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31 Jan 2021 22:51:30
Over the past few weeks there have been a number of threads that many of us frankly found embarrassing. Posters declaring the season has gone and we won't even make top 4.
There were then also posts that clearly had a bit more experience and time behind them. Posts where we stated what we believed this was, a dip in form. We'd been here before and this was nothing new to us. We pointed out the difficulties in this season and also the unbelievably consistent run this team has been on for best part of 3 years. We said that even if we don't win a thing this season it takes nothing away from what Klopp has done with these mentality monsters.
And this brings me to my main point.
There is a difference between a "fan" and a "supporter" of Liverpool. Fans come and go. They switch their allegiance to City and change their username once a month. They bemoan that we haven't demolished every team we come up against.
Then there are supporters. We've been through some awful times, both on field and off. We've cried tears of joy and intense sadness. We've faced the ridicule and disgusting songs of the opposition (I know we are guilty of this too) .
But, we stand by our team, our club, our City too. We sing YNWA when 3 nil down at half time. We don't scream the season is over at the halfway point.
Be a supporter. You have every right to your opinon, but don't merely be a "fan".

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31 Jan 2021 23:13:21
Great post burkeyboy couldn’t agree more.



31 Jan 2021 23:22:07
Truth is that City will probably walk it. They’re 4 points ahead with a hand in hand and don’t look like dropping points. The champions league is going to be tough without van Dijk, and although we’ve stopped the rot, January has pretty much finished our chances of winning the league, we’ll only win if City have a serious drop in form, and given they’re winning games easily without DeBruyne it’s a very slim hope indeed. So simply calling it as it is, that that chances of winning the league are gone, isn’t being less of a fan than those who are holier than thou.

31 Jan 2021 23:24:29
BB I will put my hand up and say I posted at least twice to say cancel the season now. All I can say is that it was a typical knee jerk reaction post and I did apologise soon after I posted. In fairness Ed025 and some of the regular posters just said to calm down and see what happens and guess what they were totally right lads YNWA.

01 Feb 2021 00:02:19
Is this another of those "I told you so, look how right I was" posts? They're almost as bad as the posts from the people saying how they knew we should have signed a centre back. its a public forum where fans can share opinions and banter. If people want to vent let them, doesn't mean they're less of a fan. Can't we just go back to rumors from someone's nans hairdresser?

01 Feb 2021 00:05:32
My point is not just about those that pointed out our situation recently and saw it as all over, but that support involves the good and the bad, the ups and downs. Some of the reactions seemed way over the top for me, that's the point. 6times, you probably illustrate in your response my exact point. You still focussed on the situation right now without seeing my broader point. Nothing wrong with your view. I agree to an extent. When we lost VVD i thought we'd do well to finish second. I still think that. That doesn't matter when it comes to those fans that threw their toys out of the pram and were pretty hard on players. Trent got a tough time for a few weeks on this site. Trent. The kid that took that corner that it could be argued led to you being able to have that username 6times.

01 Feb 2021 00:09:49
6 times did you not see City yesterday? They laboured after being gifted an early goal and Fleck very nearly equalised at the end.
My point is City have shown on numerous occasions this season that they are capable of dropping points. They are not the team they were a couple of years ago.
Klopp has worked absolute wonders this season with the hand he’s been dealt. No other team, City included could have coped with losing their 2 starting centre backs with the back ups also intermittently being injured for periods.
January has been a blip, a dip in form but the season is far from over and we are coming up with the answers once more.
I think it’s crazy talk to assume anyone will walk it this year and we are right in the mix despite everything. I for one will keep believing.

01 Feb 2021 00:14:44
BB I think with a lot of fans like 6times and a few of my mates actually it’s kind of a defence mechanism. It’s much easier to say it’s all over and we don’t stand a chance just so if we don’t win the league the impact isn’t so hard. They can just say I told you so.
It’s much easier to be negative than positive as a negative mind can’t be disappointed. When it all goes wrong they can bask in the glory of being right.
Then if we do win it they can still join the victory parade!

01 Feb 2021 00:55:29
I’m a believer.

{Ed002's Note - I loved the Monkees.}

01 Feb 2021 01:07:52
I used to like the show Ed002, however out of fear of ageism I was keeping quiet! Remembering Rob Jones' debut (and career) has put me in the spotlight.

