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23 Feb 2021 15:14:02
I would like to believe that what has happened to us this season will have the effect of galvanising the team and bringing about a real sense of togetherness and determination to bounce back very strongly next season. Even if we end the season empty handed and, heaven forbid, outside the top four, I really hope that we don't see our top players suddenly wanting to jump ship. I hope that they will recognise that it was Klopp, Liverpool and each other that made them league champions, European champions and world champions in the last few years, and that they owe it to Klopp, Liverpool and each other to stick together and come back all guns blazing next year.

I think we have to assume that there won't be large amounts of money available in the summer to bring in two or three top drawer players who walk straight into the first team. Maybe one at best. With that in mind, I think our team will look quite similar next season to how it looked at the start of this season (before all of the injuries), and I'm actually completely fine with that, as long as the hunger and desire to bounce back is there. With the possible exception of Firmino (and assuming that Gomez and van Dijk's injuries don't have a long term impact on them), I don't think there is anybody in or around our strongest team who we would say is past their peak or in decline, so if it's roughly the same team (maybe Jota in for Firmino; Thiago in for Wijnaldum but with Henderson and Fabinho alongside him), free of this season's injury problems and with a determination to set the record straight, I think I'm ok with that and I would be quite excited to see how we go next season.

And if we want to be really optimistic, maybe Keita will stay fit and finally start to be the player we expected. Maybe Ox will have some better luck with injuries and be able to make more of a contribution. Curtis Jones will continue his impressive development. Maybe Elliott will be ready to step up.

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23 Feb 2021 15:28:51
For Starters we need a striker, we waste so many chances at the highest level you get found out if you keep missing them or Bobby's case keep hitting row z.

23 Feb 2021 15:54:09
We need to get rid of matip, ox, keita, shaq, origi, wijnaldum (as he leaving) no question cos they are not contributing at all and all of them have to be replaced adequately . Then we need solid competition for trent an robbo if tsimikas an neco Williams are not the competition they have to be sold or what's the point, both neco and tsimikas have been fit with trent an robbo obviously needing resting but klopp doesn't trust it .

23 Feb 2021 16:37:25
RR the team will be fighting for each other that togetherness you speak of should be aimed at some of our fans. Some of the things I’m reading are astounding. One poster on here KBL doesn’t even think we will beat Sheffield Utd at the weekend. How’s that for belief and support? Jurgen an the lads will deliver again and them same doubters will be right down the pier head jostling for a space for the parade. Turns my stomach more than getting beat listening to some of these. In klopp I trust YNWA.

23 Feb 2021 16:44:36
Mighty reds: we bought jota he got injured shall we go buy another one then another. Bobby has never been prolific but look what we won with him don’t get angry cos the team are doing it for you, get behind them show them the same support you do when they winningYNWA.

{Ed077's Note - And every player misses chances, golden chances. Even CR7 missed 2 golden opportunities last night, and both were relatively easy chances, one was an open goal tap in even and he missed the goal altogether. Yet he emerged with " goals from the match.}

23 Feb 2021 16:50:50
John have u seen the form table we are currently performing as the worst team in the league and possibly the country.
No wonder people are thinking that the eyes don't lie the team is stinking the gaff out and we can't seem to do anything about it.
We should be able to beat 70 percent of the league even with our current squad but confidence dramatically dropped since crystal palace and 2months down the line we have deteriorated even worse.
I expect us to beat Sheffield United sunday but u can't blame anyone for feeling doubtful as just as much as they convinced us we best in the world right now they giving of a terrible vibe .

23 Feb 2021 16:53:16
But scouse John this team needs criticism at the moment, there is nothing wrong with that, but Bobby's position as a 9 is surely under threat, his record is shocking in goalscoring terms, that is bringing the whole team under pressure as your number 9 is meant to release pressure by doing there job, we are a one man team at the moment, god knows where we would be without Salah.

23 Feb 2021 16:55:54
Hailstones: Matip our best defender couple of seasons ago scored some great goals got assists in champions league final, the ox was playing best football of his career when he got injured trying to win a game for us. Origi deserves respect he sits on the bench ( some games he not even in the squad) got us to champions league final and scored in that too! You can’t just say the don’t contribute enough when they don’t get much game time. Who ever comes in may not get a game or could get injuries. Your two faced if you ask players to show loyalty to the team but you don’t show it to them!

