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09 Feb 2021 08:52:32
Very good and fair analysis of Liverpool's current situation on Monday Night Football last night, with Carragher and Chris Coleman. If you didn't see it and don't have Sky, there's an 8 minute clip of it on the Sky Sports Twitter feed.

Whether you like Carragher or not, as a person or a pundit, he does make good use of the data and stats in his analysis.

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09 Feb 2021 11:48:13
He knows these owners don't have the funds what we need though, we can all say we need Mbappe, Haaland or Varane etc but the reality is, under these owners we won't be able to assemble the squad needed for that challenge without getting rid of key players, which is pointless really.

09 Feb 2021 13:03:50
Lancaster Red
How is getting rid of key players to replace them with better ones pointless?
As I recall we got rid of Coutinho and replaced him with Van Dyke and Allison and the rest is history.
Ferguson used to call it churn, I call it continual improvement.

09 Feb 2021 14:12:41
I think that was the very point he was making, Lancaster Red. He wasn’t just saying “Liverpool need to go out and sign Mbappe and Haaland”. He was using the stats to show just how much football a pretty small core of players have played for Liverpool over the last two or three years, and arguing that this is now catching up with them after three years of high intensity, high speed football, and that they don’t have the same depth as City or the same financial means as Chelsea, Utd and City to bring in squad players who can provide the same level of quality when rotated with the front line players. He showed the 2018 Champions League final starting line up and demonstrated that, with the exception of Karius and Lovren, who have left the club, and Milner who has played a bit less, that the rest of the team have played very high percentages of all of Liverpool’s premier league minutes since that 2018 final. He also showed that since 2018, of the eleven premier league players who have played most matches in all competitions, five of them are Liverpool players. If you’re talking about a team who are suddenly struggling because they don’t look as sharp, energetic and quick as they have done for the last two or three years, it’s a very relevant point that he’s making.

09 Feb 2021 14:56:40
Langland, he was saying add to it to take more steps, how do we improve on V dijk or Gomez without splashing tens of millions? Bobby is the one forward who can be replaced yet he has the lowest value, so how would we replace the goals Salah and Mane bring at a fraction of the price? Gini is gone but Jones can replace him, the point i was making is that we need to add to the squad but we don't have the funds too, it would mean getting rid of our main assests and in reality only Mbappe, Son or Haaland would readily replace them, looking forward Barnes, Saka or Podence could add something more than Bobby could and possibly have similar value, i think its a struggle for us to add without breaking this team up.

09 Feb 2021 15:01:45
RR does that not show how much we should of kicked on and improved the team while we were on top? From an outside view and knowing from this site how FSG manage the club, they should of either got an investment partner too add funds for the first team squad or sold up, they got the club cheap enough to make money back and them some, this is just my opinion but they have been massively selfish knowing they wouldn't or couldn't give us the funds we need to kick on and sustain being at the top level, we have needed quality not quantity for three seasons.

{Ed001's Note - they have been trying to get an investor. They know these things, they are not idiots.}

09 Feb 2021 15:18:16
RR, We are not suddenly struggling. We have been doing so physically since Jan/ Feb of last year. Carra is not telling us what we don't already know, stats or data analysis or not. We and many others have been saying it even since the 17/ 18 season where we stopped playing all gung ho and Klopp evolved into a more controlled approach to preserve energy cos that season that led to Kiev, we were shattered physically.

Klopp operates this way with a smaller squad in comparison to others like Utd and City. We simply do not have the funds to do that so not sure why Carra keeps going on about this esp. since he knows what it is.

Also, a lot of investment has been done by the owners into the medical, sports science and data analytics of the club hence why, our guys or main guys are rarely injured and are able to play a ton of games on the spin. And of course, Carra does not need to tell you that tit will come back to affect us later.

The issue here is that we have injuries to both starters and backups hence, cannot even rotate which is Klopp's specialty cos the past two seasons, he is the manager that has rotated the most in the PL. He cannot do that now for obv. reasons. It is not complicated, really.

09 Feb 2021 16:40:53
Ed001, what's stopping them? Surely there are hundreds of people/ companies wanting to get into English football, are they being unrealistic with what they want from a partner or setting the price to high for little return? Surely after that 2018 defeat that would of been the time to really pursue a partner or did the following success make them up the anti too much, its feeling more and more like a chance to dominate/ get multiple trophies seasonly is passing us by.

{Ed001's Note - what's stopping them is finding the right partner. Do you think it is as simple as putting an ad in the local paper?}

09 Feb 2021 17:39:21
Can they just not use tinder or something to find the right partner?

{Ed002's Note - I think that folks are missing the point about "investors". If someone were to buy 20" of the club for, say £400M, that money goes to FSG not the club.}

09 Feb 2021 18:42:44
I think we add to our squad by keep doing what we've done with transfers. Invest in the stand out performers at a clubs with a smaller ambitions than our own. No disrespect to the likes of Southampton, Newcastle, Wolves and Hull but these hungry players with a point to prove have been working out well for us. Granted we can't always break the bank for another VVD but there is surely value out there.

09 Feb 2021 19:43:41
Bledd85, I fully agree. The way our transfers have been working is the way to go and it clearly works. The Moneyball system is what got us here and we should persist with it cos well, itch’s all we have. Utd have money to burn yet their squad is pretty average and unbalanced collectively.

We can’t do what City does so I have never understood why people Carra included, come out with this stuff. It’s not like FSG have the muscle to do what City and Utd do but just don’t want to do it. They can’t and everyone knows it. The VVD, AB, Fab signings big signings. Even Bobbie and Mane signings tv’tje time we’re for big money but we had to make that up off of sales for the most part. I just feel like people want the owners and the club to do what we all know they cannot do financially, and then cry about it when they don’t do it.

10 Feb 2021 09:05:11
Salah is the most moveable asset in the front 3.

Also, ed1, surely DSG should be asking the posters in here to secure the investors. Sounds like there are people here who can make it happen in a flash!

{Ed001's Note - good thinking.}



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