a long time. That lucky horse is tired now. So what next, we surrender to C.V. and injuries? Other teams around us haven't.

19 Jan 2021 22:03:26
But the Eds have explained that we did try to buy a central defender. The club did invest in a few players last season when it seemed they'd need to sell in order to buy. So, they did invest. Your issue seems to be leading into this window alone. A window unlike any other I can think of. Forget the financial uncertainty going forward, name me one player you believe would have improved our 11, we could afford, would be willing to come and potentially fight for a spot?

19 Jan 2021 22:16:41
I would rather the club didn't risk it's long term future on a short term quick fix. Who knows when Anfield will be full again, there is no guarantee the fans will be back next season either.

19 Jan 2021 22:23:26
Enough super fan syndrome out here I see.

19 Jan 2021 22:32:29
I don't understand what that means.

19 Jan 2021 22:40:24
there is one thing that seems to stand true in almost every team sports; repeating is just hard. you have the mental fatigue, the target on your back, less drive then you add injuries, C.V.. I am not going to lie at the beginning of the year I thought it was looking like an easy repeat. deep down inside though I had a feeling this would happen and really this should be a surprise to anyone. we are doing well considering all the variables and maybe we get lucky and pull it out the second half.

19 Jan 2021 23:12:37
Come on guys after everything this team has done for the last 3 years are you really going to throw in the towel now? We’ve had some poor and average results. So what?! That’s football!
All I know is if any squad is capable of turning it round and going on a run it’s this one. Keep the faith and stop whinging like spoilt brats! It’s painful to read.

19 Jan 2021 23:15:56
How far we have fallen to be 3 off the lead at the halfway stage when we havn't been at our best! we've become very spoilt supporters. These are the same players they've been the last few years. a month ago everyone was singing their praises. They have coped with how the season has gone so far very well as far as im concerned.



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