23 Feb 2021 17:12:03
The original post was not meant to be about whether we need to get rid of some players and sign some new players. In fact, it was the opposite, mainly about how we can pick ourselves up and come back very strongly next season without any major changes.

But one thing. I keep seeing people saying we should sell Matip. Who on earth is going to sign Matip? Who in their right mind would pay money for a player who has just missed the second half the season with an injury, having missed most of the first half of the season with a variety of injuries, having missed over half of the previous season and having rarely gone more than two months without a spell on the sidelines. And if Matip does, at some point, get over his injury problems, then I wouldn't want to sell him anyway as he's a very good centre half when he's fit.

23 Feb 2021 17:13:46
Hailstones I know exactly what happened mate I’m here to support them they need us now more than ever. If you don’t understand that or choose not to then you don’t understand the ethos of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” I’m not having a go at you.

23 Feb 2021 17:22:37
Mighty I wouldn’t criticise my kids for not being the best on the day. If they keep trying there hardest I’m good with that cos I know sometimes that will be good enough. LFC is part of my family. I can’t criticise Liverpool fc they gave me some of my life’s best memories if we lose every game for the rest of the season I won’t let them Walk Alone.

23 Feb 2021 17:48:26
Mate I am sliced open and leaking with the current way things are going it's really painful to witness, I have been a fanatic for 35 years and these last 3 seasons have been orgasmic, but I have also seen us be successful and at the point of success we never capitalise in order to dominate this is what's really pissing me off .

23 Feb 2021 17:43:02
John mate I am not taking it against me, the players u mentioned yes have been great especially matip and the others in glimpses but I am not assed about the past I am saying we need reliable players who can play 5 to 10 games in a row right this minute and for the future going forward. Them players we mentioned are our back up when injuries occur to the 1st 11 and they either breaking down with injuries or not contributing enough it's not enough to take us forward.

23 Feb 2021 18:01:53
John, that’s the problem. They’re not trying their hardest it’s all too laboured and predictable mate.
With what’s happened to Klopp in his personal life lately, Those players should be DYING for that manager on the pitch. They should be running through brick walls for the man. I know if we were In the stands we’d be making them work 100x harder than this.
They should be playing angry, screaming at eachother to work harder! 4 straight losses at home, at Anfield?!
No chance, it should be f***** Sparta out there after these results.

23 Feb 2021 18:44:20
I can see us getting beat because we’re soft as sh*te in midfield (our midfield neither creates goals or protects the defence), bar Phillips we’ve been hopeless in defence and other than Salah, we don’t look like scoring. That’s literally a recipe for defeat and given that we struggled to beat them earlier in the season it’s entirely plausible to think we’re going to struggle again. No amount of hoping, praying or misplaced belief wins games.

23 Feb 2021 19:16:02
Agreed LFC8. The display in the derby says it all for me. That was disgraceful. No effort or passion. the back 4 did OK and salah. That midfield was a joke. Support the team 100% but they aren't giving their all. far from it.

23 Feb 2021 19:42:13
Look at the way Everton celebrated that win and much it meant to them, I can’t honestly say there was that desire and passion in the majority of our players. I’m almost certain they’d have been as indifferent if we’d have won as they were when we lost.

{Ed077's Note - guess we will never know so can make assumptions that suit you😄

23 Feb 2021 20:10:56
Yes hailstones your correct in everything you said but unfortunately we are were we are and next season there might not be any European nights so Jurgen will probably have to sort out who wants to stay and plan to bring players in to run through these brick walls for him if that becomes the case
So hopefully some of are so call fans know they might have to patient for these walls to be ran through
Hopefully most of the players are up for it and we can get some good hard working players in and you never know there might be a good old double on the cards just like us oldies use to love celebrating.

23 Feb 2021 20:25:37
6times go back to bed lad.

23 Feb 2021 20:50:53
You could see the players looked beaten as soon as the first goal went in. Completely spineless performance and no amount of people claiming some false moral superiority and that they’re somehow better supporters because they won’t criticise performances changes that. That was as spineless and insipid a performance as it was against Southampton, Leicester, Newcastle, Brighton, Burnley, Man City and West Brom, if anything it was worse because you might hope for some fight or effort in a derby, but there was nothing. I’d add that we go against Sheffield United with Fabinho at centre back, and play any combination of whatever is left to play in centre midfield instead of playing Fabinho in midfield, we’ll likely get beaten again.

