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13 Feb 2021 11:39:19
Im very surprised, Henderson at CB again, Davies not even in the squad and Philips on the bench. I think Philips has done enough to start a game alongside another CB. They have had a week in training to work together . It now feeling like Klopp is trying to prove the point that Henderson can play there .

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13 Feb 2021 11:45:37
We’re a mess.

13 Feb 2021 11:53:38
Putting an experienced player (and captain) next to a debutante makes complete sense to me. Im sure there's a plan to bring on Phillips and push Hendo further forward if things need changing.

13 Feb 2021 11:55:36
I'm not surprised. He's clearly wants an experienced head who knows the system in there.

Personally I'd have gone with Phillips, as I think the loss of Hendo from the midfield outweighs the experience at CB concern, but Jurgen sees these guys train every day and I don't.

13 Feb 2021 11:58:31
Let’s go for the 3 points and will be cheering on the boys. But I just knew he would put Hendo at the back. Just play him in midfield and put Phillips or Davies alongside Kabak. Our midfield was unbalanced last outing and we suffered as a result. Hopefully it’s not the case this time round.

13 Feb 2021 12:01:14
I agree we have 2 cb on bench and recent one signed not in squad. The problem we have is we are getting beaten in midfield in defence and attack, we need to have Henderson in midfield. But as ed001 has said klopp does know best, but I feel he is being slightly stubborn.

13 Feb 2021 12:02:33
We deserve to get battered if we continue to play Henderson in defence when we actually have central defenders available.

13 Feb 2021 12:09:36
Davies picked up an injury in training yesterday.

13 Feb 2021 12:11:06
Phillips has done more than enough to prove he’s worth a starting spot. Not having Henderson in midfield weakens us in midfield and not having two proper centre backs leaves us open. I hope I’m wrong, but Leicester could batter us today.

13 Feb 2021 12:11:59
Klopp has just said Ben Davies has a knock and that's why he's not in the squad. Origi out til April. with hamstring as well. What are they doing in training?

13 Feb 2021 12:17:49
Well I agree with Klopp lol.
No way I’d start Phillips in this, and Davies picked up a knock as was said.

13 Feb 2021 12:32:56
Another shambles completely devoid of creativity in midfield.

13 Feb 2021 13:21:35
Trolls are out today 😂.

13 Feb 2021 13:32:13
We’ve as much penetration as a eunuch at an orgy.

13 Feb 2021 14:43:10
Not something I've said in years (we've been spoilt over the last few to be fair) but we're difficult to watch this season and not just the results.
Its a bit like if we try then teams will roll over for us and we would need to be clever about how we play.
I said a couple of times over the last few years that we were probably the best team in the world because we were perfectly balanced as a team. Unfortunately that used to mean we weren't as effectively with Origi in instead of one of the usual front 3.

13 Feb 2021 15:14:04
The highs and lows in football eh lads? YNWA!

13 Feb 2021 15:22:46
Not going to start moaning but have to say, from someone whos supported a lot of poor Liverpool teams (way poorer than this team) this is without doubt and by far the most frustrating and infuriating season of football i've ever watched my team play.

13 Feb 2021 15:38:58
TAA very much - I wouldn’t call it trolling when anybody with half a footballing brain can see the recent defensive issues and goalkeeping errors are solely down to the midfield being weakened by using our best midfielders in defence, this not only weakens the defence but also the midfield completely unbalancing the team, personally I think klopp is trying to prove a point much like Benitez did prior to exit with his stance against the owners regarding transfer funding, Phillips and kaback 100% should of started that game, Alison then may not feel like his had to babysit his defence.

13 Feb 2021 15:54:50
Lets just keep it real for a moment please.

It is apparent that many of the second 11 are not good enough to come in on mass and ensure high overall team performance at times of multiple injury or to rest players when there is a clear lack of form. In my opinion Ox, Shaq, Jones, Origi as examples don't seem to be able to fill the void and make a difference right now when the first team players are missing.

Add in the clear impact to the team when VVD, Gomez, Matip and Jota are long term absentees, then compliment that with Henderson and Fabinho having to play out of position as CB's or play players who wouldn't normally get a game at this level (R Williams/ N Philips), and you have a very disjointed and weakened side, severely impacted not only by injuries but by key players also repeatedly playing out of position. I also don't think it helps (just my opinion) when Gini plays at 6 and is clearly not playing like we have seen in the past. is his mind already at Barcelona?

While no one likes what we are seeing right now, let's just keep a sensible perspective.

Just to remind everyone, current long term or repeated injuries or illness this season have included:

VVD/ Gomez/ Matip/ Milner/ Allison/ Henderson/ Jota/ Arnold/ Fabinho/ Mane/ Salah. of which VVD/ Gomez/ Jota/ Fabinho/ Matip/ Milner are out right now.

I have absolutely no doubt that with a full pre-season and all players back fit we still have an awesome group who WILL challenge for the key trophies.

The current position hurts and no one likes it, but this is not a true reflection of LFC and I believe everyone will see us bounce back.

Keep the faith and understand the unprecedented challenge the team is facing right now. At some point we will recover and bounce back.


13 Feb 2021 16:39:54
Not arguing your points Conslfc but. who is getting a full pre-season, those UEFA planks still think we should be having Euro 2020.

13 Feb 2021 17:14:17
Jaydee, the GK errors are down to AB and his loss of confidence hence, his erratic behaviour of late. Midfield or defence were not the issue today.

Like the City game, Individual mistakes were the issue today and nothing more well, except you want to tell me that playing our players in their proper positions would have prevented AB from losing his normally cool head, which I highly doubt. Is that what you are saying?



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