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21 Jan 2021 22:56:35
I rarely post but always enjoy reading the posts but I have to say it’s beyond embarrassing some of the stuff on here for the last few weeks from a few, it’s only January for gods sake. Ed 25 is a rock of sense through it all and he’s an Everton fan.

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21 Jan 2021 23:17:57
Feel free to post more often, we need people with knees that don't jerk.

21 Jan 2021 23:23:12
7 -0 against palace, then 5 games 1 goal, the knee is not just jerking its uncontrollably shaking .

21 Jan 2021 23:23:36
Is it embarrassing to be deeply concerned by not only our results but our performances? We can be far from top 4 places with just a number of results. Can we turn it around, yes of course we can. The thing that’s worrying fans is that it’s difficult to see how, with the issues in defence, lack of goals and the form of the entire team, not mentioned we are struggling to break teams down and opponents have sussed us out.

I am usually positive but hey, maybe you’re a better man than me for being concerned by the way things are at the moment.

21 Jan 2021 23:24:10
Nice one Meath, keep talking some on here could do with your positivity to stop them sinking into the abyss.
We are all frustrated but to turn on Klopp and the players after a 3 week poor run of form is beyond ridiculous.

21 Jan 2021 23:25:15
I bet you one thing. Klopp will be reading the riot act to the players and telling them recent performances haven’t been good enough. Perhaps he is embarrassing as well then.

21 Jan 2021 23:30:08
So when isit bad? When Utd knock us out the cup? Or isit when we lose to Spurs this time next week?

21 Jan 2021 23:38:10
Alonso no one has sussed us out. Did you see how much time they gave Trent tonight? They didn’t have anything sussed! Last season he would be assisting goals for fun given that much time and space but he’s just completely lost his form. That’s nothing to do with how anyone plays against us.

21 Jan 2021 23:45:19
No JK it’s Klopp’s job to do that but in public what did he say? He said it was his fault.
He didn’t panic and say we’ll be lucky to get top 4 at this rate and all the players are rubbish who don’t work hard enough. He didn’t say we are a mid table team did he?
Some on here will wear their replica kits and scarves when things are going well and shout from the rooftops about how great their team is and how great it is to be a Liverpool fan. Then when we have a few bad results turn on the very team and manager they were idolising only 3 short weeks ago. Embarrassing is a good word for it.

22 Jan 2021 00:07:52
Bp everyone is entitled to their opinions and have their voices heard. Yes I read some outlandish posts that are the complete opposite of what I think but I don’t think these people are embarrassing nor do I think I’m a better fan than them just because I might be more positive. It’s the people who refuse others to have a voice because it goes against their own opinion That I find embarrassing. But each to their own.

22 Jan 2021 00:08:22
Two things can be true Beckers Pecker. Trent in form completes those crosses and our forwards in form would find the back of the net. On the other hand teams have sussed us out and know not to come at us and if you can’t see that than that’s fine. We need to mix things up, change tact and find another way of playing against teams that park the bus.

I’ll reiterate we can turn it around with the players at our disposal just with so many players out of form, injuries and issues at the back, it’s very difficult to see how. Fabinho at the back is also hindering us in midfield, which I have already explained on another post. Fabinho in midfield alongside Hendo screens the defence, covers the full backs and sets pace. This in turn also allows Thiago to push further forward and roam so to speak, allowing us to win the midfield battle against our opponents, opening space for our forwards to do what they usually do.

Back to my concerns is that you would have thought the Crystal Palace result would have kick started us into gear but it didn’t. Our up coming fixtures are very difficult but this could be the turning point if we string some results together in the next 4 weeks we could be safe with a champions league spot, which at the moment should be our main concern not the title.

Is Klopp the man to get us out of this, yes of course he is! I just want to make that clear. Just hope it’s sooner rather than later before we fall even further behind.

22 Jan 2021 00:35:59
Not claiming to be a better person or fan than anyone before I’m accused of it. If this team and manager have not done enough to earn some trust then I don’t know what they have to do. There is a long long way to go yet lads and ladies. YNWA or is that only when we are winning now, because sadly at times on here it seems that way.

22 Jan 2021 03:19:10
Playing these massed defences every game is not going to change now.
We’ve got to get the first goal, and that frees everything up then.
Origi had to put that one-on-one away.
But I’m afraid that the ‘low block’ is the new normal lads and lasses.



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