01 Feb 2021 04:13:30
'Some of the reactions seemed way over the top for me' I completely agree with this.

Some posters have criticised the team and that I have absolutely no issue with and you'll find some of these posters are with Liverpool through thick and thin, they'll just put some constructive criticism out there which of course they are more than entitled to, especially when we were doing so bad!

Unfortunately then you get the other side of it, the posters who never post when we're doing well. The type of posters who like to bring up irrelevant statistics. The posters who blamed every single person in the club! lol I find it quite amusing I must admit. I don't mind if somebody says 'the season is over' if they feel that way then that's absolutely fine but what I don't like to see is people questioning Klopp, the players and the club, that combination made us the most successful we've been for years yet a certain few are far too quick to forget that.

Every team has off streaks, this is a sport, it happens and none of us are going to be chuffed when it happens. Who knows, we may have just had a lucky couple of games and we might be back to square one against Brighton. That's football, it happens and we support the club no matter what.

It's guaranteed though, IF we were to lose on Wednesday, we'd see the doom and gloomers come back out!

Anyway, since the beginning of the season I have said Liverpool will win the league. I stand by that, I sincerely believe we'll do it all I'd go back on is, I said we'd be miles ahead on top, I doubt that's going to happen. We've seen City have their bad streak, I don't think they will have another this season, they will come very close but I reckon we'll snatch it.

01 Feb 2021 05:41:02
I think City will win the league at a canter. But I have also got a gut feeling we will win the UCL and salvage this season.

01 Feb 2021 05:55:40
My issue is that we have all seen far worse times as Liverpool supporters, even the younger supporters must remember Rodgers last full season or the Hodgson days. I remember during the Houllier era Liverpool not winning for 11 league games. This team is too good not to fix the problems they had and surely they have earned our trust but a handful of bad games and the vultures turn on the team. That’s not support.

01 Feb 2021 07:26:19
It seems you are not allowed to criticise a player for having a bad game either these days. Yesterday I said origi was a passenger and was offering nothing and got slated. it is just me or is this a site where you can have an opinion and discuss it? Some people are so quick to jump on a comment. calling it an embarrassing post! Really? What's more embarrassing is the fact they couldn't disagree in an intelligent way or debate it. People are turning into snow flakes on here, and quite frankly it's boring. I've been on here for years, seen some great times and some really funny stuff. Proper old school rumours. When Macca was about etc. until he got hounded out by these sort of people. Lighten up people, there is more to life than football and trying to belittle peoples views.

01 Feb 2021 09:13:14
J6 you’re missing my point. Reasoned critique is fine. Declaring the season is gone and we won’t even make top 4 is just ridiculous and shows the fickle nature of some fans these days. These posts often go on to slate the owners/ club for not splashing the cash and even question klopps ability to turn things around.

01 Feb 2021 09:39:33
Well J6 for me you were correct. I thought Origi was a waste of a shirt yesterday. I also said I'd thought we'd lose with the team Klopp picked, and that I hoped I'd be proved wrong, which I was.

No harm in that.

Keep on posting your honest opinions and don't worry about the point scoring 'I know better than you' posters.

01 Feb 2021 09:47:59
I notice the only people who talk about 'I know better than you' are the ones who constantly moan about anything they can and because not everyone agrees with them, they look at it as a competition, it's embarrassing really. I think if you read this thread properly KBL it's not about who knows better.

01 Feb 2021 11:09:53
Great to see everyone getting on after 2 magnificent wins 🙈🙈. Come on chaps, we should be better than this👍👍.

01 Feb 2021 12:27:08
That sounds a different dig from, "you've never been Anfield, call yourself a supporter" or your not even from Liverpool, your not a real fan, classy.

01 Feb 2021 14:42:26
Salah - it shouldn't be about calling people's opinions embarrassing or fickle fans either.

This is called a Banter site, not an insult site.

We are all supporters, or fans - no difference in my opinion, and as human beings we all react in our own way to things that are not going too well. It's not all of us who can keep our feelings and thoughts in check and be calm all the time.

I bet there are loads of LFC posters who post straight after a bad result only to regret what they've posted when their feelings subside.

We should be used to the ups and downs especially when you have supported this team since the early 60s like me, but the fire I have in my belly for this team sometimes takes a while to cool.

01 Feb 2021 16:53:56
Burkey boy, I didn't miss the point mate, my post wasn't in reference to yours pal, just meant in general. Irish Rover was one of the culprits actually who called my opinion embarrassing on origi. just thought it was a silly comment to make. But there you go.



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