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23 Jan 2021 07:16:52
Klopp has came out and said we need a centre half! I’m glad he has not that we will get one!
I’m just havin a lil dig at the Ones in here that had a pop at me saying we aren’t leaking goals etc!
Klopp knows his best mid/ s in the team is a cb and it’s killing us.

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23 Jan 2021 09:01:33
It’s a much bigger issue to solve that just moving Fabs back to cm. we lost 7 2 with him in that position. People said when Thiago comes back we will be ok. Or when Firmino finally Scorsese he will get his confidence and go on a run. The issues I am afraid are many.

23 Jan 2021 09:42:12
We do have many mark but let’s get the team back the way it was and see how it goes.

23 Jan 2021 10:19:16
This isn’t a moan but this is bigger than a dip in form. We’re currently 19 games into a league season and we’ve won less than 50% of those games. I’d like to see Klopp and the team just go for it. I’d prefer to see us play more risky and attacking on the pitch and in the team selection than watch us dominate possession with 70% and still come away with 1-0 defeats or draws. I think it’s fairly obvious that everyone we now play with maybe exception of City and Leicester will play the way we’ve seen the last few games. At the moment our 433 keep possession cross the ball hasn’t worked. I’m 100% behind Klopp and the players and I look forward to seeing what answers they come up with. I’m just hoping the answers come sooner rather than later.

23 Jan 2021 10:39:46
Agree with u there jk 👍🏼!
Us reds haven’t been used to loosing the past few years so it’s all just a kick in the ⚽️Ox for now we will turn it around!

23 Jan 2021 11:09:37
What would you consider turning around Jay? Just asking as we need to win 16 out of our last 19 games just to break the 80 point mark. Anything less than 80 points will definitely not win the league. Klopp knows we are now in a race for top 4. 9 wins, 7 draws and 3 defeats. 34 points. If we match those results in the second half of the season we'll finish on 68 points which is normally 5th or 6th place.

Klopp can perform miracles at times, but markp08 is right. There is so much wrong right now and the injuries to Van Dijk and Gomez are just the tip of an iceberg. They're distracting everyone from Trent falling apart. Matip and Henderson struggling to stay fit. Salah and Mane clearly not liking eachother. Firmino dropping off in every aspect of his game. Wijnaldum looking like he can't be bothered anymore. The front 3 all struggling to finish their dinner.

Who in our team has actually played well this season? Alisson, Robertson, Jota and Fabinho. All the younger and slightly newer lads basically. Something has gone badly wrong and we got pummeled 7-2 before the injuries even started. I personally think it's gone stale. It's been the same team effectively for 3 or 4 years. We do have the best manager we could have to rebuild it for the next phase though. This was always going to happen with a lot of our players being at a similar age and nearing 30, but i don't think anyone thought it would happen so soon.

I think a lot of people are in for a shock if they expect us to just bounce back in the second half of the season. I'd take top 4 right now from this position. Any silverware is a minor miracle.

{Ed025's Note - this is unlike you MK, you are usually more positive than this mate and you are painting a pretty bleak picture of what is a levelling out rather than a catastrophe imo..

23 Jan 2021 11:26:33
Ed025, i think if we had signed a centre back we would be okay when Jota returns from injury. This is a 10 month slide though. People might say we lost dead rubbers at the end of last season but winning is a habit. A mentality. When City had dead rubbers they still went on to hit 100 points.

I think there has been an attitude problem since it became obvious we'd win the league. The 3-0 defeat to Watford on February 29th 2020 was a turning point. 11 losses and 10 draws since then. Only 20 wins. I can't see how anyone can paint a pretty picture when if anything we're getting worse.

I was naive enough to believe our players would just flip the switch back this season and hit form again but they just haven't. I really don't want people to misinterpret this as me wanting Klopp replaced. Klopp is a genius. But it is time for him to earn his money. We built a team over 5 years which was amazing, but nothing lasts forever. Ferguson had to refresh his team every 3-5 years too and i guess this just shows us Reds how good he actually was for so long.

Ed002 had already told us that their were plans to replace one of Mane and Salah soon, then Firmino in 2022. I think those plans will just be accelerated. It's not all bleak. Just think we have to accept reality that this squad peaked in the last 2 seasons and now several players are just not clicking or maybe even in decline.

{Ed025's Note - there will always be transitions MK and liverpool cant afford to stand still, but these players have not become poor overnight mate and you are still right in the mix, i believe klopp will get it right sooner rather than later..

23 Jan 2021 11:50:50
I hope you are right Ed025, because i pray i am wrong. I think the remainder of the season is now damage limitation. Maybe if we can get Jota back, and stay in the Champions league until Van Dijk is fit, we can salvage it with a big win in Europe. The league is gone though. Expecting City to drop 8 more points than we drop from here is a real stretch. Cup runs and top 4 should be a priority now.

You are right. These guys aren't bad players overnight. Maybe tactical changes could help. I'll always cheer the lads on when they step onto the pitch, but i'm also a realist who doesn't want another 30 years of mediocrity to follow 2 good seasons.

{Ed025's Note - one good win will change things MK, and you can quote me on that mate..

23 Jan 2021 12:12:09
Well Mk if I’m honest it could be starting to be possibly turning already how? City just lost kdb Leicester just lost vardy both could be for 2 months both their main man! Won’t be long before Utd and others get our faith! We sting a few results together mate and we will fly!
And trust me pal I’ve been down and negative on here like a lot of others! But it will turn will a cb be brought in to help that burden I doubt it!
We will kick on we’ve the best coach in the world!
Jota be back soon and posters will laugh at me for this because I slaughter Keita I think if he gets fit (big ask) he changes the dynamic of midfield and better options going forward! I’m sure klopp has had a word with him now so I expect big changes! Keep the faith!

23 Jan 2021 12:50:48
I respect the confidence mate. I don't share it but i sure can't knock it. Well done for respectfully writing a counter argument by the way. Takes me back to the good old days before the internet became toxic. For the record, i'd love it if you can say "i told you so MK Scouser" at the end of the season.



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