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04 Mar 2021 10:46:45
Hi all,

A word about Thiago. I know his start to his Liverpool life on the pitch has not been everything we would have wanted. However there's a couple of points about him I wanted to share.

Training and goal celebrations. I know that's not what ultimately counts, but attitude is important.

Like many of you, I watch any LFC related vid I can. If you watch Thiago in the warm ups, he's always at the front, full intensity, model professional. not just going through the paces. Reminds me of Gerrard and Hendo in that respect.

Check out the 2 goal celebrations against Sheffield, he turns to await the rest of the team, brings them into the circle on purpose. He wants to celebrate as a team and not leave anyone out, waving for them to join.

He came in as a big name, one of the first for a long time but his attitude is what I like. We have always warmed to players that give it their all and Thiago seems to be showing the attitude to bring us back to form. YNWA!

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04 Mar 2021 11:58:54
I've noticed this from day one. He is a role model and my biggest hope is Jones can learn from him.

04 Mar 2021 11:59:04
Good points - I agree. I noticed, and liked, the same thing about the goal celebrations.

I was bursting with excitement after Thiago's first couple of appearances when he came onto the pitch and looked like he was playing a different game at times, but maybe he has struggled a bit since. I think it's understandable. The injury that ruled him out for months, the struggle for form of the team generally and key players, the number of players out injured or not playing in their natural positions.

Seeing the best of Thiago is one of many things I am looking forward to next season.

04 Mar 2021 12:23:18
He’s a serial winner and you can tell he’s someone who’s not falling back on just his natural skill and talents to get by, he reminds me of Ronaldo in a way in that he lives and breathes football and he’s a model athlete, professional and amazing role model in general. Very good influence to have in the club, especially considering Milner is coming to the end of his career.

04 Mar 2021 12:51:05
I honestly don’t know what everyones issue is with Thiago, he’s had some crap games where he’s tried too hard but most of the time during our downturn in form he has been one of if not the best player on the pitch. It isn’t his fault he’s playing in a horribly imbalanced team, next to a literal ghost in midfield, with a group of forwards who don’t want to move to receive his passes.

04 Mar 2021 13:23:24
It’s hard to judge him on a season where the squad has been so badly effected by injury, I think we’ll see the best of him when he’s playing with Fabinho and Henderson alongside him.

04 Mar 2021 13:27:15
It always seems to be the case that people criticize players for the things they're not doing and totally disregard what they are doing, especially when players are having to perform outside of their strengths. I'm with you guys, Thiago is doing fine and we need him. This slowing the pace down BS is so bollocks and it's hilarious that people buy into it. When we were playing poorly, there was barely any movement or cohesion up front. Thiago isn't Kaka or Ronaldinho, he needs to link play but is reliant on movement around him.

For me, this season is a bit of a write-off so am looking forward to seeing the machine closer to full operation next time. yet we are still in the hunt to make this season meaningful which is amazing in itself. Good signs from the team.

04 Mar 2021 14:02:49
I agree with the OP but come on AW he has not been one of our best players he has looked lost at times. Certainly he will do better next season. I don’t expect him to start tonight.

04 Mar 2021 15:14:52
mark - he probably look slost in our team cos the way our midfielders and attackers play some times it's a bit like pass and watch as opposed to pass and move. at bayern, when they were playing well the ball is pinging in triangles and various forms of trapeziums. we don't really do that, so I can see why Thiago can look lost sometimes.

04 Mar 2021 14:44:01
I'm not being funny but has Thiago even had an assist yet? I know a lot of fans were getting the kleenex out after his no look pass, even tho the gap was as wide as the Atlantic Ocean, against Everton.
He came with a big reputation and an even bigger salary. He hasn't done much for me at all. I thought he was the one that would find a way thru those stubborn defences.

04 Mar 2021 17:45:29
I agree on his positive attitude, that’s pleasing.
But I also concur with IR, he’s under-whelmed in the main apart from one or two appearances.
I thought he looked a lot better as part of a deeper two, with the game in front of him and as a link to the forward players.
But his lack of mobility seems to be the major drawback in the PL.
If it were a choice between a Coutinho and Thiago, I know who I’d choose.
And his surname starts with C as a clue.

05 Mar 2021 00:29:29
In all honesty, it wouldn’t surprise me if Thiago is looking round him and thinking “and I left the best team in Europe for this? ”.



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