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22 Jan 2021 10:32:44
A sense of perspective please!

There are people calling for JK's heads here and it's unbelievable.

As a reminder, we are still the top scorers in the premier league. Every team is bound to have a dip in form and unfortunately ours is the most recent and therefore the most prominent.

Things aren't going our way at the minute and that's football. It was never going to be sustainable reaching close to 100 points again and we have no idea what kind of effect C.V. has had on players (both physically and mentally) .

We're halfway through the season and only 7 points off the top (assuming city win their game in hand) . Nearly half of that current deficit is wiped off if we beat them at home which we have been doing in recent seasons.

Trust in the process and stay positive Liverpool fans. By the law of averages our luck will more than improve over the course of the next 19 games. Whether that be injuries, ref decisions, or a rebound here or there - we can still win the FA cup, champos and prem so a as I said - a bit of perspective please!

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22 Jan 2021 10:39:07
you need to cone up with a solution and not juts motivational talks. you haven't even listed the problem in your post never mind the solution.
We cane score to save our lives. what's the solution?

22 Jan 2021 10:41:09
I’m as frustrated as the next fan. Fans calling for Klopps head I’d like to hear from them who they believe is the answer to replace him. For me it doesn’t matter if fans call for his head as there is no way the owners are sacking him and he’s got my backing 100%.
When we play next we could be 7th in the league. Being top goal scorers counts for nothing. I’d be happy with only scoring 19 more goals this season and winning them all 1-0. The only stat that is important is the points on the board.

22 Jan 2021 10:44:30
Whoever is calling for Klopp’s head needs to give their head a wobble. Voicing your concerns at the teams performances and results is fine, I mean I have voiced my concerns. As fans we are entitled to have a difference of opinions and to discuss performances but I think questioning Klopp position is just absurd.

{Ed025's Note - its ridiculous mate..

22 Jan 2021 10:53:12
you can criticize Klopp. nothing wrong in it. he is not above the law. he has wasted money on players like Ox and keita and his blind loyalty to some has cost him dearly. he also needs to mix it up things. His treatment to players like Minamino doesn't make him a Pop either. if you aren't ready to criticize him then you should accept the state wr are in.

22 Jan 2021 10:55:25
I agree questioning Klopps position is wrong however, questioning some of his decisions recently is not.

The decision to make Wijnaldum captain was baffling, in my opinion he shouldn't even be in the team right now. A guy who is heading for the exit door you make captain? Is that some kind of desperate attempt to keep him an show his importance?

I'm sorry but Curtis Jones should be in over him. A lad who has shown he is good enough, a lad who is a scouser and is desperate to play for us.

There are other decisions recently but this one irked me tbh.

22 Jan 2021 11:11:48
Can’t agree more on the motivational speech thing, I’m sick of hearing/ seeing it off the players also on social media etc. “On to the next one, unity is strength” how’s about shut up, switch off your accounts, and start doing twice as many training sessions to PUT IT RIGHT.

22 Jan 2021 11:22:41
The issue here is being unable to score goals all of a sudden.
We have been unlucky on a number of occasions, in contrast to the last few seasons when we have been very lucky.
The goals will start to come again and we will start to win games again, until then we have just got to bite the bullet and wait.
We are not too far from the top of the league and we are about to start the second phase of the Champions League, let's all cross our fingers and see if that helps?

22 Jan 2021 12:27:37
I’m not calling for klopp’s head but I do think his tactics have been found out. all teams have to do bow is defend in numbers, and either play a long up to their forwards or get us on the counter. Even if they don’t score, the inevitably get a set piece in a dangerous position or a penalty. So I think klopp needs to try different things and not use Henderson as a centre back because we lost of attacking impetus then.

{Ed001's Note - people said this same thing last season and the season before. It was just as nonsensical then as it is now. His tactics aren't the same to be 'found out'.}

22 Jan 2021 13:52:32
I think the issue is more to do with our lack of quick central defenders currently meaning we are playing further down the pitch and giving other teams more space/ time. Everything else flows from there.

22 Jan 2021 14:15:18
I was one of us that went to bed in a stinker of a mood after last nights result and performance. But in the cold light of day and with a clear head when you think back on the last month or so's performances its no wonder we have struggled to score. After thumping Palace teams have sat right back and defended with 10 or in some instances last night 11 men behind the ball. Granted the final 3rds delivery amd choice making has been poor to say the least, but it doesn't matter if you are Sadio, Mo, Messi, Ronaldo or the invisible man if there is 10 men blocking you then you are screwed. We have played the best 2 midfielders in the league as defenders to cover for 2 of the best defenders in the league, so we are effectively weekend in 4 positions without accounting for lack of form or other injuries. Unfortunately it looks like we won't be playing our full strength team any time soon so keep believing guys and support our team through this bad spell because by God they deserve it!

22 Jan 2021 13:54:04
I said last night, and I’m saying it again because I can’t get it out of my thoughts 😃 but the ‘low block’ is the new football normal.
Absolutely scheisse, there was barely a point where Burnley had less than 6 of their players in their own penalty box.
You have to score first against this tactic, preferably early, or anyone can struggle against it.



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