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21 Feb 2021 01:45:09
Referees should be interviewed after every game, same way the manager's get interviewed. I would love to know what Chris kavanagh seen in the one second he was at the monitor.

{Ed0666's Note - he probably thought he was going to watch a clip of Love Island but then the monitor showed TAA, Calvert Lewis and Becker and he thought hang on this ain’t love island and ran back on to the pitch. There you go mystery solved.

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21 Feb 2021 05:41:16
0666, you been drinking from 025’s glass again?

{Ed0666's Note - like Eds 025 would share his drink? It was a diabolical decision and these morons are making mistake after mistake every week and the irony is they have VAR supposedly to make their job easier.

21 Feb 2021 07:15:14
Referees shouldn’t be interviewed. It might give some of them a bigger ego than they have already - we don’t need Mike dean to have any bigger opinion of himself. The self preservation society would go into overdrive.

They do though need to be mic’d up like they are in rugby.

That way it’s open and transparent for the world to see what they are doing and there is no hiding place from their dreadful decisions.

Which is precisely why that won’t happen.

21 Feb 2021 08:22:42
OP, I read somewhere that sometimes when the ref goes to the monitor, they do it for show and that it does not matter cos the decision won’t b changed. I never believed that cos I thought it was such a childish thing to do. Well, I stand corrected.

The ref ran to the monitor, took a second to look at it and ran back. What did he see during that one second? Well, nothing cos it was all a show so they can say, “Well the ref checked it”. He didn’t.

As for refs being mic’d up, are you people serious? You want that whole episode vs Spurs at Anfield to repeat itself where nobody the refs were heard not having a clue about what happened yet they gave the pen to Spurs anyway? Ain’t going to happen esp not from the ref association who have as much transparency as the Kremlin.

21 Feb 2021 09:03:53
Olired, I'll chip in for some novachok if you do?

21 Feb 2021 09:07:07
The ref barely looked at the monitor, he'd made his mind up and was not changing it. He was never in doubt, which he should be if VAR ask him to review the incident.

the V. A. R should firstly not be controlled by other referees themselves (especially not the dross referees we've seen in the prem)

The VAR should also be able to tell a referee, "Look, you have made a mistake, its not a penalty"

But what do we do. the game is ran by Cretins from top to bottom.

{Ed001's Note - Arsene Wenger, whose role with FIFA involves overseeing things like VAR, has said that VAR should be placed into the hands of specialist operators, rather than match officials. So, fingers crossed, we should see that change made soon.}

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21 Feb 2021 09:33:02
Ed01, I truly hope so cos I still believe in VAR. We know it works cos we have seen it work in other leagues, EL and CL as well as the last WC in Russia. It is the PL that is ruining this for the rest of us.

21 Feb 2021 10:45:18
Darren Bent, the on and only, on sky this morning, saying that it was a pen. If TAA hadnt lifted his leg at the end it wouldn't have been given! Totally ignoring the fact that C. L. was already going down, so much he kneed TAA in the head! Moron.

{Ed001's Note - if that was correct, which it clearly isn't, Trent would have been sent off.}
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21 Feb 2021 16:26:48
Great point ed01. i just can't belive some of the nonsense the likes of Bent say. Average player, crap pundit!

{Ed001's Note - is there such a thing as a good pundit?}



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