23 Feb 2021 22:24:44
6times I’m not trying to be morally superior . Just a plain old supporter. Best team in the world last season few defeats and your jumping on there backs. Wouldn’t mind if we was getting beat regularly like this over 3 years but it’s been 3 months. Your shouting 6times loud and proud but calling the same players spineless for a 3 month blip decimated by injuries. Go figure.

23 Feb 2021 22:40:49
Probably every fan is hurting right now and will have there own opinion on things and probably criticising the team as well in there own way
So by coming on here and criticising them like yourself changes what.

24 Feb 2021 08:33:53
Scouse John, I fully agree with all you have said. This is nothing but a blip, our first one in 3 years of absolute domination domestically and internationally under this group of players and awesome manager. We all know what the issues are so not point dwelling about it and it will be time to do a full review of the state of affairs come this summer.

Now what I find irritating is the "usual suspects" who only come on here to criticize players continuously as if suddenly doing th.

24 Feb 2021 08:44:30
Pressed send too soon. What I was going to say was that I find all this constant criticism of players and manager irritating and absolutely futile. Yes the players deserve some level of criticism BUT it is becoming tedious and boring now cos that is all we seem to hear from some on here. 6Times, Hailstones and Mighty Reds specifically. It is becoming old and stale now. Change the record.

Okay you have criticized them for a while now. What has that changed? Nothing. Why? Cos it does not help after a while and just makes you sound boring and bitter. So why not let it go and get behind the boys? The boys and manager need our help more than ever before now. That support we gave them when they fought tooth and nail to realize all our dreams as supporters, is what is needed now. Not the constant berating of this or that player or the manager cos like it or not, that will not help us win a sausage right now, not even vs Sheff Utd. Get over it.

Lastly, No one cares for how long you have supported the club cos you can be sure that someone or many others have been supporting the club much longer than you and you are no more pissed about our situation than the next guy, including me. The diff. is how we express that outrage. For me, the time for criticism is OVER. The time to support the team is NOW. Get behind the boys and the manager and stop with the belly-aching otherwise, that popular Shankly quote applies to you. The End.

24 Feb 2021 09:02:23
Behave olired its fans like u who blow smoke up the teams ass all the time and don't call a spade a spade, if fans complain its cos they want the best for the team and can see the problems .
Save all the romance of wat shankly said for another day mate we are in this situation and need to fight out of it here and now .

24 Feb 2021 11:14:09
There’s nothing wrong with criticising the team, fans are alllowed to do that, as it’s because of how passionate we are about the team, and at the moment, the team is the worst performing team in the league. Someone mentioned about firmino’s goal scoring record, and one of the Ed’s then said even CR7 missed a couple. Well bobby’s stats have got worse and worse each year. CR7 is 35 (ancient in football terms) and he may miss a couple of chances but he certainly has and continues to bang goals in for every team he has played for. So it’s no comparison. Once jota is fit, I would drop bobby and play jota in his place.

24 Feb 2021 12:06:56
Olired well said mate . BigPopper your chatting wham mate how can you compare Bobby to CR7? Totally do players so on that score compare Bobby to timo Werner? Won’t be much difference and everyone getting all hyped up bout him last summer.

24 Feb 2021 12:45:45
scouse john L8 - first of all thank you for giving me a mention on a post thread that I was not even part of.

I have searched for the post you mentioned but cannot find it now.

I certainly did post something about the SU game, but I don't think I said that we would lose. I might have said we might lose, and I stick by this. This doesn't make me a bad supporter. It is a feeling that's all.

A few years ago before VVD/ Salah etc, we struggled to get into the top 4 and had a bad record against the lower placed clubs. No matter who we played there was a feeling we could be beaten.

Then we brought in the big stars and everything changed didn't it.

Well with our injury situation we seen to be back were we were except right now the results are worse. The record books clearly show that.

I have been supporting Liverpool since they were in the old second division, so probably longer than you, and whilst I might have doubts about their results sometimes I have never slagged the team off. so your insinuations there are out of order.

Why can't you accept that we all have opinions on this site, and should be able to post them without people like you coming on to insinuate we are morons.

Will you be surprised if we get beat at the weekend then?



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