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24 Jan 2021 19:04:32
Well that was difficult to take (that lot! ) . Actually, I thought it was a much better performance than recent ones and we could / should have won.

It would be all too easy to critique individual errors or performances (Williams had a mare again, and Gini just adds little and slows everything down - he made Pogba look pretty good ), but come on, the ref tonight was an absolute disgrace. Is he Mark Clatenburg in disguise. Shocking!

Oh, by the way - Put your hands in yer pockets FSG and buy a central defender. No way we're going to go far in CL without one, let alone defend PL title

Rant over.

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24 Jan 2021 19:06:36
Williams is the worst player to ever play for the football club.

24 Jan 2021 19:14:40
He’s a young lad learning his trade.

24 Jan 2021 19:22:26
Allison made plenty of mistakes as well.

24 Jan 2021 19:22:33
I think every problem stems from a weak back line
They are doing their best
Yes the level has gone down but u can see
How much of an impact solid defenders can have
It makes the whole team run far more efficiently

I think Liverpool will definitely be a different animal with fresh centre backs back again

But unfortunately - we might go through more stress watching for the remainder of the season. remember Man City last season an pep? Maybe this is lfc turn but it’s temporary.

24 Jan 2021 19:22:46

He is a kid. Chill out

Matt in FL.

24 Jan 2021 19:24:06
Almost feel like not watching anymore this season as centre half injuries are creating issues all over the pitch. If ever there was a time to spend PL and CL prize money on a non CL team centre half like Ben White, it is now.

24 Jan 2021 19:24:32
He is Reusch, and I hate it when someone comes out with the "worst player ever" line, but he is costing us games. That said, questions have to go to Klopp and not Williams. I'm sure Williams is doing all he can.

24 Jan 2021 19:25:37
Can’t blame the kid anyway. He’s clearly doing his best. Klopp should take the blame for playing him.

24 Jan 2021 19:25:53
He may be a young lad learning his trade but he’s 19 and making errors you expect a 13 year old to make on the local playing fields. I don’t blame him, he’s clearly trying he’s just not good enough to even play in the top 3 divisions at the moment. I blame Klopp solely for persisting with him.

24 Jan 2021 19:37:22
Reusch Your exactly right mate he is young learning his trade exactly why he shouldn’t be near the 1st team and should be out on loan making his mistakes and learning from them else where!

24 Jan 2021 19:45:17
TBH, I hate slagging off our players but I think it’s obvious to all of us that Williams is never going to be a regular CB at a title winning club. He’s obviously got something going for him or he wouldn’t be at the club but I just don’t see it.

I think we need to see more of Phillips as at least he has played at a higher level although realistically I’d like to see us buy someone but a) I know funds are tight and b) any club we approach will know we are desperate and the price will increase.

I’m a bit surprised with FSG being ‘happy’ to see us fall back so far as that affects the value of their investment but I’m also conscious of what happens if clubs live outside their means for too long. it’s a conundrum!

24 Jan 2021 19:46:37
Williams is clearly out of his depth. Its very obvious in every game he has played. I would liked to have seen Philip’s on instead but what do i know.

24 Jan 2021 19:49:51
Virg, what an abs moronic statement, he's a 18 old kid being thrown in because we've an injury crisis, be sure to go on social media and give the young lad dogs abuse, how do we have so many idiot fans.

24 Jan 2021 19:55:14
Why just blame a kid, Allison mistake on the free kick was poor.

24 Jan 2021 19:29:49
BigVirg. He lacks pace, positional awareness and makes basic errors but he is young and it’s not his fault he is being played. I get your frustrations but to make a blanket statement like that serves no purpose. At the start of the season I wanted us to try and win The FA Cup but right now we need to concentrate on picking up points in the league.

24 Jan 2021 19:29:58
Ryhs is too slow. He won't get any quicker.

24 Jan 2021 19:29:59
It was VAR. It was the Ref. It’s because Liverpool miss their fans more than other teams. It’s because we have to use our squad when we usually we field the same team.
Nope. Thursday will be the same. Tools. Downed.

24 Jan 2021 20:01:00
Totally agree lfc8 Thursday will be the same, it's clear to see the players are not playing for Klopp at the minute.

24 Jan 2021 21:01:40
Only an idiot tries the same things over and over and expects a different result. The problem is when Klopp makes changes they are the same changes. Is he doing it deliberately to get FSG to cough up money the club don’t have? Or has he run out of ideas? Phillips got MOTM against Atalanta and dropped next game, Minamino got MOTM against Palace and dropped next game. What is that all about?

24 Jan 2021 21:32:11
I don’t know about tools downed but there are some tools on here.

Good god.

24 Jan 2021 23:26:26
Why pick on a young, inexperienced cb - surely it's some of the established "stars" who need to be called to task. Roberto Firmino has done sweet f**k all for Liverpool for at least a year. He has to be put under pressure by Jota and dropped by Klopp several times to get his head right. He scored 2 goals in a game that we eould have won, with or without him - big deal. He was genuinely good today apart from a few bad touches. It is surely the responsibility of the senior players to help the likes of Rhys Williams and protect them and support them on and off the pitch. Back off the kids if you ever want any kids to develop within the club and move up to the 1st team.

{Ed0666's Note - I truly feel sorry for the kid. He’s not ready and maybe never will will be. I hope for his sake he gets hooked.

24 Jan 2021 23:39:32
Tools and Fools,
yes R Williams should not be anywhere near the first team, but once he is picked to play, we should at least try and back him, Kloppy, picked him, and with Rashford to stop, it was always a tough ask .
Kloppy should be asked why this major slump,
not replacing Lovren was a huge risk, that will always be remembered .
still once VVD is back, I expect us to be back to normal very soon .

{Ed0666's Note - You really need to get off Klopps back and get back to Planet reality. Klopp tried to replace Lovren with Diego Carlos and he’s ‘strongly recommended’ for us to bring in a CB in January but his pleas have been rebuffed by FSG AKA FRUGAL SPORTS GROUP.



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