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04 Mar 2021 22:09:33
Mentality monsters Someone needs to step up and drag this team out of this slump. There is no point continuing to do the same thing and expect a different result. Time for something new maybe, formation, starting 11, just something.

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04 Mar 2021 22:13:08
When Gini Wijnaldum is your captain you know you are going to struggle.

Hes had a few good games every now again and gets through some work but I for one can not wait for him to leave, don't understand why anyone would be disappointed when he leaves.

Captain Sideways.

04 Mar 2021 22:14:02
Tough to watch this happening, not sure what to say. We can analyze and moan but the manager makes the decisions. Expecting to lose at hone seems crazy but it is the reality of where we are. Maybe you just hit the reset button and hope for a better season next season. So heartbreaking watching this dross every week.

04 Mar 2021 22:14:27
I said putting Fabinho in midfield and playing ANY combination of what was left would cost us the game. And it did. To the idiots who said that we should play Fab in defence, I ask this, how did that work out?

04 Mar 2021 22:18:13
Cowards that's what they are. All hiding waiting for somebody else to do something. Even hiding from putting in tackles as Mounts goal showed. Diabolical stuff.

04 Mar 2021 22:22:29
This is not a slump. It is 12 months of decline. 18 league defeats since last Feburart says it all. This team is physically and mentally shattered . There is something very wrong going on at the club at the moment and I fear it is a rift between Klopp and FSG. They have no funds to give him and he wants to refresh the squad with quality, not a CB from a mid table championship team who is always injured and one from a team on Germany that has one once all season. Mo is not happy and will be off in the summer as will 4 ot 5 of our top players when we do not get champions league. Im not sure how this is going to get better but if big offers come in for VvD, Mo, Mane, Fab and Alison I suspect the owners will take the money and replace them with mediocre at best players. That I think is the reality of what is happening right now, the global C.V. has obliterated any funds FSG would have had and with no CL football next year looking likely our top players will leave to find it.

04 Mar 2021 22:26:41
No one’s left who’s fit to play CB apart from tonight?
Thiago just awful, neither fish nor fowl.
He looked ok sat deeper beside Gini the other day but played further up the field tonight, forget it.
Hasn’t got the mobility to penetrate forwards or support the strikers and can’t get back to offer defensive cover on a turn-over.
Anyway, we’re not top 4 material this season so tonight has put me out of my misery.

04 Mar 2021 22:27:02
6 times we lost one nil instead of 3 or 4 nil. Williams and Kabak wouldn’t have had a prayer.

04 Mar 2021 22:34:43
Our midfield is way too slow, our game is built on the counter press but this current midfield aren’t capable of getting close enough to the opposition and lacks creativity.
I look forward to getting a fit Liverpool midfield back on the pitch.

04 Mar 2021 22:40:25
Markp08 Kabak was much better then Fabinho tonight at one put Fabinho just stood still and allowed Warner to pass him for a shot on goal.

04 Mar 2021 22:42:17
Lots of knee jerk reactions again.
We need our defenders back and to freshen up the midfield and attack. That's all. We need more outs than ins. Get shut of Matip, Milner, Wijnaldum, Keita, Ox, Shaqiri, Origi, get in a few upgrades and we won't be far away.

04 Mar 2021 22:51:15
MarkP, Phillips and Kabak behind Fabinho would have had a chance. That midfield was utter toilet. Offered no protection to the defence and nothing going forward. There’s nothing to take from that game.

04 Mar 2021 22:51:19
I agree Juicer he doesn’t know what day it is. Totally lost.

04 Mar 2021 22:58:27
Hate slating any of dem. but always laugh at the way god forbid Bobby or lovely Sadio would never get criticised on here. Anonymous for 18 nd 12 months respectively. And people would rather slate Gini? there's a small core of players who have done it nearly every week this year. idiots for wanting Fab at the back? no there not, i would have but after losing its easy to point the finger. They're trying, most of them but its just not happening but please look at all the players performances objectively rather than who you like. for instance, on this seasons form would manè get into any top 6 side? would bobby get into any team in the division?

04 Mar 2021 23:02:15
Knee jerk? You’re kidding me? That’s FIVE straight defeats at Anfield and I’ve lost count of how many since the start of the year, yet another insipid flaccid performance, only one effort on target, a midfield that offers nothing and compromises every part of the rest of the team and it looked like if Chelsea could be bothered, they could have taken us to the cleaners and absolutely pumped us, they easily beat us and played well within themselves. They won’t have an easier away game this season. No champions league means goodbye to VVD, Salah, Allison, Fabinho, and anyone else with any quality.

04 Mar 2021 23:19:39
Tell me then 6 times. how do YOU think a team that went undefeated for nearly 4 years have suddenly lost 5 in arow at Anfield.

