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21 Feb 2021 07:06:17
Woke up this morning and thought According to the media and toffee fans they'd just won the champions league, the premier league and world club champions Oh nope that was us.

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21 Feb 2021 08:10:41
OP, when the bar is that low or non existent, what do you expect? It also helped that Everton took a game off vs City (where they barely laid a glove on them) so as to fully prepare for their World Club Cup, PL and CL finales ALL rolled up in one game with no fans present. Perfect storm, really.

21 Feb 2021 08:39:04
OliRed full of excuses again 😂 they outplayed you, deserved to win, no fans for anyone not just Liverpool, and they can’t spend £150m on a keeper and a cb so what do you expect.

{Ed001's Note - Stand if you are just going to troll and talk nonsense, there is no point in me doing anything but deleting your posts. Outplayed? Not a chance. Deserved to win? Yes. No fans is probably an advantage for a team like Everton who have suffered at times because their fans got on their backs. You do realise they have spent more than Liverpool the last few seasons? Clearly not, so your comments are just devolving into ignorant trolling.}

21 Feb 2021 09:32:02
Ed001 they are enjoying our bad patch, for me shows how far we’ve come when all united fans can celebrate is us being in a bad run of form.

{Ed001's Note - I don't mind that, but it is just when they post up lies it annoys me. Everton have immensely wealthy ownership right now.}

21 Feb 2021 10:20:25
Leave them up Ed it will make it all the more sweeter when they inevitably crash and burn.

21 Feb 2021 10:56:35
Ed001, there is no trolling here. Just my opinion, no need to get so defensive. Yes Everton have spent more than Liverpool over the last few years, my point is they don’t go and sign the best GK in the world for £65m or whatever it was, or the best CB in the world for £65m etc, can they afford that outlay on a single player and can they attract the best players realistically? So how fans compare Liverpool to Everton is bit odd to me. Secondly, I watched the game, yes Liverpool had the possession but did nothing with it. Didn’t look like scoring. Everton were far more dangerous abs good value for the win.

As for posters saying I only come here to gloat, also not true. I’ve been on here years and been over to say how good you’ve been plenty of times. If anyone goes to the United page you’ll also see I’m very critical of United and Ole. I just say it as I see it.

{Ed001's Note - I am not being defensive, it is just ignorant idiotic trolling comments do nothing but waste my time with having to clear up the inevitable abuse that follows. It doesn't enhance the conversation, it doesn't make for interesting opinions when it is just factually incorrect. So it just wastes my time and I haven't got any for this crap. I don't work all these hours every single day for this.

You mean apart from the fact that everyone was saying about how well Pickford did (for a change) because he kept Liverpool out? But apart from that they didn't look like scoring no, but not because they did nothing with it, but because they kept missing the target. You are just starting fights with nonsense. Either that or you are deluding yourself. Either way, I am too busy for it, so please stop it.}
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21 Feb 2021 11:08:25
Stand 😂😂😂 oh how the mighty have fallen - I love it when they come over to our sight. Celebrating Everton’s win, anyone would think they’ve just won at Anfield in for the first time in 22 years.

I’d love to know how much they’ve spent to achieve their goal - perhaps Stand United could give us that info too 😂.

21 Feb 2021 11:16:00
Stand-United, enjoy the banter as that’s what football is about. But you seem more fixated on us when you guys are having your best season for a while now. When we won the League, Champions League, Word Club Cup honestly the last thing I was thinking about was our friends in Manchester. Currently you guys are on course to win the 2nd or 3rd place Premier League Place Cup and have a decent chance in winning the Thursday Cup. Enjoy your success mate. Kind Regards, Your Humble Neighbours.

{Ed047's Note - I don’t know why he bothers, it’s not as if he’s got anything to shout about.

Managers a dobbin, squads over rated and without Fernandes they are pretty much bang average as their points now suggest in comparison to the previous 2 seasons.

Guess it makes a change from all the delusion on the United page! 🤷‍♂️

21 Feb 2021 13:18:33
Stand, no excuses here mate. We got done, end of. But I don’t understand your issue. You are here to run your mouth about another team who beat us at home for the first time in half my life, something your lot could not do this season cos your manager bottled it when we were ripe for the picking yet you are here to gloat? Just shows how relevant we are to you and your lot and I will take that as a compliment. Oh and when we played RBL in the CL, who did you play this week in the CL?

I would b more worried about your lot who are having their best season in a decade, no injuries the way we have and STILL won’t win the title and you still don’t know if your clueless manager will win you a sausage, if I were you. Pipe down, bro. It’s all good.

{Ed047's Note - 🤣🤣👍🏼

22 Feb 2021 08:25:29
I do love it when Liverpool fans say we over celebrated we haven't won at anfield since 1999 so for me it was worth celebrating and funny how you didn't say klopp over celebrated last season when he ran the length of the pitch hugging every Liverpool player after you beat us.



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