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10 Feb 2021 12:56:26
Oh dear Klopp. Someone needs to take him to a standup or something.
Cheer up mate even we don't moan this much.
I understand hating to lose but he doesn't do his reputation any good with media by attacking them.

So here is how we become best again " kloppo got be the normal one again".
It rubs off the team. His mood is the teams mood for me and atm kloppo needs to shut up and just be the normal one.

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10 Feb 2021 13:07:04
I kind of see what you mean. There are some managers that just make you cringe with some of what they come out with in press conferences and interviews. Moyes and Allardyce certainly come to mind, Solskjaer as well. I can remember, at times, Rafa and Houllier as well, even Kenny a couple of times.

Klopp, generally speaking, has always been brilliant in interviews. Very intelligent, thoughtful, insightful and also quite amusing and entertaining sometimes. I guess it shows what pressure can do and he does seem to have got quite tetchy in interviews and once or twice come out with things that lack a bit of credibility.

I was actually quite pleased when Des Kelly on BT sport called Klopp out on his assertion that BT got James Milner injured by moving the kick-off time to lunch-time. It was a stupid thing to say and didn't reflect well on Klopp. Normally interviewers don't want to say or do anything to upset the manager they are interviewing so I thought fair play to Des Kelly for not getting bullied by Klopp.

10 Feb 2021 13:09:51
Hasn’t helped his mother being unwell and now just passing away more to life then a poxy game!

{Ed002's Note - She has not just passed away - it was some weeks ago. It is not the reason for the loss of form.}

10 Feb 2021 13:10:34
OP, I agree with you BUT try to understand where he is coming from. Things are out of his control and the more he works on fixes, the more problems appear. We have probs. near everywhere and everyone suddenly thinks they are a genius and start lecturing him from a position of complete ignorance of the job itself. Would you b in a good mood and do your happy dance every morning in his position? Cut him some slack.

There are managers who never went thru what Klopp went thru in his career and even right now, and they never stop moaning. Pep whined and whinged one of his players into winning an individual player award. Who is beating him up over that? If we win the next couple of games, no one will care.

10 Feb 2021 13:51:34
Though it's only my opinion, I think that given our current situation I think that some people need to get things into perspective and stop expecting a football manager to improve their life for them.

10 Feb 2021 14:31:35
RIP Mrs Klopp.

10 Feb 2021 14:41:16
This is one of the most insensitive posts I have ever read on this site.

10 Feb 2021 15:24:32
For asking the guy to be normal? How is it insensitive?

10 Feb 2021 15:35:22
We live in 2021 being ‘normal’ isn’t a thing anymore, I thought society had moved on and become more compassionate of others situations but clearly not because the most important thing in the world is a game of football. A lot of people need to realise that football is just a game as much as we all love it and there are far more important things, especially during a C.V.. Honestly most fans I’ve spoken to seem to be understanding of what’s going on yet the most vocal ones are the ones spewing vitriol.

10 Feb 2021 18:01:46
And all am saying is klopp needs to understand what's going on and stop moaning and get on with it as normal folks do.

10 Feb 2021 18:43:47
He lost his mother 3 weeks ago and you want him to cheer up and get on with it. Your lack of compassion is scary.

10 Feb 2021 19:21:39
I don't think anyone was saying it was the factor for the loss in form Ed's, just a bit of compassion for a fellow human who can't go to his own mother's funeral. Maybe his mood hasn't been helped by this loss. just a thought.

{Ed047's Note - clearly not J, it’s nothing to do with that and no one mentioned it, rather just discussing why Jurgen was unhappy and that would no doubt effect anyone.

10 Feb 2021 23:12:26
"And all am saying is klopp needs to understand what's going on and stop moaning and get on with it as normal folks do. "

Considering he's just lost his mother maybe it's not him that needs to do a bit of understanding?
I've seen some tw@t posts on here over the years, but that one tops the pile. Unbelievable.

{Ed0666's Note - you can totally understand why the guy was irritable of late. Poor guy my heart bleeds for him. This virus is a heinous thing.

10 Feb 2021 23:58:03
Spot on, Redplanet. Jose moans regardless of the weather outside. Pep whined and whinged for weeks cos City players were not getting voted to win individual honors. If Klopp was doing any of these things, I would tell him to shut up and focus on his job.

Klopp is not doing any of that, so people need to take a step back and cut the guy some slack. He is having a rough time of it with no end in sight. RIP, Mama Klopp!

10 Feb 2021 17:11:02
Akshit, what is normal to you with the way things are going with the team and Klopp right now? Do tell.



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