04 Mar 2021 23:21:27
I still fancy us for 2nd. It’s all ifs and buts at the moment. I get what jurgen been saying. If mane doesn’t fluff his chance or Jones was a bit luckier it’s a different game, there offside goal was tough on them too but we’ve had them also. I’m hurting but I’m not going to turn on the players or klopp why would I? There is disappointment in life it’s to be expected it comes hand in hand with failure and success. Chin up guys we go again YNWA.

04 Mar 2021 23:22:23
Markp08 well said.

04 Mar 2021 23:22:29
It’s pointless trying to explain it 6Times. Some fans on here are just blind to what’s happening and choose not to believe it. Probably never been outside Anfield let alone in it.
There’s a rift behind the scenes. It’s all to do with Money.
But these lot will say it’s long C.V. or unsettled line ups 😂.

04 Mar 2021 23:36:02
They looked totally knackered to me. Chelsea just looked so much sharper and reacted to everything that bit quicker.

04 Mar 2021 23:45:22
What utter bollox LiverpoolFC8,im from Ireland, get over as much as is financially or obtaining tickets possible! Why the f#$k do local supporters think they love or know the club more than fans from a far? so what are some fans blind to?

04 Mar 2021 23:47:53
Firmino needs to be sent off but I don’t think anybody would ever pay money for him. I remember seeing some of our fans try or argue he was more important than salah which is ridiculous.

04 Mar 2021 23:52:17
Correct me if I’m wrong but can anyone name me one player that has left a Premier League club because the didn’t get champions league? Embarrassing overreaction.

05 Mar 2021 00:05:51
Jadon, the problems are too many to fully go through but, in summary.

We’re weak in midfield which basically impacts all areas of the pitch, our midfield offers no protection to the defence of Fabinho or Henderson aren’t there, this means that our centre backs are exposed all the time, literally you can walk the ball through our midfield, given that the system relies upon fullbacks to create, they’re stuck in no man’s land as they can’t venture as far forward as they need to, and when they do, if they’re caught out, it usually results in a goal as the midfield are almost non existent. The midfield also provides nothing to our forwards and poses no goal threat itself, so if the fullbacks and midfield are creating nothing, then our forwards have nothing to work with. There are congenital faults with the system and we’ve little quality beyond our starting 11 to make any difference.

Add to that the voodoo curse on our centre backs and we’re properly done for. Anyone thinking we can get 2nd place after this debacle is either on drugs or delusional beyond belief.

05 Mar 2021 00:15:41
It’s the loss of income Thunderbird that will cause it, there’s a lot of wages to be paid and not having that champions income to pay it means one thing, sales. Like what happened at Leeds. And you know how far they fell, don’t say “it won’t happen to us”, because it can. ED002 Has repeatedly said how iffy our financial situation is and losing £100-£120m a year would be crippling.

05 Mar 2021 00:17:54
Actually Thunderbird, Fernando Torres left because of the lack of champions league football and inability to compete, so yeah, there’s a good example.

05 Mar 2021 00:25:34
And klopp is still Insistent in playing midfielders in defence and playing a ridiculously high line so all teams do is good the ball over them to their pacy forwards to put them clean through on goal. If everyone else can see that, what can’t klopp?

05 Mar 2021 00:33:46
You havnt just said anything every Liverpool supporter doesn't know. Literally every one. and its a horrible season, me personally i was only a kid in 1990 so last year was my first REAL title. Yet i couldn't have a pint or fly to liverpool for a parade, no one could. And everyones disappointed and amazed at how this season has gone but me personally i've supported L'pool 40years. and we've only being in Europes top competition a handful of them years, i've still always loved the club. if its europa next year we need to snap outa our spoilt buzz and support the team.

05 Mar 2021 00:43:48
I doubt at this rate we’d even make Europa. We’re awful at the moment and there’s no way of arresting that slump. Supporting the team is fine, but blind faith and not criticising the dross we’ve seen in the last 2 months is ridiculous.

05 Mar 2021 01:41:19
Ball too slow too arrive up front. Midfield too slow to deliver quick ball. Wiji ponderous. Jones master of the 'beat the man then put foot on ball'. Thiago nice feet but slow to deliver a pass.
Movement of players in front of ball has stopped. Over reliance on random high quality crosses from wing backs when we don't have recognised height to take advantage. No point throwing the ball in the middle, when there's noone attacking it.

05 Mar 2021 01:42:51
So we lost one player in Torres but all of a sudden we will lose VVD, Alisson, Salah and Fabinho all in the same summer transfer window.

05 Mar 2021 01:58:02
I don't have blind faith, i've criticized players today AND for the months previously! But even Klopp doesn't know how to fix this, and he's the best manager in the world. im not blind, but i know when were lucky.



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