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05 Mar 2021 00:12:57
Yet another pitiful display, we don't look like scoring at all, Klopp is making some poor choices at the moment and persistent with his poor choices. Is he losing his passion for the club as the players are simply not playing for him at the moment.

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05 Mar 2021 00:29:42
I am with ya mate, the persistence in same formation in the current situation is scandalous teams have beat us before 90 minutes over at anfield which is unacceptable.
Serious questions need to be asked if the home form continues.

05 Mar 2021 00:30:25
I'm just curious to really understand the man, and particularly his thinking. He'll stick with his methods and his players endlessly, in the name of consistency, presumably. And then he yanks off Salah, the league's top scorer when there's a crucial game to be won. He says he feared Salah was tired. After an entire week between games? And then Jota plays in the center, with Bobby just behind him, and Mane on the right. Just confusing to watch and understand.

05 Mar 2021 00:36:06
The players look leggy especially the front 3 them in particular have run through walls for us for 4 seasons but now seem to have lost a yard of pace and now the mental kicking in also . Big decisions this summer!

05 Mar 2021 01:02:31
Echo everything you said above ArAy1969. Great manager and what he has done for the club is nothing short of unbelievable but. I honestly would like to know what his thought process is. Also as strange as it sounds when I saw we were making changes I just knew he would do something like take Salah off. That’s one big criticism I have had of Klopp for a while now and that he makes the most confusing and simply unexplainable subs at times. Just left frustrated not only because of the result but it was yet another match where we mustered one shot on target, if that.

05 Mar 2021 01:19:00
I agree in a sense with Klopps decisions but I'm choosing to support him. We have a woeful players in kabak and midfield that slower than the rollout of the Irish vax. We have had 4 unbelievable years, we just ned to take this one the chin. Keita, matip, ox and the rest of the people made of glass need to be shipped out. Gerrard is also at least 5 years away from being ready. #klopp ❤️.

05 Mar 2021 01:26:42
We did only muster one shot on target but Klopp is right in saying that we had countless great opportunities but that last bit is missing. When you look at it Mount’s goal is not as good a chance as Mane’s chance, Robbo had a shot from a similar position but pulled it wide, as did Jones. Bobby put one across the face with no one on the end of it, Trent did too, Kante stopped a Trent cross with his hand, Bobby had a clear header 8 yards out but missed the ball, Thiago passed instead of shooting, Ox passed instead of shooting. The list is endless.
All great positions but all either snatched at or chose the wrong option. Don’t believe the hype that Chelsea ‘played us off the park’. They didn’t. I actually thought they were quite poor. The problem is we are just not clinical at the moment and our midfield and defensive issues will always give the opposition a chance.

05 Mar 2021 01:54:15
I never doubt klopp yet i did when he took Salah off! couldn't understand it. yet after a half hour i gave meself a slap, told meself to kop on and realise that if Jurgen walked tomorrow we would be f$%&€d, rightly.

05 Mar 2021 02:26:23
Becker, the problem is it’s been a consistent problem of not finishing our chances. This isn’t just one game, it’s basically since the turn of the year, we can’t muster up many chances even against relegation fodder. When does the buck stop with some? There are some questions to be asked of klopp and the players and that’s what some are doing. If we were just an inconsistent team plodding our way to challenging for top 4 then fine, excuses such as injuries and lack of rotation might suffice, but we had favourable results in spite of injuries till the end of last year then it all went massively downhill in January and ever since. As I say, fair enough if we were inconsistent, but we have been consistently poor. Poor performances as well as poor results, there’s deeper problems being exposed at the minute in my opinion.

05 Mar 2021 05:54:57
We have more than a good enough squad to dig out results, but have underperformed.

05 Mar 2021 06:45:45
I agree with the whole thread here. Klopp made some errors in judgement here and it was so glaring to see. That is a huge concern right now.

05 Mar 2021 07:02:34
Totally underperformed. But it's the predictability that is dissapointing. The amount of balls we put into the box from trent and robbo negates for a benteke type of striker because I'm a million years Bobby doesn't frighten any PL centre backs aerially. Klopps poor decision making is coking back to bite us. Jota vs midgetland, taki on loan and keeping divvy, last night salah and Jones off to keep gini and Bobby on pitch.

5 home defeats in a row is embarrassing.

Can't be denied that our strongest 11 doesn't lose 5 at home in a row but we won't be having our strongest 11 any time soon so klopp and the players have to sort it out. We know how the prem works and it won't be long until he's given the boot. For our best manager in 30 years to be sacked is harsh. but how much longer can this go on? Lose to Fulham at home? Not unthinkable given how we have been playing.
Might be the time to start considering potential replacements because I don't see any change in klopps decision making.

05 Mar 2021 07:19:58
“Countless great opportunities”. Were you even watching the same game, Becker’s Pecker? We barely threatened them and only mustered one effort on target? We were horrendous last night and there’s nothing positive to take away from that game.

05 Mar 2021 07:49:48
I do not see Klopp changing a thing for Sunday. I would not be surprised if it was the same starting 11 and formation. It is almost like he is determined to prove a point. What that point is I do not know but persisting with a failing formula is baffling.

05 Mar 2021 09:43:52
Don’t put words in my mouth 6times I did not say ‘countless great opportunities’ as you’ve apparently quoted me as saying.
I said we we had lots of good positions that we didn’t make the most of. We played the better football, kept the ball better but just didn’t have that last action that would result in a chance or a goal.
Chelsea just launched it over the top what, 6 times during the whole game. Perhaps that’s why you call yourself 6 times?



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